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Regular Meeti ng 

Kristen Hertel, Board President, welcomed all in attendance and thanked staff who have been involved in summer work in the District. She also noted the start of Future Ready D36, the Educational Master Facility Plan.

Trisha Kocanda, Superintendent,  said the District is in full swing preparing for the arrival of students and staff later this month and mentioned the formal launch of Future Ready D36. Additionally, she recognized the appointments of Brad Goldstein, CFO; Joshua Swanner, Interim Principal at Greeley School; and Patricia Kritzman, Elementary Administrative Coordinator, who will provide assistance to the District's three elementary schools.


Jason Lembke, Principal, DLR Group, shared information on Future Ready D36, the District's first Educational Master Facility Plan in 20 years. The presentation gave a general overview of the five phase process, focusing specifically on Phase I, a Deeper Understanding, which is underway. Mr. Lembke discussed how students, staff, and parents will be part of a collaborative process to align the District's school facilities, enrollment, and vision for teaching and learning to meet the needs of current and future students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Brad Goldstein, Chief Financial Officer, presented the Budget Timeline and Budget Philosophy, which includes minimizing contingencies, investing in curriculum, and maintaining high quality programs and facilities. Financial factors were also presented including property tax levy considerations, federal and state revenues and expenditures, strategic planning (i.e. Future Ready D36) and future funding of facility needs. Total Budgeted Revenues for 2018 are $45,554,788. Total Budgeted Expenditures for 2018 are $46,598,666. This includes over $2.3 million in Capital Projects that have been planned to improve District facilities, which will come out of the District's fund balance. The Board voted to approve the tentative budget, and establish a public hearing to be held at 7:00 p.m. on September 19, 2017.

Informational Memos

New Trier High School administers a placement assessment as "one component of the portfolio used to place students in appropriate course levels at New Trier."  The results were shared from assessments administered in November 2016.  The summary provided by the ERB compares local scores with three norm groups: national, suburban, and independent schools.

The Board reviewed and later adopted the Resolution for Membership in the Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative.

The Consent Agenda and following Action Items were approved:
  1. Resolution for CLIC Membership
  2. Lease Extension Agreement with Winnetka Public School Nursery
  3. FY18 Tentative Budget
  4. Intra-District Transfer Requests
  5. Employment Agreement Administrative Coordinator
  6. Interim Principal/Assistant Principal Employment Contract

The Complete Board Packet for the August 8, 2017, School Board Meeting, containing all Memos and Presentations is here.
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