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September 17, 2019
CCCR-COB Newsletter
September 2019

Archdiocesan Listening Sessions - Open Forum 


Archdiocesan Listening Sessions

In preparation for the archdiocesan listening sessions for the 2021 Synod, CCCR will focus on the Pastoral Recommendations Project that was issued in 2016 for the baptized laity by the baptized laity. At the September Open Forum, the Council of the Baptized covered the first two priorities: Archdiocesan Healing and Building Structures for Two-Way Communication. Here is a link to the full 58-page document.

Pastoral Recommendation Project link (go to  
Under Menu, Click on Archives, CCCR2, Pastoral Recommendation Project (PRP), PRP June 2016 Recommendations.

Although there will be plenty of time for prayer at the listening sessions, we will pray and reflect beforehand to get clear on what we need to express from our hearts as the Holy Spirit prompts. We have a moral obligation to lament with the suffering and we will heed Archbishop Hebda's encouragement - to speak and listen - even if it is "uncomfortable."
Show up. Make a commitment to participate in this process that will determine the path of leadership in our archdiocese for the next 5 - 10 years. The People of God, (all of us) are anointed by the Lord, Himself to the 3 - fold office of priest, prophet and king. We must remember who we are: beloved children of God, made in God's image and commissioned like Mary Magdalene to go and tell the others.

2 listening sessions this month

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 6-9 p.m.                  Saturday, Sept. 28, 9 a.m. -noon
St. Victoria                                             St. Michael
8228 Victoria Dr. St.                              11300 Frankfort Parkway N. E.
Victoria                                                  St. Michael

Other Listening sessionsArchdiocesan Listening Sessions

Open Forum - October 8, 2019 - Processing the listening sessions for the 2021 Synod.

What have we learned from the first 2 listening sessions? Did we hear anything new? What are our hopes to heal our archdiocese? Facilitated by Lyn Yount and Judy Dunlevy

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
700 Snelling Ave. S, St. Paul, MN 55116
7-9 p.m.

Still living in joyful hope,
CCCR Board and Council of the Baptized