Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited
June 2013

This month I want to welcome two recent volunteers to Chapter leadership; Ron Cheslock and Chris Smith.  Ron has taken over as Programs Chairman.  This month he was able to get the rain gods to cooperate with Fishing Dayz.  But apparently he's having less luck with the striper gods!  Ron is lining up great speakers for the Fall, and he's got an early November Fall Trip in the works to Brevard, NC.  He's been advised that the Davidson fish are not so nervous come November.


And Chris Smith has taken over as Communications Chairman, including editing the Newsline.  So Chapter event leaders, please send your event reports and photos to communications@ucctu.org. And everyone; in the Newsline section "News Bites", we want to share information about our members; big fish, trips, tips and life events.  Please send these to Chris at the above address.


Again this month we have our "Classified" section of the Newsline.  Last month the Dick's Creek property "out clicked" the one on the upper Hooch.  Let Chris know if you have a listing.

Finally,  I'm working on a special screening of the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour Films for UCCTU in early November.  They are well done, and I saw very few of our members at the February Plaza Theater screening.

Brad Cruickshank
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

August Meeting Speaker -  Carl Riggs,
Former UCCTU President 
"Trout Adventure Trail and Future of Hatcheries"
  August Meeting Notice
Carl will be talking to us on two topics; first is the north Georgia Trout Adventure Trail which his Blue Ridge Chapter has been instrumental in creating. Check out its website for more information on the Georgia Trout Adventure Trail.

   Second, Carl will be representing TU and trout fisherman in the recently formed stakeholders group formed by GDNR, TVA, TN Wildlife Resources, and US Fish & Wildlife. This group is tasked with finding a permanent solution to funding of the Federal Hatcheries in TN and GA. We look or Carl to bring us up to date on this effort. This is a topic of vital concern to us and we are fortunate to have Carl represent us.

Carl is current President of the Blue Ridge Chapter of TU and was formerly President of UCCTU. I know that many in the Chapter will be glad to welcome Carl back to UCCTU.

Chattahoochee Paddle Clean-up


River Clean Up

On August 10th, members of UCCTU combined forces with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and helped clean of the Hooch. Members hoped in kayaks, floats, and canoes in search of trash that had found its way into the river. It was another successful trip as you can see. Thank you to all of those that took part in the clean-up. 
UCCTU Member Andrew Brown wins Worlds with US Youth Fly Fishing Team in Ireland 
UCCTU member Andrew Brown attended his first Junior Worlds last month in Ireland. When the fish were measured and the time had expired, the US team stood at the top. For more information and how to donate to the next generation of fisherman, visit www.usyouthflyfishingteam.com  
Guide's Corner- Chris Scalley River Through Atlanta
Evolution of Fly Fishing
Many beginning fly fisherman are overwhelmed with all the many different aspects of fly fishing. Not just casting techniques, but also the many components that attach the fly to the tippet, which attaches to the leader, which attaches to the fly line, then attaches to the backing and finally all this stuff connects to the reel itself. This is so different then any other type of fishing that many guys throw that fly fishing outfit back into the closet and keep fishing with their old faithful spin equipment. Story Continued
Kids Fishing Day- 9/28/13

Once again, Georgia DNR has partnered with the Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited for the annual Kids Fishing Day, 9am-1pm, Saturday, September 28th at Buford Dam. Continue reading here.
News Bites
Jim Harvey is representing UCCTU at TU's National Meeting in Madison, WI
Congratulations to Ron Cheslock on his first Chattahoochee Stripped Bass on a fly rod. 
Remember to congratulate Andrew Brown on his gold medal.
We will miss CRNRA Superintendent Patty Wissinger who has been named Deputy Superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
September Meeting Speaker - Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell is the owner of Davidson River Outfitters in Brevard, NC, conveniently the location of the 2013 Fall Trip in November. He is known for many of his fly creations as well as competitive fly fishing success. He will be giving tips for the upcoming trip. 
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