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Lady Gaga's Born This Way
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Website Upgraded 

Hurray! My website's updated, and I'm feeling good about getting to the top of this mountain!  And here's the best news: Now you can get your CEUs by participating in online professional development opportunities! In addition, you can easily register for workshops online. I'm delighted that next year's bookings are already coming in strong. 

Hope your summer is going great!  Hugs, Trix


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English Equivalents: Time After Time  =    .15 CEUs   AVAILABLE NOW!

English Equivalents is a powerful workshop that will guide participants in finding ways to express idiomatic translations from American Sign Language (ASL) to English, and from English to ASL. Many signs are complex and not easy to translate. This video workshop will give you the skill to express idiomatic and technical ideas effectively. English Equivalents in ASL will help you confidently continue the flow of information exchange between the languages. Trix demonstrates this process with a myriad of practical examples and useful principles. The focus of this workshop is on Time Indicators. 


ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification


Learn how to "change yourself" into someone or something else. In literature, the technique of "personification" gives an inanimate object, a plant, or an animal characteristics that make it seem "human". The object shows emotions and takes on human-like behaviors. You can use this technique in American Sign Language to "become" a book, a flower, or even a butterfly! Trix will demonstrate how to personify characters and shift roles within your story. You'll learn how to "become" a baseball, basketball, beach ball, bowling ball, football, marble, ping pong ball, racquetball, soccer ball, water polo ball, and more!   


What's your TAKE on ASL Semantics? TAKE a Look and TAKE Home a Big TAKE.    .15 CEUs AVAILABLE NOW!

Translation is not about words and signs. It is about meanings and ideas. This video workshop provides enlightening guidance in translating the languages of ASL and English by focusing on the many meanings of the word "TAKE".


Show and Tell: Trix's ASL Storytelling   - COMING SOON!!!

Upgrade your receptive and sign-to-voice interpreting skills. Improve your storytelling in an atmosphere of support and good humor by joining this confidence-building seminar. This storytelling workshop features stylistic elements and creative use of classifiers. Get ready for power voice interpreting and receptive skills with Trix's fun video workshop! 



Semantics is defined as the study of meanings expressed by the elements of a language or a combination of the elements. A concept expressed in an ASL sign often cannot be conveyed by a single all-purpose English word. Likewise, English words and phrases may have variations in meaning, which require translations using different ASL signs. This workshop helps the participant advance skills in translating the languages of ASL and English.  

Trix's Discoveries! Understanding ASL Dialects, Regional Accents and Variations 

Crisscrossing America, Trix spots and carefully documents sign variations from local Deaf residents. Now, she's ready to share her discoveries with interpreters. Workshop participants will see video clips of code-switching forms, regional accents, and sign variations emerging from those with different ages, backgrounds, occupations, social levels, and communication preferences. Treat yourself to an inside look at signing across the country.




RA Early Soon
RA Early Soon



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Question for interpreters: In what ways does watching an ASL storytelling performance advance your interpreting skills and contribute to your professional growth? Should it be possible to earn CEUs for watching ASL storytelling presentations? How do such authentic cultural presentations enrich your interpreting repertoire? Do you pick up new vocabulary or classifiers? Do you deepen your cultural understanding?


Please kindly send your comments to Trix for use in documenting the value of storytelling performances in regard to CEUs. Thank you.