The Community Semi-Wacky Times
for August 14 in Our Mostly Wacky World
Three Options This Sunday:

One - Worship @ the Gazebo @ 10:00 a.m. with Ally Ahern & Ken Hall offering music and Tom preaching "Jesus @ the Movies"

Two - Watch a taped version of service online @ 10:00 a.m.

Three - Do something historic, like go skydiving since on August 16, 1960 Joseph Kittinger parachuted from a balloon at 84,700 feet. Or, you could stay at home and listen to Beatles music given that August 16 was the day Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr as their drummer. Not a Beatles fan? Then listen to the opera "Siegfried," which premiered in Bayreuth on August 16, 1876.

Do what feels best to you, but deep down inside we really hope you'll join us in the park...
It's August 14 . . .
Do You Know Where
Your Kids Are?
* * * * *
OK, we are well aware that YOU know where your kids are. The truth is WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE - as in Middle School, High School, and College students. Why? Because Matt Dewar is developing ways to stay meaningfully connected with Middle School and High School students this year, and Tom is doing the same with College students.
What do we want? First, to click on this LINK which goes to Pam Campbell - she's compiling the lists. Second, simply give us your child's name, school, and year in school. That's it. Unless they are in college, then please give us their address so Tom can send them a (quiet, it's a surprise) note. Thanks!
What Do These Folks Have in Common?
Rev. Clinton Roberts
Rev. Veronica Johnson
Rev. Sean Miller
They're All Smiling Because Soon
They'll Be Preaching @ the Gazebo...
* * * * *
The Rev. Clint Roberts - Head of Staff @ the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest - and Tom will each preach a 10 minute message on the same scripture passage on Aug. 23. The First Presbyterian congregation has been invited to social distance with us @ the Gazebo, and music will be by Soul Message Band.
* * * * *
On August 30, the Rev. Veronica Johnson from the Union Church in Hyde Park and McCormick Theological Seminary will be making her annual trip to join us. Those of you who remember Veronica know that she is a thoughtful and spirited preacher - don't miss this Sunday!
* * * * *
Finally, the Rev. Sean Miller - the new minister on our staff who starts Sept. 1 - will be preaching alongside the The Rev. Jihan B. Murray-Smith, the highly-regarded Deacon at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest on Sept. 20. Yes, we've invited our friends from Holy Spirit back for another community service! Sean will also be preaching Oct. 4 at our final service of the Gazebo Season.
Weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar
* * * * *
This Monday 8.17 @ 6:00 pm
email Matt HERE to RSVP
* * * * *
the zoom link is HERE
Are you thinking that maybe the time has come for you to try meditation? That maybe it will be good for your head and your soul and everything else in these trying times?
Why not give it a try? Give us a call @ the church - 847.234.8191 - and we'll let you know about a number of options - all "rookie friendly" - offered each week.
I Saw People Doing This the Other Day -
Does This Look Like Fun, or What?