PEEP is Hatching.

August 2016


Our PEEP Program is Hatching

By Doris Duncan

Executive Director

Our education ambassador goats: Annie and Sprinkles.
Throughout the year, we've been keeping you updated on the progress of our Predator Prevention and Educational Barnyard Program (PEEP) Just as a chick hatches from the egg to enter a new stage of development, so is our program hatching into life.
Several of our new ladies peck a watermelon rind.
This past month we've been putting the final touches on our barn, adding in electricity and plumbing to make a self sufficient center for our barnyard animals' care. Volunteer Tory has been putting in long hours making sure our barn is the best home it can be for its future residents.


Speaking of residents, this month we welcomed Sprinkles, a young black goat generously donated to us by Redwood Hill Goat Dairy to be a companion for our current goat, Annie. She has already become a favorite with the school groups that come through learning about wildlife and ways to live better among wildlife.  


Eight chickens joined our aging flock. It's been over a year and we haven't lost any chickens to predation. We have lost a few to old age, and it was time to increase the flock. Donor Ernie stepped in with some healthy chickens that weren't up to his egg production. They are enjoying their free range life here. Please note that we are not a farm animal rescue and are not requesting any donations of farm animals at this time. These nine new ambassadors have big hooves and feet to fill as educators for our community.


Finally, our garden will be coming together over the next month. This month, volunteer Scott put in the time to mulch the paths, a long needed chore. Without Kevin from the Sonoma County Water Agency, we wouldn't have had the mulch to begin with. Thanks to Kevin for donating us the mulch we so needed. Next month Keysight Industries is coming to help us finish the last few beds. Prepare yourselves for a vibrant season of vegetables next year!

Sprinkles wants YOU to be a PEEP Volunteer.
However, just like a just hatched chick needs a lot of support to grow up strong, we need your help. You've heard about the volunteers who have already helped make our PEEP program possible. Now we're calling in all the kids! We need kids 13 and older to commit to a once weekly animal care shift to keep our barnyard animals happy and healthy. Not a kid, but a kid at heart? We'd still love your help taking care of our barnyard animals. If you are interested in becoming a PEEP volunteer, please contact Linnaea at 

If you'd like to come and see the barnyard for yourself, September 24th and 25th we are part of Weekend Along the Farm Trails. The PEEP Barnyard is open from 10-4 for you to explore and learn.

Sincerely yours,

Doris Duncan
Executive Director

Stormy Returns

Officer Jacques and family

Remember a small fox that was rescued from a storm drain by the Sebastopol Police? Stormy is now back in the wild where he belongs.


Officer Jacques, the officer who rescued Stormy, was eager to release the healthy juvenile fox back to the wild. He brought along his two children to help. While we caught Stormy, his kids got to learn a bit more about the wildlife rescue and sample some of our PEEP Wildlife Education Garden strawberries.

We'd like to offer a big thank you to the Sebastopol Police Department for taking the time to both rescue and release Stormy. We wish Stormy good luck in his new life in the wild.
Wild Workshop

The pond is mesmerizing but Carlos and Rowdy need more enrichment.

Do your pre-teens and teens love animals? Are they inventors, builders, or dreamers? We need them! On Saturday, September 24th from 2-4 Pm, we're having a Teen Animal Enrichment Workshop.


What's enrichment, you ask? Enrichment is puzzles, toys, and structures to make a captive animal's life more interesting.


At our enrichment workshop, you'll learn about animal enrichment, observe our education animals, then design and make enrichment items for the animals.


Lots of ideas, unsure about building them? Not a problem! We have building volunteers on hand to help. It's only $15 per teen. Please pre-register by calling 707-992-0274 or emailing Linnaea at education@



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9/10/16 New Volunteer Orientation,  10am-12 noon
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9/24/16 Teen Animal Enrichment Workshop, 2pm-4pm

9/24/16-9/25/16 Weekend Along the Farm Trails. Barnyard Open House 10-4

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