August 2, 2020
Sunday Morning in Pajamas:
Summer Church School & Devotionals
In all times and places, God is Still Speaking and asking us to be a people of justice. Above is a parament from another UCC church.
Follow this link for a plethora of resources on anti-racism. There are resources for both adults and children.
This Morning
How the Church Tells Time
Focus Scripture
Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.
- Ecclesiastes 3:1
Watch "How the Church Tells Time" based on Leviticus 23:1-3
from Young Children and Worship with Storyteller Cathy Basso
Wonder Questions
  • I wonder why Mrs. Basso said that Pentecost was hot?
  • I wonder why Advent Sundays are blue?
  • I wonder why Lent Sundays are purple?
  • I wonder why Ordinary Time Sundays are green?
  • I wonder what clues I can find in big church to know what church season it is?
What does that mean?
It is a type of "Holy Rest." We take a special day each week to rest and worship God. (see the scripture above)
li·tur·gi·cal /ləˈtərjək(ə)l/ - relating to public worship.

  1. the ritual or script for various forms of public worship in churches.
  2. The word liturgy, (from Greek leitourgia, which literally means "work for the people") is a literal translation of the two words "litos ergos" or "public service."
How can we keep the Sabbath?
One family explores how kids can keep the Sabbath
Jesus Heals a Blind Man on the Sabbath
from Gospel of John chapter 9
"What do you think?"

  • How would you feel if you experienced a miracle and no one believed you?
  • How would you feel if your pastor didn't believe your miracle and threw you out of church?
  • How do you think that God felt that Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath?
  • Why do you think Jesus healed this man on the Sabbath?
What does that mean?
a long wide scarf worn across the shoulders. (see photo above)
(From the Latin terms: paramentum - adornment and parare - to prepare or equip) are the hangings or ornaments of a room of state; especially a church sanctuary.
Activity - Match the Liturgical Paraments
Can you remember the colors for each season of the church calendar?
  • Follow this link to match the paraments of our sanctuary/big church to the correct season
  • The answer key is on the back/2nd page
Activity - Music & Dance " Little Bit of Love"
John Cruz and Jack Johnson team up for a simply beautiful and beautifully simple song that is sure to leave you smiling!

They are joined by many talented artists and youth of the Mana Mele Collective and youth from 6 Hawaiian charter schools.
Bedtime Stories with the Skit Guys
Tonight Tommy and Eddie share the story from John 5:1-9 about the time Jesus healed a man by a pool. This Bedtime Bible Story will get you thinking about excuses we make in our own lives.
The Five Finger Prayer
An easy way to learn to pray. Using your hands to remember how to pray. From the book: Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers, by Alexis Purcell
Did you miss our 2020 Community VBS:
Compassion Camp?

  • It's not too late for your family to participate at your own pace sometime during the rest of the summer!
  • Each of the links below will take you to a full VBS day of activities:
  • Monday VBS - At the Table
  • Tuesday VBS - To the Neighbor
  • Wednesday VBS - For Myself
  • Thursday VBS - Along the Way
  • Friday VBS - With the World
  • The VBS curriculum will be available through September 1st
  • We have a slideshow showing some of the families who participated during VBS week July 13 - Jul 17. You may view it here and if your family participates later this summer, please share your photos and videos too and we will add them to the slideshow!
  • VBS is fully funded via our free-will offering. If you would like to support this ministry, please follow this link to make an online donation or mail a check to:
  • First Congregational Church
  • Attn: Catherine Curtis
  • 535 Forest Ave
  • Glen Ellyn IL 60137
  • "VBS" on memo line
"Great and Small"
2020 Guide to the Most Okayest Summer Ever!
  • Need some simple, faith-filled, and fun activities for the summer before and after VBS?
  • A touch more connection...
  • A little more summer, and maybe
  • A little more God!
  • Click here for music as well as digital and printable activity booklets!
Youth Education Staff

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Youth Education Coordinator
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Nursery Coordinator
  • - Vaziri, Aidin (September 7, 2010). "Michael Franti got his guitar, then headed to Iraq. Any requests for anti-war music?". SF GATE. 4:00 am, Thursday, September 7, 2010. Retrieved October 20, 2015.