Federal Court Protects Women's Access To Free Pregnancy Services    
Image: TLC Pregnancy Services
Court Finds That Women Have A Right To Choose Life!
By Attorney Noel W. Sterett, August 2013

On August 8, Mauck & Baker won a victory for pregnant women in the City of Elgin and the right of women all across the country to choose life!  United States District Court Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan declared that the "[City of Elgin's Zoning Code] is unduly burdensome to the right of a woman to choose life" and then enjoined Elgin from interfering with TLC Pregnancy Services' efforts to provide young women free pregnancy services and ultrasounds from its mobile facility.
John Mauck noted that the order underscores the paramount interest women have to be fully informed in the context of their pregnancies. "On the heels of the Illinois Supreme Court's unanimous decision in the Hope Clinic case just a few weeks ago affirming the Illinois Parental Notice Act, the law appears to be clarifying that the welfare of young pregnant women and their rights to be fully informed in their pregnancy decisions prevail over competing governmental purposes."

View the Permanent Injunction Order
here and the original Complaint here.

                  "AMERICAN JUSTICE"


                                  By: H. Ward Sterett
Does Your Church Building Really Matter?    

 Pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt!

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By Attorney John W. Mauck, August 2013  

Over the years Rich Baker and our attorneys have helped hundreds of churches with their property issues--from acquisition to tax exemption, zoning, and expansion.  Rich observes, "While each property is unique as the congregation looking to assemble there, our experience has taught us to see issues and advantages churches often overlook when making decisions about where, when, and how to build for the glory of God."
Recently, two other church building professionals have weighed in with articles which help churches ask some very important questions.  Charles Arn's article asks "Are Your Church Facilities An Obstacle to Growth?" and provides a helpful checklist.  And Ed Stetzer's solid blog post focuses on "Two Wrong Ways To Think About Church Buildings" and the "Impact Of Wrong Thinking."
As always, Mauck & Baker stands ready to help your church navigate its way through many of these considerations and more.  For a free consultation, please call us at 312-726-1243. 


If you build It, will they come?


Courtside Ministries is a growing ministry devoted to sharing the love of God through prayer with the thousands who come in and out of our courthouses on a daily basis.  Believers from local churches and law firms are blessing hundreds of people each week as they greet them at the courthouse steps with a simple offer of prayer. 



Courtside Ministries will be hosting its 2nd annual banquet full of inspiration, encouragement, and fine food. Keynote speaker will be Wes Lane, a career prosecutor who brought Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols to justice and authored Amazingly Graced: A Prosecutor Journeys Through Faith, Murder, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. 

Willowbrook Ballroom and Banquet Center
8900 South Archer Avenue 
Willow Spring, Illinois 60480
Saturday November 2nd, 2013
6:00-9:00 p.m.

The evening will consist of a five course dinner menu, relaxing fellowship, testimonies, and worship led by the renowned Wheaton College Gospel Choir worship.



For more information about the event and how to register contact Noel Sterett at nsterett@mauckbaker.com.


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