it has begun
Harvest 2017
It begins. 

What we've all been waiting for.  Need we say more?

Fresh, glorious, juicy, crisp and sweet Asian Pears for all to enjoy. Harvested from our Pennsylvania orchards, shipped direct to your door.  Order now!

Be sure to use promo code ha rvest17  when you visit our online store.   Click here to read more about our Pennsylvania grown Asian Pears.

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Asaju Asian Pear
First Picks

Each harvest, the surprise of tasting the first fruits picked is made extra special with the bounty of our  Asaju variety Asian Pear.  

Grown in a wax-lined bag - hidden from the sun all summer long - this pear is refreshingly juicy with notes of honey.... Asaju is most known for its nearly invisible skin. Its yellow color is as illuminating as this pear's crisp flesh with each bite.

Asaju pear - now available!
What's new for Fall?

This year we are previewing some of our future varieties - pears not yet given a Subarashii name.  

If you select 'fruit du jour' on our site during the early weeks of our harvest... allow us delight you with something new and special.  Several different pear flavors are being explored this Fall season.  Curious to learn more about the surprise pears we have in store?  Email us

For those of you new to Subarashii, we specialize in unique cultivars of Asian Pears, growing fruit available nowhere else in the world. Visit our varieties page to learn more!

pear varieties
  Ginger Proscuitto Fresh Pears

Simple dish to create with slices of our fresh  Asian Pears, proscuitto and  ginger. Elegant  and refreshing.   Click here to download this "harvest  is here!" recipe from Chef Lesle.