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August 17, 2020
CCCR Newsletter
August 2020

Lay Network Update -  August 2020 
One of the projects that CCCR has chosen to work on this year is Catholic Women and Holy Orders, a justice issue that had been brought up over and over again at the archdiocesan listening sessions. Did the powers that be - really hear us?
The funeral service for Civil Rights activist and Congressman John Lewis provided some insight into how the powers that be have failed to hear the voices of those who are excluded. It was held on the same day as the Chrism Mass at St. Paul Cathedral. I watched both at the same time on different devices and the juxtaposition was stunning.
My first observation was that the people in white garments at the Chrism Mass were all men. The last time I saw that many men on and near the altar in white garments was at the Installation of AB Hebda. There was a huge vacuum that one could not help but notice - the exclusion of ordained women.
Exclusion is nothing new for People of Color. The recent brutal death of George Floyd increased our awareness and poignantly drove home how people of color are still discriminated against and abused in a land that professes "liberty and justice for all." For 400 years, people of color have been excluded from the full civil rights and freedoms that white people of privilege have enjoyed. We tend not to notice when we are in the group of power and privilege. John Lewis was not in that group, but he picked up the mantle of leadership, and heroically laid down his life to claim equal rights for others. He admonished us to work for equality and to never give up hope. He stood strong, asserting "we will not be quiet," encouraging us to "call out what is wrong, to not be afraid, to get in that good trouble and make the powers that be uncomfortable." These cries for justice must also be the cries of Catholics who see a misogynistic, antiquated system that excludes ordination of women priests and deacons in our Church. We echo the cries of John Lewis, "We have been denied our calling for far too long."
The Chrism Mass, with ordained men only, revealed a system that denies women the fullness of equality they receive in Baptism and prevents women from fulfilling their call to priest, prophet and king (queen). Holy Chrism is for all who are baptized. All are anointed and receive their white garments. All put on Christ, the full Christ. Holy Orders are for both men and women who have a calling. The archaic theology of Complementarity holds women in a position of dominance and exclusion. If you don't honor women's vocation to priesthood, then stop baptizing us. Baptized children of God will not stop claiming our God given rights and privileges. Like John Lewis, we will "get in that good trouble" and "envision that we are already there."
ZOOM Transgender Workshop with Nancy Corcoran
Why do we need pronouns on nametags?
Monday Sept. 14
It is not too late to register for this educational workshop. Simply send me an email requesting a spot. Download Zoom and you will be sent a code on Monday Sept. 14. Nancy Corcoran requests questions ahead of time. You can email her
Another Virtual Opportunity
from Mary Lou Sweet:
Subject: Free online event on immigration
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Bishop Svennungsen and Archbishop Hebda Speak on Immigration
St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church invites all to its upcoming online Tegeder Talk with Bishop Ann Svennungsen, Minneapolis Area Synod, ELCA, and Archbishop Bernard Hebda, Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Monday, August 31, 7:00 - 8:30 PM. The bishops will expand on an earlier joint statement, Resettlement Policy: Create a Welcoming Society, not more Barriers, for Refugees
 (Star Tribune, December, 2019). This presentation will challenge each of us to examine what is holding us back from creating a welcoming society for the most vulnerable.   
For additional information, go to or call 612-339-3023.  
To register for this free online live event, visit
Tegeder Talks honor the legacy of former Cabrini pastor, Fr. Mike Tegeder, welcoming acclaimed speakers on vital topics of faith and social justice.
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