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An Invitational Community Exhibition
Bear Gallery, Fairbanks Arts Association
August 7 through 29, 2015
12 to 8pm daily
Where and how we live in the boreal forest is the theme of Our Boreal Forest, the current exhibition in the Art Association's Bear Gallery.  It explores the boreal forest, its natural materials, science, and its inspiration for artists and writers.
The exhibit is an outgrowth of the memorable exhibition, Betula neoalaskana: Celebrating OneTree, which took place at the Well Street Art Company Gallery in April 2011. The current show was organized by a committee of representatives from its sponsoring organizations: The Folk School Fairbanks, Northwoods Book Arts Guild, OneTree Alaska, and Fairbanks STEAM Institute. Karen Stomberg and Laurel Herbeck served as curators.
Susan Campbell's  Tamarac Colloquy
is one of several artist books in the exhibition.
The core of visual artists represented in
Our Boreal Forest were part of the Betula neoalaskana: Celebrating OneTree exhibit. Others were invited by each of the sponsoring groups.  Also included in the show are works by several local writers and poets.
Joining Our Boreal Forest is a second exhibit, The Hensel Home Show, which features the work of Jesse Hensel.  His work also features materials from the boreal forest, and consists of objects, both playful and functional, that can potentially serve as chairs, play areas, guest rooms or refuges.
Our Boreal Forest opened on August 7 with a well attended reception. Curator Karen Stomberg noted how gratifying it was to see the public viewing the work intensely, reading the texts interspersed with the art, and interacting with each other as they took in the many interpretations of Our Boreal Forest.
The show is open through August 29. Don't miss it!

OUR BOREAL FOREST: Public Lectures

You are invited to the following public lectures, which will highlight both the science and the art of Our Boreal Forest:
Friday, August 21
Ned Rozell
Fairbanks science and natural history writer, adventurer and author
Notes on the Boreal Forest
Bear Gallery
Tuesday, August 25
Kes Woodward 
Fairbanks painter and author, art historian and UAF Professor Emeritus
On Art-Making in the Boreal Forest
Bear Gallery

Over the past few weeks Northwoods Book Arts Guild has received many boxes of fonts, furniture and accoutrements.  All of these myriad pieces are in the process of being sorted, identified and organized. All of these boxes were sent up from San Diego to Fairbanks by USPS. 

The larger and heavier items, including the actual letterpress, came up to Kent, WA via UPS, and then on to Fairbanks by barge and truck. These boxes just arrived and were delivered to the NBG Studio at The Folk School this week. Thank you Mary Maisch and Susan Campbell for taking charge of the last leg of the delivery.

There is much to do! Unpacking, organizing, setting up are at the top of the list. We know the press will require new rollers, and printing supplies need to be researched and purchased.  Once everything is set up we can begin learning how to use this wonderful little press. We've already purchased a few books to help us get started and we are excited about the potential possibilities for this new addition to the NBG Studio.

Plan now to become involved in this exciting phase of growth for NBG! Consider making a donation in any  amount to the Letterpress Project, or, with a donation of $250 or more, become a Letterpress Patron and receive a copy of our first limited edition project. Thank you to all who have already become a part of the Letterpress Project!


Save the date...our next Guild meeting!
Thursday, September 24
5:00 - 7:00PM
Blue Room, Fairbanks Arts Association
(note the location!)
Program topic: to be announced
Book exc hange theme: TREES!
New shipment of tools just arrived!

Are you looking for bookmaking tools? If Only...a fine store has just received a new shipment of all your favorite tools, including teflon bone folders, metal measuring edges, paste brushes, and much more.

The place in Fairbanks to find bookmaking tools and fine papers!


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