City of Monterey - Harbor Office - 2013

Is your Boat for Sale?

It is time to Update our Boat for Sale Listing For Sale sign(August 2013)

Boats for Sale at Monterey Harbor

We are working on releasing the latest version of our next "boats for sale" email. We receive a lot of questions about what boats are for sale in the Harbor. The bulletin board provides a first stop for this information. If you have or know of a boater wishing to sell their vessel please forward this email to them.


We will limit the advertisement to a description of the vessel, make, year, name, length, contact information, with or without slip or mooring and location in the harbor. If you wish to have your boat listed, please send us an email. Please send your listing in a simple word document so we can paste your information directly into our announcement.  


Special note: If you had your boat listed on our last edition and it was not sold and wish to be included with the next post please let us know. 


We do have a good number of future Monterey boaters that inquire about boats for sale and this provides a communication link that will benefit everyone.


Special Announcement: We now have a link to the current and previous boats for listings and newsletters on our City web page. 

Previous Marina and Harbor Newsletters and Information 


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