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August's Newsletters
What a busy August, From getting houses ready to sell, to getting houses ready to live in we've done a little bit of everything. It was a great month, and we even had a little vacation. Too give you a quick taste of what we did, we patched a lot of drywall, sealed countless tubs and counters, painted many different things and we even repaired an old counter weight for an old garage door. 

Now unfortunately we don't have any picture from this month, as most of our work was minor repairs, which pictures don't really do justice and as you know, if there is one thing we could improve upon it would be remembering to take picture on our bigger jobs. 

Tip of the Month

last month we hinted at what this tip of the month would be in a piece we called Rat Race, so without further a due, here are many ways to deter and if need be kill those nasty rats!

Up-Cycling 101: Cutlery with a Twist  

Every now and then we talk to people that want to find more storage in their  kitchen. Here is a way to get a little more storage in your drawers and use some empty wall space in a creative way. By turning your extra cutlery into hooks to hang some kitchen towels and maybe even some of larger servicing utensils on you save space and look super creative. 

All you have todo is bend/shape your extra cutlery however you'd like. The possibilities are endless, the only rule is it has to hold something, after all it wouldn't be much of a hook if it didn't. 

To drill though the metal for the hanging aspect of this project simply purchase the correct size metal drill bit from the home depot and start slowly. A tip for drilling through is to dimple the metal where you want the hole to be, this will prevent the drill bit from wondering and scratching the spoon. below are 2 examples.

No drilling through cutlery, required.
Size Doesn't Always Matter

Mattamy Homes is the largest and one of the most respected home builders in Canada in fact in 2012 they donated 40 million dollars to Sick Kids Hospital. However even the most qualified companies can fall on hard times during a project, but as the saying goes "it's not what you do during the good times but what you do in the bad times that shows your true character". For the sake of those living in sub standard conditions, we hope Mattamy Homes shows their respectable side and solves the issues these families are facing in the videos below.