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The State of the Nation...The State of our Souls Ferlo
Settling in...Gearing up...
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Reducing Our Environmental Impact
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The State of the Nation...The State of our Souls
The Stench of the Apocalypse

Whoever it was that wrote Colossians 2, the letter long ascribed to Paul, something had gone terribly wrong.

It's hard to tell from this distance, but fledgling Christians in that cosmopolitan city in the middle of present-day Turkey seemed to be captive to some kind of hyper-ascetic cult. Enamored of false philosophy, victims of empty deceit, traduced by the elemental spirits of the universe, dwelling on visions, obsessed with dietary rules, festival calendars, new moons, false Sabbaths, puffed up with what the writer calls human ways of thinking. Frankly, as a political candidate might put it, there was something going on.

We will never know exactly what it was. Within a few years of receiving this letter, the city of Colossae was destroyed by an earthquake, its Christian community completely dispersed.
Knowing what we know about Christian history, there are perhaps two ways of looking at this incident.
Susan Quigley, annual fund coordinator and special assistant to the dean, checking new course enrollments.
Settling in...Gearing up 
New space and new opportunities

Once the movers completed their huge task on July 25, Bexley Seabury faculty and staff began unpacking and settling in to the new consolidated campus location at Chicago Theological Seminary at 1407 East 60th Street (southeast corner of Dorchester).

Here's a quick look at ongoing activities, as faculty and staff get ready to welcome students for orientation and the beginning of fall term.

KJ Oh, director of formation and field education, making final preparations for the Anglican Formation course she will launch on August 31.
Susan Quigley, left, special assistant to the academic dean, and Lynn Bowers, accountant, human resources officer and event coordinator, discussing orientation plans. 
Jaime BriceƱo, recruiter and digital missioner, working on revising the website to include new features.
Bob Doak, finance director, taking a quick break from his busy day on his birthday, August 11.
Watch Your Mail
2016 Bexley Seabury Magazine coming soon  

Our annual magazine is at the printer and will soon be on its way to alums, donors, and supporters of Bexley Seabury. Here are a few of the stories included in the 2016 issue:
  • Consolidating for change -- all of Bexley Seabury under one roof as we move into the next phase of our mission
  • The power of partnerships-collaborating and innovating with dioceses to form leaders prepared for local ministry
  • Alums sowing peace and justice
  • Reshaping our curricula and welcoming more students to our community

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for future issues. 

Reducing Our Environmental Impact
Digital first, paper on request

Among the many advantages of consolidating Bexley Seabury at Chicago Theological Seminary is rooting our community in an environmentally responsible campus. From architecture to
The 2016 magazine will include a postcard to request a paper copy of the 2017 issue.
landscaping, materials selection to furnishings and light and power systems, everything at CTS represents a commitment to caring for the environment and stewarding resources. In that spirit, Bexley Seabury is introducing a "digital first" policy for external communications. The goal is to reduce our the amount of paper, ink, and energy we consume.

As one example, our 2017 annual magazine will primarily be shared as a digital publication, available for downloading from a new "library" page on our website. For anyone who needs or prefers printed communications, a limited number of printed magazines will be produced based on advance reader requests. The same practice will apply to program brochures, course booklets and other printed communications.

If you have any questions or requests, please send us an email or give us a call at 773.380.6780 or 800.275.8235. 
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  • Have insights to share from a retreat or sabbatical?
  • Have feedback to offer?
We want to hear what's new in your world so we can recognize you in our monthly newsletter and keep friends and colleagues up to date.
please send an email -- and include photos if possible. THANK YOU.  
Registration Window Closing for Fall Term 
Don't miss out!

Time is of the essence for securing a place in our fall term courses.
  • REGISTER ONLINE by August 19 for academic credit, continuing education, or enrichment (audit/no credit)
  • LATE REGISTRATION is by permission of the instructor only

Anglican Formation
... This course, led by KJ Oh, will meet on Wednesday Aug. 31 with monthly online assignments to follow. Ordination candidates and other participants meet in a retreat-like setting for prayer, mutual support, and holy conversation on topics related to the Anglican Christian tradition and how to inculcate spiritual practices that integrate heart, soul, and mind. 

Anglican and Episcopal History
meets three weekends, Sept. 16-17, Oct 14-15, Nov. 11-12, with ongoing learning online. This hybrid course with
Tom Ferguson provides an introduction to history and development of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, with particular attention given to Anglicanism as a diverse, globalized faith community. 

Liturgy and Music: Development and Theology
brings students and faculty together in the classroom Sept. 23-24, Oct. 21-22, Nov. 18-19, with interim online learning. New Academic Dean Terry DeLisio teams up once again with Milner Seifert to teach this course, which introduces students to the principles and practices of Anglican worship with particular focus on liturgical tradition and practice in the Episcopal Church. The course also examines how worship principles and practices have evolved as well as the theology and use of music in worship. 

Death of the Beautiful Young Man: The Erotics of Redemption
meets Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Nov. 4-5, and Dec. 2-3, onsite sessions linked by online learning. In this popular course, John Dally asks "Why is Jesus so often portrayed as young and beautiful in suffering and death?" and "What systems of belief are encoded in artistic renderings of the crucifixion?" Such questions
will be asked through various lenses (art history, anthropology, theology, philosophy) in dialogue with painting, sculpture, music, and film.

Topics in Anglican Theology: Rowan Williams and Sarah Coakley ... 
Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Nov. 4-5, Dec. 2-3. Jason Fout will explore in depth the theology of Williams and Coakley, two significant contemporary theologians -- both connected to the Church of England, deeply involved in ministry, and representative of broader trends in Anglican theology. Close readings and discussions of Williams' and Coakley's central texts will be enriched through poetry, praying with icons, and contemplative prayer. 

Canon Law ... Starting Sept. 6, with new lessons each week, this online only, not-for-credit course with Ellen Wondra covers the basics of the canon law and polity of the Episcopal Church. Knowledge of the material is required for ordination in the Episcopal Church. 
On and Off Campus

David Benedict Hedges, N/BSG

David Benedict Hedges N/BSG (Seabury-Western '05)
is the new rector of St.Michael and All Angels in Tucson, Arizona. He had been in Illinois the past 14 years, and most recently was rector of St. Peter's, Sycamore. This past July, Dave became a Novice Brother in the Brotherhood of St. Gregory. 

Staff and Faculty

President Ferlo will be the featured speaker August 18 at Church of the Atonement, Fish Creek, Wis., where he has served as visiting clergy for the past two summers. Atonement visiting clergy also includes Ex-officio Director and Bishop of Chicago Jeff Lee, former Director Gary Manning, Affiliate Professor of Practical Theology Scott Stoner and St. Chrysostom (Chicago) Rector Wes Smedley, whose parish partnered with Bexley Seabury for the Faith in the City "faith in the public square" program, piloted in 2015.        

Jason Fout
biked 100 miles August 5-7, from Columbus to Gambier, Ohio -- two of Bexley Hall's historic homes -- in the Pelotonia fundraising ride in support of cancer research. The 2016 trek was Jason's third. With support from major funding partners, the Pelotonia organization directs 100% of every rider-raised dollar to cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In Memoriam

The Rev. Dr. William Paul Haugaard
, former Seabury-Western academic dean and professor of church history died July 30 at age 87. Bill was beloved by students, faculty, and staff, and known for his insightful pastoral care of seminarians. He also served as dean of the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Caribbean and vice chancellor of the Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies. Bill is survived by his wife, Luisa, and by children, and grandchildren. Read more

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Semon
(Seabury-Western '80), rector of the Church of the Holy Faith in Santa Fe, N.M., died July 28 at age 70. Before beginning his ministry at Church of the Holy Faith as priest-in-charge, Ken served parishes in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri . He is survived by his wife, Caroline, children, and grandchildren. Read more  
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