Making Sustainability Standard Practice
Vol. 11       No. 8      August 2017 
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Intimate setting, dynamic speakers, and cross-cutting curriculum. September 12-15 at Yale University.
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Enhancing the Profession Together
As We Empower Sustainability Professionals
By Rob Andrejewski, ISSP-SA, Director of Sustainability, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
One of the distinct privileges of being part of the ISSP Leadership Team is getting to pull back the curtains for a behind-the-scenes look at the organization. This opportunity has reaffirmed my appreciation for the work we do together.

As I looked at our resources and educational offerings, it became clear that nobody does a better job to empower sustainability professionals than ISSP.  For a decade, we have offered not only some of the best, but also the most practical courses for improving individual competencies and advancing organizational sustainability. Complementing these courses is the ISSP Webinar Catalogue that features topics from aquaponics to zero waste, often delivered by folks in the ISSP community. These sessions are free to members, so check them out today.

I am also impressed by the work ISSP does to provide clarity and cohesion around what it means to work in sustainability. The 2013 Job Task Analysis , which followed the landmark Sustainability Professional Competency Survey Report , set the standard for the knowledge, skills, and attributes for being a sustainability professional. Building from these previous publications, the new ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP Credential Study Guides act as a reference point for the critical work we perform in every job sector.

The creation and management of the ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification program is the latest example of ISSP's commitment to professional excellence. The credentialing program recognizes sustainability practitioners, assures a level of competency to employers, and lends credibility to peers. More than 300 people worldwide have earned ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification credentials to date and the number is growing fast.

Perhaps the most important work ISSP does is to help its members engage with other professionals. The ISSP Member Database makes it easy to find people in your region and the new Ambassador program is piloting ways to bring members together. Be on the lookout for a virtual meeting in your area.

ISSP believes in continual improvement and as a board we are committed to support both professionals and the profession. If you have any ideas or want to get involved, please send an email my way. Thanks, as always, for the work you do.

ISSP Certification Has Global Reach
Across the world, more and more sustainability professionals are realizing the benefits of earning an ISSP credential . ISSP Sustainability Associates (ISSP-SAs) and Certified Sustainability Professionals (ISSP-CSPs) hail from a variety of economic sectors and countries around the globe, demonstrating that furthering the credibility and competency of the profession has an international impact.
The ISSP-SA credential is for new or aspiring sustainability professionals, those making a career change, or those in allied fields such as HR, purchasing, and facilities management. Earning it is a great way to stand out from the crowd and grow one's personal brand, critical steps for building a career in the sustainability field. It's also the first step to becoming an ISSP-CSP.

In addition to the study materials offered by ISSP, those looking for help preparing for the exam can also take advantage of Everblue's live ISSP-SA exam prep courses in a number of US cities - including New York City on August 30-31.

Don't wait to earn recognition for your sustainability work - get your credential this summer!

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Announcing Regional  Learning Networks
As a sustainability professional, do you ever feel a need to be more connected to practitioners in other organizations? Would you like an opportunity to connect with sustainability professionals in your region - to share success stories and best practices, get and give feedback about challenges, and talk with other people who understand what you do?

ISSP is launching a new program for members, Regional Learning Networks, as part of the ISSP Ambassadors Program.  These virtual get-togethers are designed for sustainability professionals to meet, share ideas, learn from each other, and build community. Our first meeting will be for ISSP members in Canada's Eastern Provinces in late September. (Members in the region will receive a special email invitation next month.)

Would you like to participate in a virtual meeting to your region? Use our Volunteer Form to let us know that you'd like to help put on a Regional Learning Network meeting in your area.

Profile: Nic Bishop, ISSP-SA
Here's the latest installment in our occasional series of articles profiling ISSP members who have achieved ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional designations. Featured this month is Nic Bishop, ISSP-SA.

You can read Nic's full profile and learn about other ISSP Certified Sustainability Professionals at our ISSP Member Profiles webpage .

Title: Group Sustainability Manager
Organization: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Why Nic joined ISSP: Nic choose to join ISSP to tap into a global network of like minded souls. Especially being based in New Zealand, and geographically distant from large population bases, having the direct link to very skilled, capable and well networked sustainability leaders is an invaluable resource. Nic has completed the ISSP S-CORE Sustainability Assessment course, and assists as Co-chair of the ISSP Credential Maintenance Committee.

Course: Sustainability Planning
Begins September 5
Do some recycling in parts of your operation?  Got some employees who have organized a bike to work effort?  Has your maintenance department been slowly replacing incandescent bulbs with flourescents?  Great!  But as an approach to becoming sustainable, it won't get you very far. These random acts of well intentioned effort make people feel good but frequently don't make the most efficient use of time and resources and almost never result in reportable progress because of lack of coordination and support from the top.

ISSP's Sustainability Planning course will walk you through a step-by-step approach for creating a comprehensive, coordinated effort designed to get real and long term results.  You'll walk away with an adaptable tool, SPaRK, that doubles as a planning and management system that will help you  create and then track your effort over the life of your plan. Specifically the plan you will be able to build as a result of the class includes:
  • The business rationale for why sustainability matters to YOUR organization
  • A vision of what a sustainable version of your organization would look like
  • A prioritization of projects and initiatives tailored to your organization's impacts and business imperatives
  • A dashboard of metrics for monitoring your progress

Course: Sustainability ROI Workbook
September 14 at 9:00am PT-US
The Sustainability ROI Workbook  was released in late May. As of mid-July, over 1,400 people have downloaded it from Bob Willard's Sustainability Advantage website. Of course, the price is right - it's free - but something else is going on. It seems to be a timely tool for sustainability professionals seeking approval from hard-nosed CFOs for initiatives that contribute to environmental health and social wellbeing. In fact, it is most comprehensive framework for the business case for sustainability initiatives yet - it includes a superset of business case elements used in over 15 other sustainability business case frameworks. It can be used to justify a whole business  becoming sustainable, or to justify undertaking a single sustainability initiative.
This is the kind of all-in-one, versatile tool that ISSP wants to ensure its community knows about and can use. That's why we are running a two-hour online course on the Sustainability ROI Workbook on September 14th. Join Bob Willard live for a comprehensive walkthrough of this groundbreaking tool.

Reinvigorate the Connection
to Why You Do the Work You Do
By Hillary Mizia, Executive Director, Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge
We are warriors of the heart and of future generations. Our work is inspired by the desire to do good in the world. Even when the tasks turn mundane, we strive to keep the greater good in mind, holding them close as glowing reminders of why we do what we do. Sometimes those embers start to fade and our passion needs to be rekindled. That's when gathering with others on the same path can provide fuel for our sustainability fire.

But where to find that gathering, unencumbered by panels of experts, 45 minute learning sessions that leave us wanting more, and networking happy hours that leave us exhausted and still without connection?

Enter Beyond Sustainability: A Workshop for Professionals. Feel the power of sharing a common experience with other sustainability professionals in a gorgeous mountain setting. Dive into new tools to elevate your work with seasoned and engaging faculty, spend time in the outdoors, and find that reinvigorating connection to the very heart of why you do the work you do. 

Space is limited for this "non-conference," happening August 27th-31st in Grand Lake, CO.  Register by August 11th  to secure your spot.
Calling All Sustainability Professionals!
ISSP is developing a new offering aimed at sharpening professional skills with regard to implementing sustainable practices in organizations, communities, and large systems. We are seeking working professionals who are willing to co-create a case study based on real challenges that they are currently grappling with or have recently worked through to use in a series of guided webinars to cement core sustainability concepts.

If you have a good story to tell and would like to be a featured case, please check out our full call for presenters and   contact us with a brief description of your case situation.

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