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August 2014 


It's summertime in Atlanta and we've been blessed with a relatively mild one.  Nevertheless, it is a critical time for trout in the Chattahoochee tailwater.  Several weeks ago, Chris Scalley of River Through Atlanta e-mailed us, and many other interested parties, about the dangerously high water temperatures and low DO level at low flow conditions from Buford Dam.  This is an annual situation and Chris has anecdotal evidence of fish being harmed as a result.  The Dam operation is controlled by the Corps of Engineers under Federal regulations.  Obviously Georgia Power is involved, too.  And there are a host of environmental regulations that impact the River.  The Georgia Council and Atlanta area TU chapters addressed their concerns about this danger to our trout fishery in a jointly signed letter to the Corps.  Our own Conservation Chair, Kevin McGrath has convened a stakeholder meeting on August 27 to discuss the problem.  There is a simple solution; "sluicing" a small amount of water at all times can maintain temperatures and DO levels at which trout will not be jeopardized.  We will be working with the Corps, the Riverkeeper, NPS, Nature Center, and other interested parties to try to implement this practice as standard policy.

I'll miss you at the August meeting.   I will be floating the Kongakut River above the Arctic Circle in Alaska for char and grayling.  Should have a great report for you at our September meeting.  See you then.

Brad Cruickshank
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

Call for Volunteers 2014-2015
Jim Harvey


UCCTU is driven by volunteers who give generously to their time to support our mission, and hopefully have fun doing so. Each year a Nominating Committee identifies which Director and Committee positions need to be filled for the upcoming fiscal year. For 2014-2015 we are seeking volunteers for several roles that offer a significant way to contribute, but are not very time-consuming. Please take a moment to look over these roles and consider volunteering for one of them.

Fish Tales & Ales-
Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery is having a fundraiser this Saturday from 5-8pm at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Proceeds from the event go to helping fund their two and a half day retreats for women who are currently going through or recovering from Breast Cancer. Tickets are available at the door or online here. For more information, go to their webpage here.

 Guides Angle- Chris Scalley

Hopper time!
Most fly fisherman head to the Rocky Mountains in late summer to coincide with low water flows and phenomenal terrestrial fishing. Grass hoppers are a prized meal for trout but other land based insects like Beatles, ants and caterpillars  are on the menu as well. It seems that hopper fly patterns consistently bring more quality fish more frequently to the surface as grasshoppers seem to top the menu. Maybe it's the "pounds of meat" theory in which most hoppers at the end of summer are big enough to pass for a Whopper with Cheese burger to a trout. Maybe as the days get shorter and cooler grass hoppers become lethargic and more commonly simply fall into the River along those lush grass river banks. Regardless if you have or have not been out West please keep in mind there are lots of grasshoppers here in the South. In fact our first frost in GA usually occurs in November which means some of our best terrestrial fishing occurs from early to late Fall from September through December. If you don't believe me humor yourself this Autumn trout season and tie on one of your biggest ugliest Hopper fly patterns in your box! 

Education News


New participant St. Benedict's Day School in Cobb County will be joining St. John Neumann Catholic School and St. Pius X Catholic High School in growing trout fingerlings in aquariums in their classrooms.  After fertilized eggs arrive in September, students will watch the eggs hatch, take care of the fry, and watch them grow into fingerlings until they are released in the Chattahoochee River several months later.  The Program includes cirriculum to teach students biology, chemistry, math and earth science concepts. 

UCCTU Trout in the Classroom Coordinator Tom Schmeltzer will take an active part in getting the St Benedict's Day School program up and running, and in overseeing the programs at all three schools.  Thanks again, Tom, for your dedication to helping to educate the next generation of outdoor activists.

Martin Branch Work Day

UCCTU was well represented sending 13 volunteers to the project including a couple from the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper who saw the event posted on our FB page (they live in Lagrange) and two women who were guests of members.

Mike Broad of the USFS said the four structures built by the volunteers on Saturday were the most work done  by any single group.

These four structures add to the roughly 10 existing structures built by Georgia TU in previous years.

Once again, the work day finished with a lunchtime tailgate picnic of BBQ provided by the lead Chapter, Foothills TU.

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Congratulations to George Hibler on winning the Orvis Superfine Rod Raffle.
We need donations for the 2014 F3T Fall Fundraiser. Please contact Jack Killorin if you have any donations at fundraising@ucctu.org

September is our chapters Annual Meeting. Check out the Chapter By-Laws here

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Ron Cheslock with a Nice Rainbow from the Chattahoochee

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2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour Trailer: Alaska - La Frontera Norte by Beattie Outdoor Productions
2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour Trailer: Alaska - La Frontera Norte by Beattie Outdoor Productions
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