Go Tell It on the Mountain

August 2016 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Harvest Festival 
Ramping Up;
Meeting Aug. 14

August- what a month! Fog, sun, fires, and my 76th birthday. Best of all, Harvest Festival has started! 

We will have an organizational meeting in Whitaker after church Aug. 14. Please be sure to come; I promise that it will not take long. I need to meet everyone working in the festival.

The signup sheet is still in Whitaker Hall; take a look and see where you can help, or feel free to talk me if you have any concerns. 

Remember that we will accept housewares, tools, plants, clothes, toys and books on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-12, and on Sundays after church. 

No electronics or large, bulky furniture, please. If you can't transport goods, I can pick some up in my truck.
-- Renee Pressler


Altar Flowers

Open dates for donating flowers are August 14, 21, and 28. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.

such pleasure today 
picking the last wild red plums--
round, juicy, and plump.

-- haiku by John Heyes


Meditation Moment   


Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy  presence is fullness of joy; 
at thy right hand  there are pleasures for evermore.
                                                               -- Psalms 16:11
 Scofield Ref. Bible                     


Minister's Column

Architect Bob Theis (in brown jacket) leads site inspection in March at which members suggested ideas for 
utilizing  church grounds. 

About that Triangle...

We are blessed with one of the most beautiful settings for a church building imaginable. Over the years we have done much to keep up and improve our site. Since we acquired the triangle of land on the corner we have been thinking together about how to get the most bea uty, function and welcome from our setting. [ For a report on an earlier site tour, after which members offered suggestions for improvements, see the March 2016 newsletter at  http://skylandchurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2016.03_newsletter.pdf.]
Our Church Council and Site Planning Committee will take the next step in this process on Sunday, Aug. 21. Jan Swayne will speak during the sermon time about how she learned to see her own property with new eyes and how that guided her decisions about her house and yard.
Following the service our moderator, Marcia Rollins, will lead a session in which participants will be invited to note down both feelings and thoughts about places on our site and visions for what we might do to make it more beautiful, functional and welcoming.
Though I will be on vacation that day, I invite you to come to worship and to the workshop following and share your feelings and visions, which the committee will collate and share. If you are unable to be present that day, please contact Marcia with your thoughts and feelings and she will add them to the report.
The Council wants to keep momentum moving not too fast or too slowly toward our shared goals. Please help the project by contributing your ideas. Thank you so much!
-- Stephen
PS: Carolyn and I will be on vacation in Maine Aug. 1-21.
PPS: Thank you so much for your generous birthday gift cards!!!           

Festival Data: Lyrics, PODs, Books

Mary Ellen McTamaney surveys her realm of sweets. That's Ken Chambers at right and son Keavon in center.

Ode to Jams and Jellies

Two big girls from the church are we,
Come to beg help as you will see,
Jams and chutneys from fruited trees,
Two big girls to please!

Two big girls who all unwary
Seek your crops of juicy berries
To fill our shelves with jams so varied -
Two eager girls from church!

Summer fruit made into jellies
To spread on toast for hungry bellies,
Pickles and relishes made so fine,
Show them under our big booth's sign -
Two working girls from church!

Full jars are pretty, and swell our pride,
Lining our shelves from side to side,
Luring buyers from far and wide -
Two weary girls from church!


Please leave your sealed preserves on or near the hearth in Whitaker. If you need jars, let us know.  Many thanks.

-- Mary Ellen (408-353-3331) and Julie (408-353-1572)


* Larry Cooke reports that the POD-casters are running short and delivered only one of the needed two PODs to the Skyland parking lot. The second will be along on Friday and Larry requests help after church this week to  move the shelves from the shed and from under the church into the PODs.  

* ...of making many bookes there is no end, and much studie is a wearinesse of the flesh  [Ecclesiastes 12:12]. Nevertheless, the festival needs some of these books for the ever popular Harvest Festival sale. Clear out those old shelves of the good books you've read too often, or will never read, and bring them to the regular Tuesday or Thursday morning POD sessions, or to Whitaker any Sunday after church.


NOTE from your treasurer:

Our only special financial activities in July were the $250 African Library Project international shipping fee, and an advanced salary payment for Stephen, since he will be on vacation for three weeks.

We are now able to accept credit card payments for pledge, general, and special offerings. See either Jan or me after service to set up these transactions.
Here are our operating finances for   July  201 6  as of  July  28 .

                   Summary of Operating Finances
               July 201 6      | Jun 1,201 6 to Jul  28
           Actual    Planned |  Actual      Planned
Income   $   10,905   $ 12,017  | $ 31,350     $ 32,241
Expenses $   12,520   $  10,339 | $ 34,025     $ 32,397
Net      $  (-1,615) $  1,678 | $ (-2,675)    $  (-156)

--  Gerald J. Alonzo,  Treasurer