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From the Director
Welcome to ITPIR's first newsletter of the 2016-2017 academic year. After a  successful 2015-2016, we cannot wait to see what this year holds for our students, faculty and alums.

This newsletter features updates on some of our projects' latest developments, and ITPIR's summer activites, including: 
  • ITPIR's Second Annual Student Shark Tank Competition
  • VIPCAT Director Steve Shellman starts teaching in the COLL curriculum
  • The Class of 2016 acculumates awards and scores great jobs
  • ITPIR received its largest gift to date from Tim Dunn '83 and Ellen Stofan '83
  • AidData's research profile continues to grow, both internationally and within the W&M community
  • The Center for African Development brought several students to Tanzania this summer, and received a grant from the National Science Foundation
  • Global Pathways hosted a colloquium, highlighting the research of their summer students
  • TRIP students and faculty continue to publish, and PIs headed to New York to present to the Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • PIPS hosted their annual symposium
All of these stories are highlighted below in greater detail and with links to follow up stories, photos, videos or research. I can't wait to see what all the ITPIR projects do this year.
Mike Tierney '87
Director, ITPIR
ITPIR Students Enter the Shark Tank for Shot at $20,000 in Research Funding

As ITPIR grows, it has remained a priority to focus on student-initiated research. This summer, we conducted our second annual ITPIR Shark Tank competition, which gives students an opportunity to vie for funding for team research projects.  To learn more about this initiative and to see video from the pitches, click HERE.

   VIPCAT's Shellman to  Teach in      New Undergraduate COLL Curriculum
The principal investigator for the Violent Intranational Political Conflict & Terrorism (VIPCAT) lab since 2008, Dr. Steve Shellman is joining the W&M teaching faculty. Dr . Shellman will  teach courses within the COLL curriculum focused on data science, Big Data, and a utomated text analysis tools and methods which highlight VIPCAT's capabilities. Through these courses, students will acquire skills necessary to conduct policy relevant research. Four undergraduate students currently support VIPCAT's research and education activities.  For more information on the COLL Curriculum, which is replacing the previous GER Curriculum, click HERE.
Class of 2016!
      Austin Spivey                   Rebecca Schectman                   Becca Brown
  • Austin Spivey, who worked as the ITPIR Student Administrative Assistant will head to Oman in the fall to study Arabic as a recipient of the Boren Scholarship. Full story HERE.
  • Former AidData Summer Fellow and CAD Research Assistant Rebecca Schectman was selected as William and Mary's second ever Luce Scholar. Full story HERE.
  • Former PIPS Fellow and longtime TRIP research assistant Becca Brown is headed to Washington as a Carnegie Junior Fellow. Full story HERE.
  • PIPS Fellows Jimmy Zhang and Duenya Hassan (also of AidData) shared the Warner Moss Awards for the best honors theses in Government. Jimmy also won the Government Department's  Koenig-Nimmo Foreign Service Award while Duenya also won the Megan Owen Award for outstanding graduating female in Government.
  • PIPS Fellow Amanda Blair was awarded the William and Mary International Relations Excellence Award.
  • PIPS Fellow  Caper Gooden, was awarded the 2016 International Relations Academic Prize by the William & Mary Alumni Association.
  • Top employers for the class of 2016 include Booz Allen Hamilton, the Peace Corps, and lucky for us- the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations!
AidData Research Reaches 
Global Audience

Each week more than 6.5 million people read The Economist . In recent months, the magazine has covered AidData research four times. 
In "Misplaced Charity" , published on June 11, 2016, The Economist  drew upon AidData's 3.0 Core Research Release to show that aid is becoming more fragmented over time and that this global trend is making it more challenging for developing countries to manage incoming flows. The findings from two recent AidData working papers, Putting Money to Mouths: Rewarding and Punishing Human Rights Behaviors , andAid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance,  are also summarized in this article. AidData's Executive Director, Brad Parks, is quoted in the story. 

Read the full  "Misplaced Charity" article  on The Economist's  website.

AidData's China research has featured three times. On April 16,  2016, The Economist  published two articles on China's efforts to use development assistance as a foreign policy tool.  A despot's guide to foreign aid cites the AidData working paper, Apples and Dragon Fruits: The Determinants of Aid and Other Forms of State Financing from China to Africa.   In the article, Diplomacy and aid in Africa , an interactive widget built by The Economist  data team cites AidData, juxtaposing our dataset of Chinese official development assistance to 50+ African countries with how countries align their votes with China in the UN General Assembly.  The analysis shows that the more aid a country receives from China, the more likely its votes align with China. This finding was also incorporated in an August 13, 2016 article on Chinese aid to Africa.

Read the full  "A Despot's Guide to Foreign Aid" article   on The  Economist 's website.
See the  "Diplomacy and Aid in Africa" data visualization tool  on The  Economist 's website.

Ellen Stofan '83 and Tim Dunn '83 Boldly Support ITPIR

ITPIR has received its largest gift to date from Ellen Stofan '83 and Tim Dunn '83. "William & Mary is a leader in preparing students to think and act globally and we wanted to build on that by providing students with additional opportunities to be involved in as many international experiences as possible," said Dunn. Click  HERE to read more.
Center for African Development Awarded National Science Foundation Grant
Professor Phil Roessler has been awarded over $150,000 from the National Science Foundation.  His two year study aims of produce a comprehensive geospatial dataset of primary commodity production at the end of colonialism across 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  Roessler will work with undergraduate students throughout the course of the project.  ITPIR was able to give a small grant to Roessler, which allowed him to work with students to conduct initial research and refine his methodology before submitting his application.

Global Pathways Hosts Research Colloquium Highlighting Student Projects
At the end of our summer research session, Global Pathways summer interns Hannah Berk '16, Mariana Paulino '19, and Xinduo Guo '17 presented their in- progress research projects to faculty, staff, and students.  All projects used the Global Pathways database, which contains data about IR scholars and research in non- Western countries.  Project topics included the relevance of translation in IR scholarship, specifically which countries were more likely to use and produce multi- lingual research and a descriptive study of how IR scholars view Brazil and China.  Additionally, Global Pathways PI Wiebke Wemheuer- Vogelaar gave participants an overview of the Global Pathways project and continued opportunities for student- faculty collaboration. 

The Davis Sisters '17 Make International Research a Family Affair with AidData and CAD
Megan Davis '17 poses with the Center for African Development's research partners from REPOA in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Summer break is the perfect opportunity for students to bring recently acquired skills and the research they started in Williamsburg into the world. This desire to take research from the classroom to the field is exactly what brought sisters Caroline and Megan Davis, '17, halfway across the globe this past summer. Caroline, who has been involved with ITPIR since her freshman year, headed to the Philippines as an AidData Summer Fellow in the Philippines. Megan joined a team of undergraduate research assistants who traveled to Tanzania with Prof. Phil Roessler, Director of the Center for African Development (CAD).  For their full story, click HERE.
W&M receives Simon Award for internationalization from  NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Named for the late Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, NAFSA's Simon Award recognizes colleges and universities that are making significant, well-planned, well-executed and well-documented progress toward comprehensive internationalization. The award is granted to a limited number of institutions each year -- usually no more than five. William & Mary is one of only four in 2016.    Click HERE to read more.
AidData among provisional winners of DREAMS innovation challenge
The U.S. President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief (PEPFAR) announced this week that William & Mary's  AidData  is one of the provisional winners of its $85 million DREAMS  innovation challenge  to reduce HIV/AIDS rates among adolescent girls and women in sub-Saharan African countries.

Over the course of the two-year, $1.3-million project, AidData will partner with two organizations - Akros and ToroDev - that have a local presence in Zambia and Uganda to help policymakers in these countries make healthcare decisions based on the best available data and evidence.  For more information on this project, Click HERE.
TRIP students and faculty publish, and PIs present their work to the Carnegie Corporation of New York
TRIP students and faculty have spent the summer conducting surveys, analyzing policy journals, identifying new international partners, and writing papers.  Matt Ribar '17 has recently solo-authored an article in an international peer reviewed journal (International Studies Perspectives) that explains how "benchmark events" in the real world of IR affect the research published within the discipline of IR.  Nicky Bell '13 and Mariana Morales Navarette '16 co-authored a paper on the Global IR discipline with Wiebke Wemheuer-Vogelaar and Professor Mike Tierney.
PIPS hosted its annual symposium at the 
National Press Club
Darice Xue '15 MPP '16
"Less is More: Emerging Donors, Foreign Aid Coordination, and Conflict" 

Jimmy Zhang '16
AidData Director of Operations David Trichler Starts 
University-Wide Blog
David Trichler is Director of Operations at AidData. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of AidData (a team of ~40 faculty and staff and 100 students) at William & Mary's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations, and is one of Diplomatic Courier's top 99 leaders in foreign policy under 33 years old. This summer, David started a William and Mary blog,  where he regularly updates the campus community on AidData and ITPIR activities. To catch up on his updates, visit here.
The Bosnia Project:
Shots from Sarajevo
Bosnia Project participant Matt Schroeder '15 MA.Ed. '16, is featured with his arms crossed, and his back physically and symbolically being supported by Senada Cizmic, his Bosnian co-teacher. Senada and Matt have been teaching English, non-violence, and intercultural communication in Sarajevo, Bosnia over the course of 4 weeks. Senada and Matt are naturally engaging with their students when this photograph was taken as Justin Ober '17 momentarily entered their classroom on June 22, 2016. 
This is the Bosnia Project group of coteachers on our first meeting together, the city tour of Sarajevo on 18 June 2016. From left to right: Top: Amela Selmanovic, Senada Cizmic, Sonia Lunn '18, Rachel Waldon '17, Justin Ober '17. Bottom: Brittany  Acors '18 , Matt Schroeder '15 MA.Ed. '16, Adnan Korman, Ena Kacunovic. It was our first day all together in person, kicking off a month of laughs, teaching, and bonding.
This is the "silly" picture of my class! For a month, we practiced speaking English while learning about respecting diversity, the environment, holidays, stereotypes, communication, and more. These kids were crazy, but the month I spent with them was amazing. I think I learned as much from them as they learned from me, and I'm so proud to have been their teacher. - Brittany Acors '18
ITPIR's First Photo Contest Highlights Students' Summer Adventures
Grand Prize- AidData Summer Fellow Evan Woods BYU '17
A photo at the Palace of the King of the Toro Kingdom in Fort Portal, Uganda. David Kugonza, Communications Officer at the Toro Development Network, explains the politics of Tribal Kingdoms in a modern democracy and how it affects development on the ground level.
International Runner Up- Bosnia Project Participant Sonia Lunn '18
Sonia Lunn '18 looks out over the historic center of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from her perch at the 16th century White Fortress.
Williamsburg Runner Up- AidData Research Assistant Marie Mullins '16
Showing that summers at ITPIR involve a healthy mix of work and play, Marie captured AidData JPM Harsh Desai taking a break over fudge with research assistant Harrison Chapman '19.
To see all entries, click HERE.
Sights around Scotland Street
We were thrilled to host  the 2016 Washington Mandela YALI Fellows on Scotland Street for a barbeque!  ITPIR students caught up with Sibusiso Nhlabatsi, a human rights lawyer from Swaziland.  This is the third year that William & Mary and its partners in the Presidential Precinct have been selected as hosts for the  Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders . To read more about their visit to William and Mary, click HERE
TRIP RAs stop by the Sunken Garden on the last day of classes on their way to Swem Library for group study session
PIPS Co-Directors Prof. Dennis Smith and Prof. Amy Oakes pose on graduation day with Mitchell Croom '16 MPP '17, Darice Xue '15 MPP '16 and Duenya Hassan '16.
Prof. Maliniak Presents to Carnegie Corporation of New York 
Moving beyond academic publications, TRIP Principal Investigator Professor Daniel Maliniak traveled to New York in May to brief the leadership of the Carnegie Corporation on how academic research shapes policy decisions and how universities might be reformed in order to play a more significant role in the policy world.  TRIP is the recipient of multiple grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  TRIP researchers are currently working with Carnegie to develop a series of surveys that will be sent to policy makers and practitioners.

The way they tell it, app-developers Kelvin Abrokwa-Johnson '17 and Nathan Owen  '17 were just two eager William & Mary students who came to AidData looking to gain career skills. What they came away with, though, was much more than that.

In March, Abrokwa-Johnson and Owen won a $20,000 scholarship award at  Dominion Enterprises' Code-U hackathon in Norfolk, Va.

"Everyone that I know that worked at  AidData was set on the right path to go on and do some really, really cool stuff. You shouldn't let your job title pigeonhole you into a specific thing. Explore all and you will come out with so much more afterward." - Abrokwa-Johnson 

Read more about Kelvin and Nate's experiences with AidData.
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