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August 20, 2017  

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August 20, 2017

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Save your coins when you empty your pockets at night. Collect them in a can or "mite" box and bring them to St. John's. Bring them anytime, and we'll present these "mites" on the first Sunday of the month. Many small efforts could make a big change in our budget and ministry. (We have can wrappers in the narthex to help us remember.)

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When you buy shopping/gift cards through St. John's, you are making a contribution that does not cost you financially. It may take a little planning.  Order forms are available in the narthex and can be placed in the lockbox at any time.

To make it easy, here's the form for ordering. Print it and bring it on Sunday.

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Dear Friends,

When living in "The Quiet Corner" of Connecticut, my family and I were close friends with Jimmie (Virginia) and Bob Booth who owned "The Golden Lamb Buttery". This is a well known and unique restaurant where we enjoyed holidays and many other wonderful celebrations.

Anyone who has been to The Golden Lamb Buttery would tell you about the joyous greeting you would receive; the photos that would be taken by Bob; the personal attention given by Jimmie; the delicious dining in the attractive barn setting. It was an experience and a special place where even a hayride was included.

I returned recently and could not wait to share my photos from the past. Bob had taken them in the restaurant and in their home. Not long ago the Booths passed away, but those golden memories were part of me. Besides, a member of the family now owns all of the surroundings and might like to see the photos.

I soon found that returning to the past is often a disappointment. The surroundings may look similar, but the feeling, the "welcome", the love is not "in the air".

After having lunch, I got into the car to return home with a bit of melancholy and an hour and a half to think. As I drove through the countryside and the beauty of it, my thoughts naturally turned to God. What wonderful thoughts I began to have.

God will never change. He will always be with you. If there is disappointment or grief, He is there to comfort. If there is joy, He is there to share. Thinking back on my past, He was always my companion.

When I returned home, I thanked God that He was with me all the way - with my thoughts and my miniscule bit of disappointment.

That night, I looked at the photos again, and thanked God once more for those wonderful fond memories.

God's love is always "in the air".

Nancy Gibson


  • Peach Festival on the Green - August 26th - We will be selling hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sausage patties and breakfast sandwiches on Saturday, August 26th from 10-4 pm. Volunteers needed. If you can help, please contact Lou & Lucie Martocchio.
  • Acolyte Gathering - Sunday, September 10th at 11am.

Upcoming Reminders

St. John's Summer Service Schedule
- The summer service schedule will be at 9:00 am starting June 18th through September 3rd. Coffee hour will be hosted by the 9:00am greeters.

Our Little Free Pantry is available for those who in need of food for themselves and their family. Please consider donating non-perishable items to the pantry.
St. John's Summer Parish Project: Where Do You Find God? As you travel and enjoy the summer, please stop and capture a picture of where you have seen God at work in the world. Perhaps a garden, the shore, with family and friends, or at a summer chapel?   Send your pictures to with a caption and title and we will share them in the glass walkway for all to enjoy!

St. John's Garden Scholarship Program -
We are looking for interested high school students to take advantage of this opportunity to be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship upon graduation.  Just 25 hours of garden volunteer work required. Time may be accumulated from year to year and student need not be a member of St. John's.Call Norma Pappalardo 860-944-5541 to sign up.  
Spring Scrip Cards
- Remember to order your St. John's Scrip Cards. See Sue Bremer for more information. Order forms are in the Narthex.  




Volunteers Needed!

Contact Sue Hall, or 860-379-1943 
Open Door Soup Kitchen - join our team for September 16th at St. James in Winsted. (9:00am-1:00pm)
Bell Ringers - s ign up to toll the tower bell for worship to begin our 9am worship.
Coffee Hour Volunteers - Show hospitality by hosting our social time together following worship. Co-hosting with another person or family is encouraged.

Participants for August 20, 2017
Please let the office know of substitutions. Thanks.

 9:00 AM Chalice -               Donna Colavecchio

 9:00 AM Acolytes -            Jamie Hall and James-Paul
                                         Cosman Forbes
 9:00 AM Reader -             Stan Moraski

9:00 AM Greeters -           Ginny Hoffmann & Anne Hall
Vestry Greeter -               Stan Moraski

9:00 AM Bell Ringer -        The Olson Family

Counters -                         Candy Flaherty
                                        Brian Jones

Altar Guild (August) -         Donna Colavecchio
                                         Leah Alibozek

Nursery Staff -                   Molly Lukiwsky

Lay Weeder (week of August 20th) -    Ann Atwood

Blessings & Peace,
The Rev. Sandra L. Cosman
St. John's Church