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Village Picnic on August 24
The annual Wind Point Village Picnic will be on Sunday, August 24, from 4 p.m. to dusk at Village Green Park on 4 Mile Road. The cost is $5 per person with no charge for children age 6 & under. The price includes a BBQ buffet dinner prepared by Cecelia's Catering. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be served. There will be kids games and the 4th annual "Egg Toss" contest. Bathrooms are on site. Some seating is provided but best to bring lawn chairs.

The picnic is organized by the Wind Point Community Club, a non-profit group that has been promoting social activities in the village since 1923. Please submit an RSVP via email to or call 262-664-3209. Volunteers are welcome. 
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New Wind Point Village Directory!

The Community Club is working on a new Village Directory.  Volunteers will be calling to confirm your contact information or you can email Sherry Heck:

Sherry is also selling ads for the Directory. 


Please note the Directory will be sold only to Village residents, beginning at the November election and at the Village Office. Proceeds from the Directory help fund Community Club events, including the bike parade, picnic and Holiday tree lighting.

Online Ordering Now Available for Yard Stickers
If you are in need of yard waste stickers, but cannot make it to the office during office hours to pick them up, you can now order them online. Just go to the Village website and click on Order Yard Waste Stickers (along the left menu of the front page). Follow the prompts and indicate how many packs of five you would like. The cost of ordering the stickers online is $6.00 per five-pack, plus a $1.50 transaction fee. Once your order is placed, the stickers will be put in the mail in 1-2 business days.
Right-of-Way Reminders
With election season ramping up, residents are reminded that political signs (and other signs) are not allowed in the Village right-of-way. Signs found in the right-of-way will be moved or removed. The right-of-way is generally measured as thirty (30) feet from the centerline of the road in both directions. Please keep in mind these other regulations relating to the right-of-ways: 
  • Garbage and recycling carts may be placed in the right-of-way the evening before collection day and removed the evening of. Yard waste and branch piles can be placed out no earlier than the Saturday before collection day. See the Village calendar webpage for collection dates.
  • A Right-of-Way Permit must be obtained prior to resurfacing a driveway located along the right-of-way, or for doing any work in the right-of-way, such as a culvert replacement or utility work. If a contractor is doing, please note the property owner is ultimately responsible for the proper permits being obtained.
  • Property owners are required to maintain the lawn in the right-of-way to a length of under 12 inches.
Thank you for your cooperation keeping the right-of-way clear and neat!
Lighthouse Tower Climbs

There are still three more opportunities to take a guided tower climb this year at the Wind Point Lighthouse. Tours are held the first Sunday of the month through October. Call ahead to make reservations at 262.880.8266. Visit for more information.

Last Chance to Take Village Resident Survey

The survey deadline has been extended to August 5. If you are a Village resident over 18 years of age, we want to hear your feedback about Wind Point services and amenities. Take the survey now at

Stop Japanese Beetles
Japanese beetles can be a huge hindrance to a healthy garden. Getting rid of Japanese beetles can seem like a difficult task. Below we show you how to kill Japanese beetles, along with tips for Japanese beetle control and management.

Hand-picking Japanese Beetles

If Japanese beetle infestations are light, the safest and most inexpensive route to killing the beetles is to pick them off the plants by hand and drop them into a bucket of soapy water.

Pesticides for Japanese Beetles

A number of pesticides are available against Japanese beetles. Some ingredients to look for on pesticide packaging include carbaryl, acephate, and permethrin.  Organic, neem-based pesticides can also provide good control, as can insecticidal soaps. Note: Insecticidal soaps will kill the beetles, but don't provide any ongoing protection to your plants.


Get Rid of Grubs 

While it's the adult Japanese beetles that cause the most damage, their larval form -- grubs -- can also cause lawn problems. If your lawn has a grub infestation, treating for the grubs will kill most of them before they can emerge as adult beetles.  A number of grub-killing products are quite effective. There are also organic options including beneficial nematodes.


Kill Japanese Beetles Quickly

The beetles release chemicals called pheromones into the air. These pheromones attract other beetles. So if you see a few of the bugs, they'll probably attract more. Get rid of Japanese beetles early, before they can invite more of their friends to feed on your plants.


Avoid Japanese Beetle Traps

University research indicates that using Japanese beetle traps can actually make problems worse. The traps are intended to trap and kill the beetles in your yard. However, they use pheromones to attract the beetles to the traps. And these pheromones bring more beetles into your yard than the traps can catch.



Japanese beetles tend to be most active when temperatures are over 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the air is relatively still. Be especially watchful for new beetles coming into your yard during these conditions.


For more information, click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser:

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Partisan Primary Election is on August 12

The Partisan Primary election will be on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at the regular polling place - Prairie School Johnson Athletic Center, 4050 Lighthouse Drive. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


Races on the ballot include primaries for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Rep. in Congress District 1, State Senator District 21, Rep. to the Assembly District 62, County Sheriff and Clerk of Circuit Court. Please note that in a partisan primary you may vote in only one party section. Click here to view a sample ballot


Absentee voting is available at the Village Office during regular business hours through Friday, August 8. For more information about absentee voting and voter registration, click here.

Village Considers Property Maintenance Ordinance
In an effort to maintain property values, the Village Board is considering a "property maintenance ordinance." The draft ordinance was discussed at the regular meeting on July 10 and will be discussed again at the meeting on August 14. You can submit your input to the Village Board by submitting a form online hereThe draft ordinance includes the following requirements:

  1. Floors, walls, foundations, and roofs shall be weathertight and kept in good repair.
  2. Exteriors shall be maintained by painting or otherwise protected to prevent deterioration or a blighting influence upon neighboring properties.
  3. Stairs and porches shall be kept in good repair and free from refuse and debris.
  4. Buildings shall be equipped so as to provide adequate roof drainage to protect the building and shall be kept in good repair so as not to detract from neighborhood and oriented so that discharge does not create problems on adjacent public property.
  5. Chimneys and smoke pipes shall be kept clean and in good repair.
  6. No construction equipment, maintenance equipment, or maintenance implement shall be stored or remain in the street, yard, or public right-of-way except during such time that construction or maintenance activities are in progress.
  7. Every fence shall be kept in good state of maintenance and repair by the owner thereof or shall be removed.
  8. Every premise shall be graded and maintained by the owner thereof so that no stagnant water shall accumulate or stand on the premise or within any building or structure located on the premises.
  9. All open areas and premises shall be landscaped by the owner thereof with grass, trees, shrubs, or other planted ground cover unless surfaced with concrete or asphalt; the owner or occupant of such premises shall keep said premises in a clean and sanitary condition, free of dust, unsightly weeds or growth, as well as free of uncluttered by building materials, tools, and equipment, miscellaneous paraphernalia, rubbish, debris, and waste. All concrete or asphalt surfaces shall be maintained by the owner of said premises in a good state of repair.
Violations of one or more of these items would be considered a public nuisance and subject to nuisance abatement procedures. If you have any input or concerns about the proposed ordinance, please forward them to the Village Board using the form on the Village webpage or by speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting on August 14.

A technician from Wigdahl Electric installs additional antennas for AT&T on the communications tower located behind the Village Office.
Tips to Prevent Burglary
Wind Point Police Department would like to remind residents about the following tips to help prevent burglary:
  • Make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in.
  • Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed. Even if it is for a short time, lock your doors.
  • Leave lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away for a length of time, connect some lamps to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.
  • Be a good neighbor. If you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood call 9-1-1, or for a non-emergency dial Wind Point Police at 262.639.3022 or Racine County Sheriff's Department at 262.886.2300.
Village Board Highlights

The Village Board held a regular meeting on Thursday, July 10. The Board...

  • Accepted a donation from Trustee Meissner for materials and services to treat 12 of the Village's ash trees for the emerald ash borer.
  • Reviewed and discussed revisions to a draft property maintenance ordinance.
  • Approved a renewal operator license application for Linda T. Davies.
  • Reviewed and gave input on a new resident welcome packet.
  • Heard an update on the resident survey and decided to extend the deadline to August 5.
  • Referred a request to the police chief to review traffic signage near the curve at E. Four Mile and Lighthouse Dr., and to review the intersection at Hollow Creek and James Ave. for the possible need for signage.

The Village Board will meet for regular meeting on Thursday, August 14 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall.