It's been 24 days since Governor Cooper, Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue, and House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson proposed a compromise budget, and we still haven't received a counter-proposal from legislative leaders in the General Assembly.

North Carolina’s State Budget runs on the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). We are now nearly a month into the current 2019/2020 fiscal year with no State Budget. The State Budget is a ~ $25 billion plan that outlines how our government raises and spends money.

What happens when we don't have a State Budget?

Well, the good news is our state does not function like the federal government. We have a state law in place that provides funding to state services at the same level from the previous fiscal year until a new State Budget is passed. 

But even though this budget impasse isn't disrupting the daily processes of state parks, government offices and state services yet, relying on last year's budget does not move our state forward and address problems like the need to increase teacher and state employee pay and closing the health care coverage gap.

And to be clear, even though the legislature hasn't moved on the budget in 24 days, legislators are being called into session for a few votes every day. Very few of the bills we consider are time sensitive like the budget, but the budget bill is on the calendar for a vote each and every single day.

We're ready to move forward on negotiations, but leadership refuses to come to the table with a counter-offer. It is time for legislative leaders to buckle up, do their jobs, present a counter-offer to Governor Cooper, and call a vote on the budget.

Representative Julie von Haefen
Thank you for coming to the Listening Tour!
Night One:

On night one of the Wake County listening tour, we had great conversations, questions and comments! Thank you to everyone who came out to engage with your legislators and share your thoughts in Holly Springs.
Night Two:

The second stop of the Wake County House delegation Listening Tour included conversations about the budget, public education, the State Health Care plan, the ICE bill (370), Umstead Park, gerrymandering & redistricting and the Legislative process. We had a great turnout in Cary! Thanks to all who came and contributed to the discussion.

If you were unable to make one of the last events, you have one last opportunity tonight!

  • Date & Time: Thursday, August 1st from 6:00-7:30PM
  • Location: Beth Meyer Synagogue, 504 Newton Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615

I am unable to attend this stop of the listening tour, but my many colleagues will be ready and available to answer your questions.
Office Updates
NCAE Summer Leaders Panel
I was happy to speak on a Legislative Panel at the North Carolina Association of Educators Summer Leaders Conference today. We must continue to fight for our kids, teachers and support a budget that increases public school funding! Thank you for having us!
House Page Program
I’m happy to sponsor Lindsay Lopez as my House page last month!

If you are a high school student between the ages of 15 and 18, you can apply to be a page using the link below. Please know, I have filled my slots for the long session but you can apply for the 2020 short session.
Equal Means Equal
It was great meeting the women behind the movie & the Equal Means Equal movement and hearing about all the incredible work they are doing to pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Thank you Kamala Lopez and Natalie White for visiting NC and hearing about our efforts to bring equal rights to women in NC!
NC Courage
It was wonderful to bring my son and daughter to meet the NC Courage at the Executive Mansion today!

The team was honored by Governor Cooper and the First Lady for all their accomplishments, and for the seven NC Courage players who competed in the World Cup (Including four on the US World Champion team!). We are proud to call them ours!
Rep. Joe Sam Queen's Picnic
Last month, House Democratic members gathered for a picnic at Representative Joe Sam Queen's house in Raleigh!

We enjoyed taking a break from our usual schedules to hang out after work and enjoy some much needed fellowship together.
Did you Know?
Standing guard at the entrance to each chamber is a pair of gigantic brass doors. When the doors are opened and the legislature is in session, the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate can face one another from their respective podiums across the rotunda.