Expanding the X-Edge Family
X-Edge will be opening an additional facility in Elkhorn,
January 2017. We are extremely excited for this new location in partnership with The Elkhorn Athletic Association. The gym will be inside The Elkhorn Training Camp Facility with construction beginning very soon!

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New and Familiar Faces Alike
Summer camps have come to an end with many of our athletes returning to school and getting back into the fall sports mode. With this, we have seen some new faces in the X-Edge camps. Those who have heard about us through friends and even those preparing for an upcoming season. We also still have some familiar faces who just couldn't get enough of the training and atmosphere that we provide. Things are about to get up and going strong again and we are looking forward to a very strong fall. 
OFC Starting Season with Full Force
With season fast approaching, OFC soccer teams are up and ready to get going for a strong year. We have had immense sign ups from teams this year and are excited to start training. Athletes completed pre-testing at the beginning of the month in order to gain a baseline to judge improvements on upon conclusion of their time with us. 
Junior Lancers Starting Preseason Strong
This month we had the opportunity to start training the Omaha Junior Lancers (OJL). Some of the athletes, having trained with us in the past, were great leaders for their teammates who were new to the X-Edge program. We hit it off hard the first week with some intense workouts and the teams handled the pressure well. The work being done in the weight room and out on the field will show on the ice. These athletes will be far ahead of their competition come season because of the dedication and discipline being shown now. 

Becker Youth Football Begins Training
It's fall in Nebraska, which means none other than football season to the majority of residents in the state. So what better way to start off the month than by welcoming some new faces to our program? Some of the MMA Youth Football teams began testing early in the month and are scheduled to train with us for 8 months. This is a huge commitment that will no doubt pay off in the end for these teams and we are excited to see what these athletes can do. 

Athletes of the Month
Female Recipient (X-Edge) 
Gabi is a long time veteran here at Xplosive Edge. She is an avid soccer player who knows how to work hard and push herself to the next level. Rosa comes to every session with a positive attitude that shows through even during the toughest workouts. She is always willing to help the other athletes when they are in need too. In her free time, Gabi enjoys baking, her specialty being chocolate cake.

Male Recipient (D-Edge) 
Connor is a member of our Developing Edge Camp. He is a well-rounded athlete participating in baseball, football, and basketball. When asked, Cole stated that his favorite sport of the three was baseball where he plays 2nd base and pitcher. In his free time he enjoys watching Facing the Giants and chowing down on ribs.
  We are looking for success stories from our former or present athletes!  If you have one, please submit it to Gibbie Duval at  gduval@xplosiveedge.com
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