Solemnity of the Assumption
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
August 15, 2021
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Lowly Servants Rejoice!

This Sunday we celebrate another of the events that people would like to have seen firsthand. Some traditions say that Mary was taken into heaven before she died; others that immediately after death, she was taken to heaven. The point was that Mary did not have to wait for her resurrection; it happened at the end of her life on earth. Catholics have believed this from the beginning of the Church, because it was thought that God would not let the body that had brought Christ into the world undergo the corruption of death. But there are reasons closer to home that we celebrate the Assumption.
The second reading assures us that while everyone will someday die, “in Christ shall all be brought to life.” Jesus was the first to be raised from the dead by the Father, but not the last. Mary in the scriptures is a symbol of all believers, so we know that God raised her to show us that we too will be raised.
Now some might argue that since Mary was free from sin, she deserved to be taken up, but none of us can claim the same privilege. But Mary would not say that she deserved it. Instead, she calls herself a “lowly servant” and praises God for his mercy, a gift that God gives to “those who fear him in every generation.” And so we celebrate because we are sinners who have received God’s mercy. We too are “lowly servants” who can bring Christ into the world through our love, kindness, joy, or good example.
We also celebrate this feast because Mary in heaven shares the love and joy that Jesus has for his followers. Catholics are sometimes accused of praying to Mary as if she were equal to God. Actually, we ask her intercession for our needs. But whatever you call it, we know that Mary is alive in Christ. We trust that Mary wants to help us in any way she can. She reminds us that love does not end with death. And so we can confidently ask her intercession for our needs.

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Anyone that feels sick, has tested COVID positive, or has been exposed to a person who is COVID positive should stay home and attend the live-stream Mass.
August 14 - August 20
To schedule a Mass intention, please email

Saturday 5:00pm - Ron Surina
and Margarita Nilda Ilumin †

Sunday 8:30am - Dennis Ward
and James & Vincee Viso

Sunday 10:00am - Joe Semorad †

Sunday 11:30am - Sal Lipari
and Ernesto Poblacion †

Monday 8:00am - St. Martin of Tours Parishioners

Tuesday 8:00am - Spike & Maureen Standifer (53rd Wedding Anniversary)

Wednesday 8:00am - St. Martin of Tours Parishioners

Thursday 8:00am - Justin Semana †

Friday 8:00am - Right to Life
Carlos Mendoza, Dennis Ward, Dale Lewis, Fr. Paul Mensah, Ernesto Poblacion, Katherine Codiga, Cathy Sheridan
Ayaat Rabi, Carolina De Los Santos, Patricia Puentes, Laura Lozoya, Betty Newnan, Monica Kresb-Bach, Michael Cheers, Helena Knapen, Flo Bey
Please pray with us for our parishioners, family and friends.
Prayer Angels Ministry
Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. If you or someone you know is in need of prayers (sick, deceased, birthday, anniversary...), please email Therese Lehane at and let our Prayer Angels pray for you or someone you know.
Sunday, August 15th
10:00am & 11:30am Masses
Celebrating Mass with Fr. Jack Krouse

Recently Ordained Fr. Jack Krouse, son of our Finance Manager, Lori Krouse, will be celebrating Mass with us on Sunday, August 15th at 10:00am & 11:30am. Please join us as he will preside and preach at these Masses. We are so excited to celebrate with Fr. Jack Krouse.

Food box sorting Monday, August 16th 5-7pm (volunteers)
Food box packing Friday, August 20th 3-5.30 (volunteers)
Food Box pick up Friday, August 20th 4-5.30 (clients)

As of July, we are back to our "Client Choice" model, where we set up a shopping market under the tents outside the church (just like we used to do in the Gym pre: Covid). We will need a LOT more volunteers for this model. Please mark your calendars and bring your children back to the program. Covid regulations will still be in place, masks are required and closed toe shoes, please sanitize on arrival. Please email if you have any questions. 

The faculty and staff at St. Martin of Tours School have spent the last couple of weeks preparing to welcome the kids back for the 2021-22 school year. We are so blessed to have such an amazing and committed group dedicated to the well being of our students and their families; we thank them for everything they do.

And next week the students will return with their laughter and joy that is missed ALL summer long. We are so excited to welcome the students and families back to campus!! May everyone have a blessed and safe start to the 2021-22 school year.
August 21st & 22nd
After all Masses
Join the Knights of Columbus

Following Mass there will be members of Fr. Joseph Geary Council #3523 at the Church entrance. Please take the time to speak with them, learn more about this wonderful organization, and become a member. Serve God by serving others.

Are you in search of a safe space to ask hard questions about race?
The St. Thomas of Canterbury Faith and Social Healing Ministry, in conjunction with several local parishes, is offering two programs that do just that. Both are a product of JustFaith Ministries and explore the concept/construct of race through the lens of the Christian tradition.. 

<-- Click here to learn more about Faith and Racial Equity.

To learn more about Faith and Racial Healing, click here. -->
To register for either of these programs or if you have questions, contact: Kathy Mattingly at or (408) 378-2355.

The Faith and Social Healing Ministry at St. Thomas of Canterbury is grateful for a generous grant from the Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County 
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If you or a loved one is in need of Sacramental care, such as anointing of the sick, last rites, confession, Fr. Gener & Fr. Saju are available. Please contact them directly. Staff Directory
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Thank you to all those that have been able to continue ministering to others during these unique times. Many of you have reached out and are ready to provide your support and return to your ministries.

As we can safely begin our ministries, we need your help. Please take five minutes to complete our online Volunteer Application that will list what ministries you are interested in, provide us with your current contact information, and an emergency contact.

We are so excited that our community can continue doing what we do best -- “People Ministering to People.”

Lectors proclaim the living Word of God at Mass. Ushers/Greeters are men, women & youth greeting the people at church, seating them, helping with the collection, and helping keep the church safe and in order. If you are able to help, please click HERE, from your computer, to sign up.

Registrations for Catechetical Ministry, First Eucharist, and Youth Confirmation for 2021-2022 are available. You may access the registration forms through our parish website at Forms are also available at our parish office. For more information, please contact Lerma in Faith Formation at (408) 294-8953 ext. 321 or at

Deadlines for the Faith Formation Registrations:
Children's Catechetical Ministry - September 16, 2021
First Eucharist - September 16, 2021
Youth Confirmation - October 1, 2021
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Are You or Anyone You Know Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Life is a journey that continually searches for meaning. The human heart hungers for relationships that nurtures one’s maturity to love and to be loved. Often as one seeks to fulfill these human yearnings, the realization that something is missing from life is made. As one reflects upon this void, it is not unusual to discover that this something is God. This awakening may lead to a turning point in one’s life to commit to a relationship with God and seek out a worshipping community to guide one’s journey in faith. Many will ask the question: How can I become a Catholic? 

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the normal way for unbaptized persons (7 years and older) and those who have been baptized in another Christian tradition to become a Catholic. The RCIA process is also for baptized Catholics who have received no other faith formation and have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. 

For more information, please contact Lerma Simpson at the parish office.; (408) 294-8953 ext. 321 
A Closer Look Inside A Catholic Home…..
Cross and Crucifix 

Our days are busy and full. We work, we have chores, we cook, we spend time with our family and friends, we go to school, and we serve others. We want to keep Jesus at the center of our lives, but it can be hard. 

Having crosses in our homes helps. There are different styles of crosses hanging in people’s homes or around their necks. All of them are about Jesus and his sacrifice, but with slightly different symbolism. 

First is the crucifix, which has the body of Jesus-called a corpus-on it. Sometimes you will see a cross with an image of the risen Jesus on it, or at other times a plain cross without a body on it. 

The Franciscan cross is a crucifix, but it is painted and colorful. It is an image of the cross from which Saint Francis heard the call to “rebuild my church”. The Jerusalem cross has arms of equal length, and there’s a smaller cross in each section made by the arms, symbolizing the city of Jerusalem. 

The Celtic cross originated in Ireland. It’s a traditional-looking cross with a circle around where the arms meet. That’s a sign of eternal life. 

Life is filled with good things. Keeping Jesus at the center always makes it even better, and it helps and encourages us when we look up and see a cross nearby.
August 15, 2021 Assumption of the Virgin Mary 

Revelation 11:19a; 12:1-6a, 10 • 1 Corinthians 15:20-27 • Luke 1:39-56 
“…blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” —Luke 1:42 

If you have ever prayed the rosary, you are very familiar with this quote from today’s Gospel. These words which Elizabeth proclaimed when Mary came to visit her are included in the Hail Mary—which we pray 53 times in the rosary. The word blessed means holy, and the word holy means “set apart.” Mary was set apart from all other humans to accomplish a special plan for God to enter our world and become human like us. Because of her unique role, Mary was given special gifts and she was “full of grace.” After her life here on earth was over, Mary was brought into heaven, body and soul. Everything about Mary’s life points us to Jesus. She is like the moon reflecting light from the sun—the Son of God. She is a model of faith for us. She said “Yes” to God’s call to be the Mother of our Lord without knowing any of the details. When God calls us, we can ask Mary to help us trust her Son and help us say “Yes” as she did. 

Prayer: Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. 

To honor Mary on this special feast day, pray the rosary, or at least a part of a rosary together. Ask Mary to show you the way to her Son. 
Web Link for this week - Children's Sunday Bulletin & Activities:
Have you thought about becoming a Catechist? 

A catechist is often seen as a volunteer who once a week "teaches" a catechetical "class." But being a catechist is much more than that. 

In his letter to the International Catechetical Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2017, Pope Francis said that catechesis is “not a job." Christian life itself is about catechesis or about announcing Christ and his Gospel to the world. Catechesis literally means "echoing the word." Being a catechist, says the Pope's message, is a “vocation to the service of the Church, [the faith that] has been received as a gift from the Lord, must in time be transmitted.” 

A catechist, Pope Francis continues, “walks from and with Christ,” and she or he cannot be a person who starts from her or his own ideas and tastes, but from Jesus. 

The word "catechesis" comes from two Greek words ‘kata’, meaning ‘back’, and ‘echo’, meaning ‘echo’. Catechesis means echoing back. Catechists are called to take what they have learned and have it echo in the young people. 

As of Dec. 31, 2015, there were 3.1 million catechists in the world, a surge from merely 173,000 catechists globally in 1978. 

Currently, St. Martin of Tours needs catechists for CCM on Thursday evenings at 4 pm to 5:15 pm and youth Confirmation catechists on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm to 5:15 pm. You do not need to be a theologian. All you need is faith and the love for Jesus! If the Holy Spirit leads you to this ministry, please contact Lerma Simpson at lerma.simpson@ or at (408) 294-8953 ext. 321 
July 11th - August 25th (Weekly)
Joseph - How to live extraordinary in the ordinary
This eight week series from Real Life Catholic features speakers such as Chris Stefanick, Dr. Scott Hanh, Chris Evert and more! Register first at . Starting July 11 until August 25, log in at on either Sunday evenings at 7pm or Wednesday mornings at 11am to pray, reflect and discuss.
August 18th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Grief Event - A Meaningful Path Forward
This is a welcoming space to explore your grief and gain a better understanding of the emotions you are going through and how you might grow with a foundation of knowledge and prayer.
August 20th at 11:30am
Rosary & Faith Talk
Presented by: Guadalupe Hope Society
Rev. Lawrence Goode, from St. Francis of Assisi Parish in East Palo Alto, will lead us in a rosary for the unborn and their parents, and share a faith talk on St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. This event will be virtual via zoom. Please register to attend: (408)447-5433, or email: This event can be found on our website also. and on eventbrite.

Now Available! Rent Assistance Programs and Resources: Two programs for Rent Assistance now available! Low-income Santa Clara County residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can receive assistance with rent payments. Visit to view details on available programs. Post these flyers in your community. 

Diocese of San Jose Year of St. Joseph Webpage
We hope that through using these resources you will grow in love and devotion St. Joseph as the guardian and protector of God’s people, the Church. May Saint Joseph and the Holy Family intercede for us in this work of rededicating ourselves to the mission of Jesus Christ. 

Please email the Parish Office.