August 2, 2022
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  • Community Tool Shed for Survivors of Caldor Fire Opens
Lambeth Conference
Images from Lambeth Conference. Top: The 97 Women bishops of the Anglican Communion. Middle Left, Bishop Megan and her husband, Phillip, share a walk between their busy sessions. Middle right, Bishop Megan joins with other bishops from around the Anglican Communion to process into worship. Bottom: Bishop Megan joins in the Rainbow Parade in support of LGBTQ rights.
An Update from Bishop Megan at Lambeth Conference
Dear Friends,
Today and yesterday I had experiences that were very different from each other. One one hand I sat in the historic nave of Canterbury Cathedral, prayed, listened to our voices echoing among those pillars and received communion. there was a complex flow of people leaving and entering their seats, yet I could see that some bishops chose not to rise and receive communion. It was clearly on purpose and that sight hurt my heart and saddened me.

That same morning I experienced multiple friendly conversations with bishops from around the world, some in places know for their conservatism and some without that reputation. They were uniformly filled with a friendly curiosity. Sometimes I approached folks and often they approached me.

To me this reveals that the known disagreements around sexuality are still present to some degree, and that disagreements are NOT having the last word. In fact the vast majority of bishops seem to be keeping our main purpose front and center: Worship, study, relationship building.

To be clear, there is some anxiety and we are careful for the needs of our friends who may feel marginalized. TEC is very clear we will not stop including everyone. but the Spirit of God seems to be leading us to a bigger vision, where reheating an old impasse begins to feel like a distraction from the real work we have to be about here.

The Archbishop gave an excellent first keynote speech. He told us straight up that we would not be solving this old disagreement in this gathering. Instead he challenged us, in the power of Christ, to be the church that engages with the need of our fellow humans. These needs involve power and poverty, technology used for good or ill, displacement from climate change and the challenge of new crops. He list was more complete and eloquent but the call remains clear–we must be about our Father’s business– rooted in scripture and worship, ready to engage and connect across differences. This is our call, for Lambeth and for the days to come.

I agree. I hope you will join me.
Before the closed discussion on the Lambeth Call on Human Dignity, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby conducted the Bible exposition on resistance and resilience during day 7 of the 15th Lambeth Conference underway in Canterbury, England. Photo: Neil Turner/For the Lambeth Conference.
Archbishop of Canterbury’s remarks on human dignity lift up traditional and progressive marriage beliefs
BY DAVID PAULSEN | Episcopal News Service – Canterbury, England

Heading into this Lambeth Conference, a draft of what is known as the Lambeth Call on Human Dignity generated the most discussion, sparking controversy for how it addressed human sexuality even before the start of the July 26-Aug. 8 conference of more than 650 Anglican bishops. But on Aug. 2, when bishops finally took up the Human Dignity Call in closed session, accounts of those discussions bore little evidence of the divisions that simmered on the sidelines during the first half of the conference.

Instead, what resonated for bishops attending the session was the extended introduction by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who sought in his remarks to bring the bishops closer together by affirming the sincerity and theological rigor of Anglicans on both sides of the divide over the extent of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church.

“This is one of the most important sessions of this conference,” Welby said, according to a transcription of his remarks released by the Lambeth Conference. The Human Dignity Call references the need to address racism, exploitation, inequality, gender justice and climate change, but Welby acknowledged that human sexuality is part “of what we believe about human dignity.”

Click here for more news about the Lambeth Conference.
Office of the Bishop
Only 80 Days until Diocesan Convention!
The 112th Annual Convention is October 21–22 in Redding. Registration is now open for Clergy, Delegates, Alternates and Visitors.
To register, visit the convention website.
At the Convention, we will elect new clergy and lay persons to the Standing Committee, Board of Trustees, and Deputies to the next General Convention. Please consider serving the diocese in one of these important roles.

For more information and nomination forms, visit the convention website.
Deadline for nomination submission is Friday, August 19.
Want to be part of our Convention slideshow?
Send us photos of your congregation during worship, gatherings, events, community events, holidays, etc.. The slideshow will be on display during the 2022 Diocesan Convention. 

We want every congregation represented! 
Please send photos to Maria Ramirez
Around the Diocese
We are excited to once again offer the Best Skills, Best Churches program for clergy and lay leaders! Classes begin Friday, September 23.

This innovative program is designed to meet the professional needs of leaders of nonprofit and public organizations. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation.

Click here for the schedule and additional information.
Upper left: The Rev. Daniel London preaches at a worship service. Lower Right, Canon to the Ordinary Julie Wakelee assists the Very Rev. Sarah Potter with Eucharist for the campers.
Camp Living Waters Reaches for the Stars
By Emily Buck, Camp Director

Camp Living Waters 2022 was our 28th year of operation! We were thrilled to gather our Camp family at Cookson Ranch once again to explore this year's theme "Space Camp: To Godfinity, and Beyond!".

We explored ideas of space not only pertaining to the stars and planets beyond our island home but also the spaces both large and small that we inhabit here. We stargazed and learned about Astronaut James Lovell who missed his scheduled lector slot at St. Christopher's to orbit the moon.

We explored the intimate interchange of a blessing. We made aspergillums and blessed areas at camp such as campfire and the kitchen. As per tradition, we held our annual boat race with vessels made of milk cartons, hot glue, and this year featuring tin foil space cowboys and little green beings. We shared the ranch with a mischievous fox family, snakes, frogs, and the song of many birds. We prayed and we sang, cried and laughed. Overall, a wonderful week, and we look forward to our spring reunion and to reconvening our community at Camp next year!

We are seeking additional staff to join our crew, and of course any new campers that are interested. For more information, check out our website:
Special thanks to The Very Rev. Sarah Potter, Dean of Semper Virens, who serves as Camp Chaplain, and the many clergy who volunteer at Camp Living Waters.
Mission for Disaster Resilience
Community Tool Shed Opens for Caldor
Fire Survivors
On Sunday, July 31, Missioner for Disaster Resilience Mark Dibelka participated in the ribbon cutting of the new Community Tool Shed in Somerset. Located near Grizzly Flat, the area was heavily damaged by last year’s Caldor Fire.

A joint venture of the West Slope Foundation and Tool Bank Disaster Services, the Community Tool Shed is stocked with generators, power tools, hand tools, etc. for use by Survivors in clearing lots damaged by the fire.

Housed in a former Firemen’s Hall built in 1913, the Tool Shed was largely funded by The Diocese of Northern California. We are excited to partner with the local community to make these resources available to our neighbors.
Spiritual Formation
August 7, 2022
The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Luke 12:32-40

In the Gospel for today Jesus teaches his disciples to be prepared and ready.
A key word occurs in Verse 37, and is translated alert. The old word is “watching.”  

Right now the bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion are meeting in Canterbury, England, and I am reminded from this passage of one of the great Anglican leaders of the previous generation, Archbishop Philip Carrington of Quebec (Metropolitan of Canada). In his 1940 book The Primitive Christian Catechism, Carrington found in the epistles of the New Testament a five-fold pattern for Christian living:
     Put off the old way of life
     Put on the new way of life
     Submit to one another
     Watch and Pray
     Stand and resist the devil.

This pattern of Christian living is found prominently in four epistles
(Ephesians, Colossians, James and 1 Peter) and in part in others (Romans, Hebrews, etc.). It finds precedent in the teaching of Jesus, and it has roots in the Old Testament and pre-Christian Judaism. Studying this pattern would make for a very valuable parish Bible study.

The teaching of Jesus in today’s gospel is focused on the fourth element of the pattern: Watch and Pray. Jesus called his followers to be alert, and ready for when he comes again. If that call to watchful prayerfulness was urgent in the first century, it is no less so in the twenty-first.  

– The Rev. Peter Rodgers
Commission for Intercultural Ministries
I Will, With God's Help:
Journey toward Racial Healing and Justice

Anti-racism workshops for the Episcopal Diocese of
Northern California

This one-day in-person workshop was specially developed for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California by the Commission for Intercultural Ministries. Renew your Baptismal Covenant as we learn about forms of historic and contemporary racism and how to engage in ministry with sensitivity and respect for all.

Please note that due to the nature of the program, attendance is limited to 30 participants at each workshop.
Two Workshop Dates/Locations:
Saturday, August 27 | 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Christ Church | Eureka
Saturday, September 10 | 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
All Saints Episcopal Church | Redding
Upcoming Events
Around The Diocese
Commission on the Environment
Formation Meeting - All are invited
Thursday, August 4 | 1:00 pm
Sacred Ground Dialogue Circle
St. John’s | Roseville
11-session program, with small group discussion and reflection.
Meets bi-weekly on zoom, Wednesday evenings
Starts Wednesday, August 10 | 7:00 – 9:00 pm
For more information contact
Fr. Cliff Haggenjos at or 707.235.9728.
Benicia Peddlers Fair
St Paul's | Benicia
Held in Downtown Benicia Since 1963
Saturday, August 13 | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Benefit Concerts for Ukrainian Refugees
Oleksandr Savchenko | Pianist
Sundays – August 14 & 21 | 2:00 – 4:00 pm
St. Paul's Episcopal Church | 1430 J St. | Sacramento
Diocesan Day of Discernment
Saturday, October 15 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
This is the first step for those interested in the ordination process. Discerners and sponsoring clergy must register and attend.
Questions? E-mail Jacqi Seppi at
Job Opportunities Around The Diocese
All Saints, Sacramento, is seeking a ¾ time Interim Rector
See position description here.
St. John the Evangelist, Chico, is seeking a full-time Interim Rector
See position description here.
St. Clement's | Rancho Cordova is seeking a 3/4 time Priest-in-Charge. 
See the position description here.
St. Paul's | Sacramento is seeking a Music Director. 
Read the job announcement here.
Trinity | Folsom is seeking a Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries (Lay Position). Read the job announcement here.
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