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September Newsletter
Whoa September sure flew by fast, between our loaded work schedule, we went up to the cottage for a week to give it some much needed TLC, Erik turned 25, and started another year as a Cub Scout leader. It's amazing how much you can fit into 1 month. We've had a few critter prevention jobs this month one of which you can see on our Facebook page. We've also installed new doors, shelving, curtains and just like every month we removed and re-ciliconed a few bathtubs.  In this edition of the My Go-2-Guy newsletter, we go through shutting down properties for the winter, show you a bevy of awesome up-cycling projects from the DIY network, and on a more somber note we touch on the recents deaths in the industry. We hope you enjoy.

Tip of the Month

Do you have a three season cottage? or are you looking to head south to avoid the bitter cold winters of Canada ? If so, you have a lot to do to prepared your property for your long absences. In this month's tip we have go through the things you'll want to do to keep your property from any unforeseen disasters while your hundreds of kilometres away.

As some of you know our pressure washer was stolen out of the back of our truck in August, but My Go-2-Guy doesn't give up we upgrade! And I have to say this baby runs like a charm. For all your pressure washing needs don't forget about your go-2-guys. We'd be glad to help

Up-Cycling 101: A little bit of everything

This month we thought it'd be fun to not show you 1 up-cycling project, but to show you a bevy of amazing transformation from the DIY network, to help get your creative juices flowing. A little elbow grease is all you need to get a beautiful piece of furniture, and on top of that you get to brag to your friends about how you made it. So take a look and find something that inspires you !

Deaths in the Industry

August 25th, September 8th, September 15th, 2017 these are the dates of the last 3 construction accidents that resulted in 2 men in there 30's and one in his early 50's to lose there life. This is far to frequent and is incredibly freighting. Tragic moments such as these ones should serves as a reminder to all those in the trades that this career path comes with risks, and that vigilance and the courage to say something when you see or are ask to preform unsafe work is the only way we will all get home safe. Our thought go out to the families of those who perished in these senseless tragedies. As always the links are in orange below.

Cottage Work

We have done quite a bit of work at our cottage this September. This water sport rack houses, two canoes, 2 kayaks, a wind surfing board, and rubber dingy. You can see our mini bathroom renovation by checking out our Facebook page  Here  .