August Newsletter 

Slow and Steady
Some things take time

time_for_change.jpgI like t o get from point A to point Z as fast as possible. Long meetings are hard for me. I also can't stand slow drivers in the fast lanes on the freeway. However, there are things that should take time. I planted some trees in my backyard to provide some privacy, and it's taken 10 years for those trees to grow sufficiently to  provide privacy...but they are well worth the wait. Some things just take time. Change at a church takes time. It's worth it, but sometimes it is hard. Warren Wiersbe said, "Without change, there is no growth." Change must happen, and it does, all the time.  Everyone who comes into your life changes your life. The fewer people you know, the greater impact each person has. And the longer you've known your current friends, the harder it is for new friends to find where they fit. In the same way, everyone who comes into a church changes that church. The smaller the church, the greater impact each person has. The longer the church has been around, the harder it is for new people to know where they fit. If you are leading the change, communication is important to let people know why and when things are going to change. The more people are up on things, the less they will be down on things. Choose only a few things at a time. People can only handle so much at one time. All of us are changing, hopefully becoming more like Christ all the time. If you are experiencing change, accept it, our bodies have cells that are dying and being replaced all the time. Jesus once said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3 NTL. Change is definitely good.
Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network 

Israel Trip
November 28-Decemeber 8
Join Jim and Vicki Smith as Pacific Church Network takes a group to visit the Holy Land. Seeing the Land of the Bible is an incredibly rewarding and exhilarating experience. Perhaps now is the time to make it happen. Airfare, hotel accommodations, food, tips, taxes, fees, tour bus and tour guide are all included. $3738.00. Sign up today. $500 deposit is due SOON. Click here for more information or call our office at 909.944.5900 and we'll do the registration for you.

PCN Spanish Ministries
August 5, 10:00 AM - This year's annual picnic of our Spanish-language churches will be held at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, located at the intersection of Willow y Studebaker. Bring your food and we will provide the recreation--sports and a meditation with Pastor Felix Valdelamar. For more information, contact Mario Alfaro at 562-340-2692 or email See you there!

Ten Common Denominators
for church health and event

What are 10 common denominators related to church health and reproduction? What works in making disciples of Jesus and developing new leaders? Dr. Paul Borden, church consultant, will share what he has seen that has kept churches healthy in his years of consultation around the world. Bring many of your church leaders to this workshop.

PCN Training Event
Monday, August 28

10:00 - 2:00 pm (includes lunch)
Branches Church,1601 W Malvern Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833.
Please register so we can order enough lunch for everyone. This workshop is free for all Pacific Church Network churches.

PCN Youth Retreat - Call Today
August 18-20

There's still some space available at our upcoming Youth Retreat, but time is very short to register. The camp will be held in English at Pine Summit Camp in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains. This weekend could be life-changing for your students. Click here for more info and to register today, or call the PCN office at 909-944-4900 or email  

Women's Fall Retreats
Spanish- and English-language Retreats

Women's Spanish Retreat
Murrieta Hot Springs Conference Center
Temecula, CA
September 15-17
more information

Women's English Retreat

Pine Summit Camp and Conference Center
Big Bear Lake, CA
September 22-24
more information

Men's Fall Retreats
Spanish- and English-language Retreats

Man Camp - English
Pine Summit
Big Bear Lake, CA
October 6-8
more information

Men's Retreat - Spanish
Pine Summit Camp and Conference Center
Big Bear Lake, CA
October 13-15
more information

Impactful Workshop
Heridos, caídos y restaurados
Injured, fallen and restored
On Saturday, July 29, more than 40 people attended the PCN Spanish-language training workshop on the topic of how to deal with sin in the life of the church. Dr. Emilio Núñez gave a biblical description of church discipline and restoration. Mr. Hector Alas described his 5-year journey from being a fallen and disgraced pastor to a person who in God's grace has been restored to serve his Savior and Lord. Finally, Dr. Claudia Alas, a pediatrician and the injured wife of a fallen husband, explained how God sustained her and healed her through her own process of restoration, brought about through the obedience of Scripture and the help of people who God brought into the Alas's life. One attendee said, "What impacted me the most was the wife's forgiveness and her decision to be content." Another attendee suggested, "Could we visit all of our churches with this workshop, because all of us need this help."

Free Pulpit
Vista, California
Valley Bible Church in Vista, California is giving away their pulpit to anyone willing to come down to Vista to get it. Solid wood with plexiglass around the cross. Contact Pastor Kevin Ibanez at 760-744-0274 or email:

Volleyball Tournament
PCN Spanish Ministries

Mario Alfaro is pictured getting ready for the Pacific Church Network Spanish Ministries sponsored Volleyball Tournament at Bell Baptist in Cudahy. Five congregations participated with their teams on July 22. Congratulations to Norwalk MIssionary Baptist who came in first and Calvary Baptist from La Puente who finished second. It was a great day of fun, fellowship and worship.

Vacation Bible School
Summer Kids Outreach 

Norwalk Carmenita Shaddai Church held their VBS for kids and adults on 5 evenings in a row. Many churches held a vacation Bible school this summer. Some ran 5 weeks on a Sunday night; others were Monday through Friday mornings, or evenings; or Friday night and Saturday and closing on Sunday morning. No matter the format, many kids were saved during the week and that makes whatever time and energy was sacrificed worth it. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who participated in their VBS this summer. Your efforts were noticed by our Heavenly Father.

Growth at Response Church
San Diego

Jim and Vicki Smith had a chance to catch up with Pastor Joel and Megan Webbon from the Response Church in San Diego. The average age of the people in their church is 27! They are consistently seeing new people, salvations and baptisms. They strongly encourage membership, which is a priority in their church. PCN helped planted this church in 2015.  

jeff world venture
Board Election Results

Pacific Church Network, along with 8 other CB regions in the USA are partnering with WorldVenture, a world-wide mission agency with a strong history with CBAmerica, to bring the gospel around the world. Recently WorldVenture invited many partnering churches to vote. WorldVenture President Jeff Delinger shared the results. He wrote, " We are grateful to God for our partnering churches' engagement with us through our annual Board election process. In June, over 1,400 churches were invited to participate in affirming our Board nominations for officers and members at large. I am pleased to share with you the outcomes of our election process, which increases our total Board membership to 12, beginning July 1, 2017.
           Dr. Randy MacFarland, Chairman, 1-year term
           Mrs. Maggi Garrison, Vice-Chair, 1-year term
           Rev. Andy Spohrer, Secretary, 1-year term
           Mrs. Susan Seto, Member-at-Large, additional 3-year term
           Dr. Byron Spradlin, Member-at-Large, additional 3-year term
           Rev. Pat Cottrell, Member-at-Large, new 3-year term
           Mr. Stephen Raffaele, Member-at-Large, new 3-year term

7 Reasons Guests Return businessman_opening_door.jpg
Dan Reiland, Church Leaders, 6/28/17

1) The presence of God is felt. There is an unmistakable awareness of the presence and power of God at work. 
2) The key leaders are perceived as trustworthy. Even from only a message or two, or brief connections in the lobby, guests intuitively have decided if they can trust you. 
3) The worship service is positive, relevant, biblically sound and executed with heart and excellence. 
4) The volunteers and congregation express authentic love and care. Genuine love and attention is unmistakable and irresistible. 
5) They hear current stories of life change. Life change is inspiring, and it gives hope that
they too can experience positive and spiritually oriented change. 
6) There are no "glaring" shortcomings. There should be nothing that is an immediate turn-off, or so grossly out of line it makes people feel awkward and uncomfortable. 
7) The children's ministry is outstanding.Each ministry matters, but children's ministry is the one that receives the least grace from your guests.

Pacific Church Network

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