"I wish people would just talk."...
                               Ann "Sole Sister" Johnson


"If you are bold enough to say it online, are you bold enough to say it face to face?"

Ann "Sole Sister" Johnson's question explains her motivation for creating the installation "Converse: Real Talk," currently on exhibit at The Collective.

"I wish people would just talk. I am so irritated with individuals who hide behind the comforts of a digital screen and write malicious comments. Can we please just have an honest conversation," she laments.

Ann believes that the transition from an analog age to digital has allowed some of us to lose the ability to verbally communicate because our entire lives are literally in the palm of our hands via a cell phone.

"It appears to me that we have become uncomfortable with having face-to-face honest conversations... It is very easy for people to make comments on social media...but it is more challenging to make those comments face to face with an individual who may have an opposing view," she observes.

"Converse: Real Talk" asks two people to sit face to face on white chairs under white trees and engage in conversation. The participants become the color of the composition. Trigger words, such as Ferguson, Republican, Obama and gentrification, imprinted on the leaves spark the exchange. Faint images of faces are printed on leaves to remind the participants that someone is always watching and listening.

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Charles Criner, master print maker now associated with the Museum of Printing History, shared his experiences and methods with an audience at The Collective.  "My art reflects my beliefs and the things that I like to do.  Fishing has always been one of my favorite pastimes... I also love to recapture the Black experience in the form of people working in the fields." 

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