August 2015

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We're so excited for all the wonderful new friends we're making as we expand! Look for Martin Ulisse in New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Las Vegas right now, and they'll be coming soon to your area, too!

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Resta Chardonnay
Resta Chardonnay


All stainless steel fermentation allows the true character of the chardonnay grape to shine. Crisp green apple with a mild buttery finish, this chardonnay is a gem of Italian chardonnays.

















Featured Recipe Pairing - Salmon Picatta


Salmon Picatta

Picatta is a wonderful easy to prepare dish that is most often made with veal or chicken, but is also wonderful with fish. Today I am going to offer a version with salmon. For a classic picatta that consists of
white wine, lemon juice, and capers, the salmon works very well. A lighter fish may get lost in the sauce, it will still be good, but you may lose some of the nuance of the fish. The recipe, whether it is veal, chicken, or fish, is basically the same. Brown the meat in a skillet with a little bit of olive oil. Remove the meat when done and deglaze the pan with the white wine and lemon juice. Reduce the liquid and then add
the butter and capers. This recipe should give you a salmon that is medium rare to medium. If you like your fish cooked more, add 1-2 minutes to each side at a slightly lower heat. There is also no salt in this recipe. The capers add a lot of salty flavor so in most cases additional salt is not needed. This recipe is very quick, very easy, and very delicious and goes great with Resta "Gelso Moro" Chardonnay. 


Click here for the complete recipe.

Martin Ulisse Montepulciano


Similar to a pinot noir, this Southern Italian beauty is fermented in 100% stainless steel for a medium body that drinks easily with a pleasant finish. Mild plum, spice, and dark cherries finish with soft tannins and white pepper. Exceptionally smooth across the palate, this off-dry wine is fruity yet not sweet and is a great happy hour or patio wine that is also incredibly versatile with food. 











Featured Recipe Pairing - Muffaletta



The muffaletta is an iconic sandwich from New Orleans but it could easily have come from Italy and indeed probably did with Italian immigrants. Good bread, a selection of cured meats, a nice cheese, and olive tapenade. Sounds like Italy to me and it also sounds like a great sandwich to have in the heat of the summer. In the hot days of South Texas it is hard to drink some of the big bold red wines but our Montepulciano is a great red wine for hot weather and pairs nicely with this sandwich. Feel free to choose your favorite meats if you can't find or are not a fan of the meats listed. The tapenade is also great by itself with a nice loaf of crusty bread. 


Click here for the complete recipe.

Cooking Spotlight

Chef Doan Shockely shows you how to make Salmon Picatta - a great dish to pair with our Resta Chardonnay.

Recipe: Salmon Picatta with Resta Chardonnay
Recipe: Salmon Picatta with Resta Chardonnay

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Cork was developed as a bottle closure in the late 17th century. It was only after this that bottles were lain down for aging, and the bottle shapes slowly changed from short and bulbous to tall and slender.
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Wine Spotlight: Resta Chardonnay
Wine Spotlight:
Resta Chardonnay
Wine Spotlight: Martin Ulisse Montepulciano
Wine Spotlight: Martin Ulisse Montepulciano

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