August 2017
   What's Happening this month:

August 19th--Double Reward Point Saturday


August 11th - September 7th--Back to School Ad (while quantities last) 

(Ads won't be mailed out, but if you are on our email list, you will receive the ad on the 10th, or you can pick up an ad in-store).
Back to School
Seasonal Spotlight: Back to School and Campus 

We will be having some great deals on Back to School items in our ad starting August 11th.  Don't forget the hand sanitizer,  kleenex, and Lysol wipes to prevent the spread of germs while thinking ahead to your first-line flu protection in the next few months.

For those students heading off to Campus this fall we have put together a handy list of items that they may want to take with them.  These are items that everyone  takes for granted that you usually have in the medicine cabinet at home, but they won't be there when you go off to college.  It is best to plan ahead before you need these items.  Send your student prepared! 

Make sure they have:   Anti-diarrheal tabs, antacids, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, thermometer, reusable hot/cold pack, band aids, cold/allergy medicines, immune boosters such as Emergen-C or Airborne, cough drops, tweezer, nail clipper, complete first aid kit, toothbrush, vitamins, lip balm, kleenex, condoms. 

Other items we carry:  My Pillow (the most comfortable pillow you will own), fans, alarm clocks, Nebo flashlights, sewing kits, pop-up hampers, iron, toaster, coffee maker, lint rollers, command hooks, bag/chip clips, can openers, food storage containers, dish soap/ sponges, and Febreze.

We will have an end-stand prepared for the beginning of August showcasing  these items for easy one-stop shopping!
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  New Product Spotlight
Dr. Scholl and Futuro Revitalizing and Energizing  compression socks. 

We now carry Dr. Scholl and Futuro Revitalizing and Energizing  compression socks. 
Dr. Scholl compression socks have a gradual compression of 15-20mmHg.
The Futuro Revitalizing socks have a compression of 15-20mmHg, and the Energizing socks have a compression of 8-15mmHg.
These are great everyday socks if you are on your feet all day, as well as travel socks.
The prices on the socks range from $15-20.  We do carry stockings with greater compressions, just ask a sales associate or pharmacist for assistance since we don't normally carry those on the sales floor, but they are usually in stock.
We also are carrying Dr. Scholl  and Leader brand diabetic socks.
The Dr. Scholl socks provide the advantage of being anti-microbial to help prevent diabetic foot infections.  Both brands are non-binding and have smooth seams to prevent any irritation/blistering  from seams rubbing on your feet.
The Leader brand diabetic socks also have cushioned soles to reduce blisters and abrasions.  We carry the diabetic socks in both black and white.  Next time you are in the store, stop by and check out the new display. You don't need to be diabetic to appreciate the comfort and cushion these socks provide.
    Gift Gab 

Summer clearance is going on right now in our gift area. From garden to gifts, apparel to purses, we have great deals through out the department. Stop in soon these deals won't last long.