August 2017 - - ANA Review & Newps  
August 13, 2017
ANA Denver Show Review
The ANA's World's Fair of Money (which we call the ANA Annual Convention) was held August 1 - 5 in Denver. Although the show was somewhat smaller than previous ANA's, a lot of business took place.  Many dealers reported strong sales, but some did not.  I did not have a table at the show, for the reasons listed in my February newsletter. Not having a table allowed me to spend more time at the other dealers' tables. The result was a group of excellent newps!

The auctions were a mixed bag. There were some excellent coins, notably two large Colonials collections that included rarity as well as high quality. Of course, with Colonials, the rarity and the high quality did not often coexist on the same coin. There was a notable collection of Franklin halves in Deep Cameo in very high grade. These brought unbelievable prices, such as $82,250 for a 1951 in Proof-67+ DCAM.  This is interesting because it is 40% over the record sale price for an 1851 half dollar!

Liberty Seated coins in the auction were highlighted by the sale of the 1853-O No Arrows half dollar in PCGS VF-35, by far the finest of only 4 known, as the other three are two VG-8's and a Good-6. This extremely rare business strike coin sold for $517,000. Congratulations from the previous owner (me) to the proud new owner!

Based on transactions I observed or made, it looks like Bust Quarters are coming into vogue again. Quite a few Bust Quarters changed hands at ANA.

And, now for the Newps
Now, on to the newps!  Our newps include a wonderful 1820 B-4 quarter in PCGS AU-55 with outstanding eye appeal, a gorgeous multicolor toned 1829 half dime in PCGS MS-63, a nicely toned 1806 O-114 (R5!) half in NGC AU details scratched, a PCGS F-15 1807 Capped Bust half although the holder says Draped Bust, a nice 1831 O-103 half in PCGS AU-55, an 1840 half with 1839 reverse half in PCGS AU-58, a choice problem-free 1855-S half in PCGS VG-8 and a similar 1856-S in PCGS F-12, an 1870-CC half in PCGS G-4, a rare 1863 Seated dollar in Good-4, and a rare 1863 business strike 3c silver in PCGS AU-53.

The most notable newps are:
1.  An 1820 B-4 quarter in PCGS AU-55 with outstanding eye appeal.   Both sides exhibit wonderful golden toning.  It is difficult to find this coin in this high grade with nice color.
1820 B-4 Quarter PCGS AU-55 CAC

2.  A gorgeous multicolor toned 1829 half dime in PCGS MS-63.  Capped Bust half dimes are very difficult to find with wonderful toning, so if you are looking for one, please consider this one!
1829 Half Dime LM-1 PCGS MS-63

3.  An 1806 half dollar in NGC AU det., scratched.  Despite the scratch, what a wonderful coin this is!
1806 Half O-114 NGC Au det._ scratch

Please contact me at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell), or email me at and let me know the coin(s) you want.

Bust Half Dimes 1829 LM-1 R2 PCGS MS-63 2,750
Seated Half Dimes 1851-O PCGS XF-40, nice toning 295
Bust Dimes 1835 JR-5 PCGS AU-58 995
Seated Dimes 1891-S/s EF-40 75
Bust Quarters 1820 B-4 PCGS AU-55 CAC 6,150
Bust Quarters 1825 B-2 PCGS VF-30 1,000
Bust Quarters 1834 B-2 R4 PCGS VF-30 595
Bust Halves 1806 O-114 R5 NGC AU det., obv. scratched 4,850
Bust Halves 1807 O-112 PCGS F-15 (holder says Draped) 550
Bust Halves 1831 O-103 R1 PCGS AU-55 850
Seated Halves 1840 PCGS AU-58 Rev of 1839 1,275
Seated Halves 1855-S PCGS VG-8 1,750
Seated Halves 1856-S PCGS F-12 400
Seated Halves 1858 PCGS AU-58 650
Seated Halves 1870-CC PCGS G-4 1,995
Seated Dollars 1863 Good-4! Really! 1,100
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces 1863 3c Silver PCGS AU-53 2,300
Upcoming Events
My next show is the Baltimore show November 9 - 11, 2017.  I will be at the show on the 9th and 10th, but I will not have a table.  If there are any coins in my inventory that you want to see in Baltimore, please contact me a few days before the show.  To contact me at the show, please call me at 717-579-8238 or text me.  I look forward to seeing you at the show!
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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