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The winner for our $25 Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Gift Certificate for July 2017 is Rick Johanson. Congratulations Rick!  To pick up your gift certificate, drop by the front counter and we will get it for you.     

Winners are selected from those of you who receive and open our monthly e-newsletter. It doesn't matter when or how you signed up for our e-mail club - if you are on our email list you are a potential winner each month.

Past winners who still have gift certificates that are waiting to be picked up are:
Stephanie Winters - January
To pick up your gift certificate, just drop by NAO and let us know that you were an e-newsletter winner. 
Tarmac Luggage by Eagle Creek
Time for travel? NAO carries Eagle Creek Luggage and packing systems to help you make the most of your check in or carry-on bags. The Tarmac is one of the most popular and versatile pieces of luggage on the market and we have several different sizes available. I have read a lot of reviews on Eagle Creek luggage and one of the most sought-after feature about Eagle Creek is their "No Matter What" Warranty. The "No Matter What Warranty includes a Lifetime Warranty with a twist. They will repair or replace any damage to the bag, regardless of the cause. With a return rate of less than 1%, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you are buying a tough piece of luggage that will last.

  One of the biggest complaints I saw, was that the zippers can become difficult to use. We have all had favorite garments in which the zipper parts have become worn due to constant use and washing. Tiny gaps in the tracks and the slider from the zipper stretching can turn into zipper problems. The Tarmac comes with a puncture resistant zipper to keep theft of your property to a minimum. The warranty will cover replacement or repair of the zippers, if they do become a problem, but an easy at home remedy to help out a finicky zipper is to rub a graphite pencil on the zipper's tracks while it is open. After rubbing the pencil across the zipper tracks, open and close the zipper to see if it has made the zipping action smoother and easier. Other options that you might have on hand include soap, candle wax, Vaseline, lip balm or even glass cleaner. Wipe off the residue once you get the zipper to move as smoothly as you want it to.

Here are some of the great features that make Eagle Creek Tarmac bags such a great choice...

We have a few of these great bags on sale right now - look for the display towards the back of the store, near the men's shoe area. 

For more information on how to choose the perfect luggage for your needs try this article from Eagle Creek:
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New Items

Soccer Season is here and we now have kids soccer cleats, shin guards (can fit adults as well) and socks in stock.
We have been creating coupons through the software that is provided by Constant Contact, which is great because it will tell me how many people claim the coupons, however, the hoops that you have to go through, just to get the coupon seem excessive. I have talked to tech support at Constant Contact and they really had no resolution to this problem. So, I am taking matters into my own hands... From now on, I will send out only one email with a picture and description of the coupon. You can either print the email and bring in a hard copy, or show us the email on your phone, so we can give you credit for the coupon. I am hoping that this will simplify the process and cut down on the number of unnecessary emails.

I appreciate your comments and hope this helps in resolving the "too many emails" issue. I am open to suggestions for future coupon or newsletter content, so if there is something that you would like more information or savings on, please let me know.

Thank you,
 Stacey Poulson
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