August 2016 Newsletter
ICANNWiki Swahili Translation Initiative Advances

We are excited to announce that this August 16 & 17, ICANNWiki held a workshop with ICANN, the University of Dodoma (Tanzania) and tzNIC. The event was held at the University of Dodoma, and coordinated by Bonface Witaba and Matogoro Jabhera. The event was held to increase awareness of ICANN, tzNIC and Internet governance. 

The event was a resounding success with 22 participants who contributed 312 edits on 145 articles with 138 of those articles being newly created. A sample of articles include:
This initiative was made possible by Amazon. We are truly grateful for their support, and we hope to continue these efforts for years to come. If you would like to support the project or collaborate with us, please contact Jackie or Dustin at and
Looking Ahead to ICANN 57

ICANN 57 is not too far ahead, and Team ICANNWiki is getting ready for the conference ahead.

We plan to build another informative ICANNWiki Quickie, which is a great resource for newcomers needing a touchstone throughout the conference. Expect a breakdown of relevant ICANN-related topics, acronym expansions, exciting infographics and much more!

We hope to have a bigger Edit-a-thon this time around, with two day events and a solid curriculum for learning the wiki ins and outs. Outside of these two events we have a rolling Edit-a-thon, which simply means you can stop by the booth any time and learn how to edit or get help with a problem you've experienced when working on the wiki. 

As usual, you can expect a vibrant and busy ICANNWiki booth experience. We're still refining our giveaways, which include our playing cards and conference caricature badges.

If you'd like to expand your presence at ICANN, consider sponsoring the ICANNWiki Quickie, cards or badges! Take a look at our sponsorship page and contact Jackie at or Dustin at
Edit-a-Thon Goes to Buenos Aires
Intercommunity is an event to promote cohesion and relationships within the ISOC community. Global nodes connect to share achievements and goals around increasing access and ensuring trust in the Internet. 

Our partners, Dominios Latinoamerica, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be one of three nodes regional in Latin America. During this time we will partner to bring the ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon to participants, where they will learn how to contribute their knowledge to the wiki, which is increasingly becoming a center for Internet governance related material.  

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to this event.

Allegravita has been a huge supporter of ICANNWiki and has been a critical piece of the development of the Chinese ICANNWiki, which now has over 100 articles! We look forward to continuing to collaborate on this project with them and make the Chinese ICANNWiki just a strong and thorough as the English version. 

Allegravita does so much more. They are a huge presence in the Chinese domain name market and they are partnering with NamesCon and DotAsia to bring you DOMAINfest @ ioN.Asia in Hong Kong on 19-22 September. 

China is now the Internet's largest market with over 709 million users, making this event a great opportunity for anyone in the domain industry. DOMAINfest will have over 25 speakers, including 4 keynotes and 30 sessions. It has brought in over 20 sponsors and is attracting hundreds of people. 

The sessions will focus on important domain industry matters that are important to investors, digital brands, startups and innovators. 

If you register before August 31st, you can get tickets for nearly 65% off with the Promo Code: NihaoEmail. Register Here  
Sponsor Spotlight

We would be unable to do the work we do without the support of our sponsors. Whether it is adding translated content, ensuring the success of our Edit-a-thon, or simply making it possible for our team to make every ICANN conference, your confidence in our project saves the day!

For more information on how to sponsor ICANNWiki, please click the link below:

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