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Ah August!     
It's hard to believe that summer is almost over, but don't start with the back to school blues just  yet! This August offers us something special, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! Throughout the month, starting on August 5th there will be hundreds of countries represented, numerous sporting events, victories, defeats and numerous cultures displayed. 

However, this August is not just a big month because of the Olympics. Here at JFS of Metrowest we also have a lot happening! This August we are jammed packed with volunteer opportunities , events, birthday celebrations and much more! In August we also get to celebrate Book Lovers  Day on the 9th . Make sure you check out our spotlighted volunteer of the month and have a few laughs in our jokes column! 

Make a difference, VOLUNTEER!  Recommend a friend too!
Volunteer Spotlight
Name : Elaine Marmer                                          
Occupation Retired teacher and Trainer. She had her own business providing preventive medicine programs to educational institutions, hospitals and businesses.  
Time with JFS:  23 Years
Volunteer Position: Patient Navigator

Elaine Marmer started volunteering at JFS in 1993. She is a patient navigator and says , "I  can relate to the clients who do not have family or friends to accompany them to much needed medical appointments". Elaine has also helped train new Patient Navigators for JFS. 
When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering with Patient Navigator Elaine stated, " It is a win, win experience. I meet people who are so grateful for the program and at the same time actually see the benefit to the clients and medical staff. I always have a wonderful sense of accomplishment after completing a navigation". Elaine dubs herself a volunteer junky spending most of her free time volunteering at the
YMCA 5 days a week teaching  aquatic classes, at the MetroWest Jewish Day School and at her  Synagogue . She also has eight grandchildren that she loves spending time with!

Elaine, we are so appreciative of all the time you dedicate to JFS and the Metrowest Community! Your work truly makes an impact! Thank you for all that you do.
August Volunteer Birthdays!
To all of our volunteers born in August! 
We wish you the best day!
Jessica Kondrat August 7th
Eileen Simons August 7th
Ruth Hertzman-Miller August 10th
Ute Geigenmuller-Gnirke
August 11th
Amy Bibace-Smith August 11th
Muataz AlMufti August 12th
Bonnie Friedman August 13th
Karen Block August 14th
Zachary Laidlaw August 15th
Kathryn Barbosa August 17th
Phyllis Kaufman August 17th
Jenna Orlinksy August 19th
Paul Berkson August 20th
Rossenthal Fajardo August 21st
Jamie Berkson August 26th
Lia Kornmehl August 27th
Cliff Sharin August 27th
Rosalyn Cohen August 31st

Awards Update
As mentioned in the July Newsletter our annual volunteer event was held on June 8th at Framingham State University. A number of our volunteers were also recognized for their hardwork and dedication to JFS! A hardworking volunteer who was not included in the July newsletter, but was also a winner of the CEO Roll Up Your Sleeve Award was Janet Lipkin! Congratulations Janet! Your contributions to JFS are amazing!

Backpack Event
Build-a-Backpack is Back!
You bring a backpack, JFS provides the supplies
We all build a backpack to donate!

As part of the JFS Reducing Achievement Gaps Program, these
donations of backpacks filled with school supplies benefit the children in  the Metrowest community. 

Pack a Backpack in two locations.
Choose the date and the location that works best for you!

Wellesley Public Library                 Framingham Public Library
Wakelin Room                                      Costin Room 
Monday, August 22nd 2016          Tuesday, August 23rd 2016

Sign up to volunteer to help prep for the event, set up & clean up!

Here's a few volunteer shifts open:

  • August 8-9th: volunteers needed to help pick up supplies at local businesses and drop off at JFS (pick up locations include Ashland and Framingham).
  • August 11th: 2 volunteers needed to help sort through supplies at JFS, time is flexible. 
  • August 19th: 2 volunteers needed to help load vehicles with supplies for transport.Time is flexible. Must be able to lift heavy boxes.
  • August 22nd (day of event - Wellesley): 4 volunteers needed to help with set up, registration, and clean up. Preferred time slot is 9-12:45, but can be broken into shifts if needed.

  • August 22nd(day of event-Wellesley):2-4 volunteers needed to transport backpacks from Wellesley Public Library to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. 12:30-1:30, must be able to lift heavy items. 
  • August 23rd (day of event - Framingham): 4 volunteers needed to help with set up, registration, and clean up. Preferred time slot is 9-12:30, but can be broken into shifts if needed. 

If you would like to sign up for one of these volunteer shifts or have any questions about the event or how to donate supplies
contact:  Kayla Hopkins, or 508-875-3100 x220
Register to attend the event and build a backpack with JFS!
Register at

July Hours & T-Shirts
JFS volunteers have spent   201   hours helping others in the Metrowest community  during the month of July! Thank you to all of our volunteers for 
spending time and dedicating yourself to benefit of others. 

Our clients thank you and we appreciate you for standing up for those in need!
Once you've reached 20 hours of service you are eligible for a t-shirt. Those that reached that mark are:
  • Thomas Chan
  • Eileen MacQueen
  • Boris Zverev
  • Marjorie Zwicker

CongratulationsPlease let us know how you'd like to collect your t-shirt!

Please remember this is based on the number of hours recorded in our system. If you volunteer for programs other than Wilson or Patient Navigator the system does not auto calculate your hours. If you don't know how to log your hours of service, let us know and we'll help you!
Happy Book Lovers Day, August 9th
Do you have those things that you love to do, but never have the time for? For many people reading a good book is one of those. Summer is the perfect time to change that, so put down the phone and pick up a book! If you still think you don't have the time...well no excuses this month! On August 9th it is Book Lovers Day, so whatever your excuse is plan to kick it to the curb on the 9th and start reading!

Besides telling a good story or teaching you new information reading also has other qualities that make it wonderful for you!  Studies show that reading has been proven to....
  • Help overcome stress
  • Keep your brain "in-shape" or "sharp" as you age
  • Help you sleep better
  • Increase a person's empathy
Facts courtesy:

Program Spotlight
Second Chance for Success
A new program at JFS, Second Chance for Success works with immigrants 55 and up who are ready for another chance at the job market. Individuals who are mid-career receive a unique opportunity for assistance with preparation, job
jobs_and_careers.jpg finding, and placement. Clients receive both employment support from Employment and Training  Resource Center  and case  management from JFS. 
Who is eligible? 
  • Individuals 55 and up, preference given to immigrants
  • English speaking 
  • Authorized to work in the U.S. 
If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact: 
Malvina at 5088753100 x310 or

Language, Laughter and Fun Facts
Olympic Sized Fun Facts!
  • Rio 2016 will be the first time in Olympic history that a South American country has hosted the Games.

  • The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Rio's MaracanĂ£ Stadium, which boasts the world record for the most fans ever to attend a soccer game.
  • Golf will return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence.
  •  There are 7.5 million tickets, with prices ranging from $40 for some swimming events to almost $3,000 for the best seats at the opening ceremony.
  • Organizers say they will prepare 60,000 meals per day to feed the athletes. 
  • A team of athletes who have been forced to flee their countries will be allowed to compete for the first time. The (IOC) says five to 10 refugees are expected to qualify and compete under the Olympic flag.
Facts Courtesy: 
Upcoming Opportunities
JFS  has many ongoing programs and opportunities. Here are a few available right now!
  • All Stars/Math Academy:
Help mentor 3rd and 4th grade students after-school ! Recruiting now for the upcoming school year. Check out this video to learn more!
  • Communication Specialist:
Writing a newsletter which highlights the activities of the many volunteers at JFS is the project!
How are your writing skills?  
Are you a person who supports positive ideas?
Do you like to write about people, activities and successes?

Here's your opportunity to write a monthly newsletter communicating with the many wonderful JFS volunteers. 

Volunteer your time on a very flexible schedule  and utilize your skills to help a great organization.
  • Photographer: 
Help capture amazing moments at JFS events and preserve lifelong memories! Your could see your photos in future JFS circulations!

  • Patient Navigator: 
Interested in being a Patient Navigator? Our next training will be on September 27th from 9am-3pm , so make sure to get those volunteer applications in! 

You can visit our website to learn more  or to sign up for any of these opportunities, please contact Kayla Hopkins,, 508-875-3100 x220.
We are JFS!
Happy August!
Kayla Hopkins
Program Coordinator of Youth, 
Immigrant  & Volunteer Services
508-875-3100 x220
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