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Pastor Sarah Friesen-Carper

Sunday, August 16
9:00 am Drive In Outdoor Worship Service

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Friday, August 14, 2020
Beloved of God,

The last words the Apostle Paul speaks in Acts 13 are these: "I have set you to be a light for the nations, so that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth." Paul is quoting the prophets, who speak on behalf of God, and urging the new Christian community to be a beacon of light for the whole world. 

It's a beautiful image: a church on a hill, inviting all of God's beloved people to come and experience the grace and love of Christ Jesus. 

That is the kind of community we are called to be. A place where no matter your background or status, your Biblical knowledge or spiritual depth, all have a place at the table and all add their light to the light that shines and welcomes. 

But that light does not come from us alone. It is the light of Christ which shines through us. It is so easy to feel responsible for making our own light and trying to shine brightly on our own. It is so easy to forget that it is not we who direct the light, but the Holy Spirit within and among us. 

So, in these days of greater isolation and not knowing what the future will bring, don't look to your own light. Look to the light of the Holy Spirit which is inside of you and inside of all of us. Let that light shine and show us the way. 

In Christ,
Pastor Sarah


 Bulletin: August 16, 2020
In Case of Severe Weather...

If there are thunderstorms, and we cannot safely worship outside, worship will be live streamed from the sanctuary. A notice will go out via email, put on the church's website & Facebook account and personal phone calls will go to those who do not have internet connections. 
Sunday's Worship Service is streamed live... 
We can all worship together -- You choose if you will join us for drive-in worship or live on our Facebook page. 

The worship service will still be posted on the website for you to watch anytime. 
Worship Readings
The readings for Sunday,August 9th are:
  • First Reading: Isaiah 56:1, 6-8
  • Second Reading: Acts 13:13-39, 42-52
  • Gospel:Matthew 15:[10-20] 21-28  

Call 651.371.5421 to hear this week's sermon. 
Bible Study on Isaiah 
The Old Testament readings in the season of Advent are very often from the prophet Isaiah. They are full of the promise of God's salvation and eagerly await what God is doing next. It is not yet Advent, but we are in a time of eager awaiting as well. We await the call of a new pastor and a new season in the life of this congregation. We await an important election in November. We await an end to the pandemic that still ravages our world. 
Join Pastor Sarah and other curious folks to talk about what God promises and what God is up to "In the Days to Come..." 

When: Wednesday Evenings (7 or 7:30pm, exact time TBA) 
Where: Zoom 
Date: August 26th - September 23rd 
Click here to sign up. 
SPLC COVID Response Team Update: 

Ministry Teams are welcome to meet outdoors at church, observing appropriate physical distance of 6 or more feet and wearing masks. In case of rain or inclement weather, meetings will be rescheduled. Bringing your own chair is recommended. 

SPLC will follow the Governor's Executive Order requiring face coverings in all public indoor spaces and businesses, unless alone. For more information, please visit the MDH Website

To contact the team, please email: 
Golden Opportunity: Things We Are Learning in Lock Down.

Share with us what you've learned about in these 5 months!  From the silly to the meaningful and everything in between!  All ages welcome! All entries will be shared anonymously. 

Please share yours at
Bring Your Own Picnic Nights
Wednesday nights - 6:00 pm 
August 19th
September 2, 16 and 30th. 

Has dinner time conversation become a bit stale at your table in recent months? Ours has... Join us for fellowship and lively conversation by bringing your own picnic dinner, drink, mask, and a lawn chair. We will be abiding by our COVID Response Team guidelines, so we will need to wear our masks when we are not eating and sitting at a safe distance from one another. 

Please contact Brandy Timmons at 651-319-3255 or at if you have any questions.   This event will be cancelled if it is raining. 
  • Share Prayer Requests and God Sightings hereby email or call 651-462-5212
Click on SPLC Zoom Room to join by internet
Or connect via phone by dialing 312 626 6799 
Meeting ID: 528 018 344
Password: 5212

We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation! They have some words of advice for us: 

This week's topic is about medications.  It is important to have a list of your current medications, doses, and how often you take them.  This list is necessary at all provider visits and any time you are admitted to the hospital.  It is also helpful to include why you are taking them, which provider ordered them, and when you started taking them.  Whenever you start a new medication, take some time to read the list of possible side effects.  Take note of which medications may make you drowsy and take them in the evening if possible.  If the instructions say to avoid alcohol, do so.  Some medications are best taken on an empty stomach and others are best taken with food.  Follow these instructions so the medication is absorbed properly.  If a medication causes side effects that you can't tolerate, discuss it with your provider before stopping.  They can often prescribe an alternate medication instead.  Some need to be weaned to prevent harm.  Do not take any over-the-counter drugs or herbal therapies unless you ask your provider first.  Some can interact with the medications you are prescribed.

If your medication list is quite long, it may be helpful to write out which ones you take at which time of the day.  A pill box with days of the week can be helpful to prevent mix ups and to help you remember if you took your pills. 
If you need to be on antibiotics, it is important to take all of the doses.  Stopping them when you "feel better" leads to antibiotic resistance, and your infection can come back.  Do not save antibiotics for a future infection.  Infections can be caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungus; not every antibiotic will treat every infection. 

Do not decrease your dose or cut pills in half to save money.  You need to take the full amount to get the full benefits.  If cost is a concern, let your provider know.  They may be able to change it to a cheaper medication or find resources to help with the cost.  Don't wait until you are completely out of medication before filling your prescriptions.  Refill them at least a week in advance.  When traveling, bring your medications.  It may be wise to bring an extra week's worth and prescriptions in case you need to refill them if your trip is extended for any reason.  Some medications take time to build up in your body to be effective.  Be sure to give them adequate time to work.  Others may lose their effectiveness over time, so be sure to let your provider know if you notice a difference in how well the treatment plan is working.

Remember to pray for these nurses and all those on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. 

We are sad to announce All God's Children Preschool will not be serving students for the 2020-21 school year.
There is a long history of All God's Children having an important presence in the community and we look forward to being a part of the community in the fall of 2021. We will be taking this year to regroup and plan for the future.
We consider it a sacred gift to be able to care for your children and welcome them in the name of Jesus. We look forward to being able to welcome children again in the future. Continue to follow our website and Facebook for future updates on All God's Children Preschool and St. Paul Lutheran Church.
Questions: Contact Council 
Treasurer, Chris Timmons at

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Sunday, August 16
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream Worship 
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom 
Tuesday, August 18
7:00 am      Walking Club
7:00 pm      Walking Club
Wednesday, August 19
1:00 pm     Adult Bible Study via Zoom
6:00 pm     Bring your own picnic night
Sunday, August 23
9:00 am      Outdoor and Live Stream Worship
11:00 am    Coffee Hour via Zoom