C o m m o n   C o n v e r s a t i o n s
The beginning of the Fall semester is around the corner, and as this time approaches, your student will begin to establish their life in their new or returning campus community. For those students that are beginning their journey at FAU, this is a time of transition. A time where learning to take care of themselves, finding a place in the social scene, and making new friends become important goals for their first week on campus. For those students that are returning to campus, the continuation of adjustment to academic expectations remains a priority as course expectations continue to increase while they progress in their major. We hope that you utilize this newsletter as support, and learn through our "knowing your student section" below, on ways you can assist your student in all academic levels.

Office of Parent and Family Programs
Dean of Students Office, Division of Student Affairs
Parent's Helpline: 1-888-328-8411
M o v e - I n   W e e k e n d
On behalf of the Department of Housing and Residential Life at Florida Atlantic University, we would like to welcome you to FAU. Soon you will be moving into your home away from home. We are very excited to have you staying with us this year, and hope that you will find the answer to many of your questions regarding Move-In.
P a r e n t    I n v o l v e m e n t   O p p o r t u n i t i e s
T h i n g s   t o   C o n s i d e r   i n    A u g u s t
HOW 2 FAU provides a great opportunity for students to learn to navigate campus, meet friends and connect to various communities within. FAU Students who attend HOW 2 FAU events can expect to build greater confidence in their abilities to successfully access and utilize academic, leadership development and career readiness resources.
OWLREADY Saturdays are when many Student Services and offices are open for extended hours to allow students to talk with staff and get "OWL" ready for their upcoming classes.
Weeks of Welcome at Florida Atlantic University will help you begin to paint your Owl story. You will connect with other students, become familiar with campus, and get acquainted with the many resources available to you. 
This year, the 10 th Annual  iLead Student Leadership Conference will be celebrated in a full weekend of meaningful experiences promoting and enhancing self-awareness as a leader. The experiences during this Weekend are FREE for FAU students.
Parent and Family Weekend is a signature fall program at Florida Atlantic University that allows parents, family members, and friends of students at FAU to come together and experience campus life. This weekend provides you the opportunity to visit your student and take part in the engaged events and programs that involve the campus community.
Sorority Formal Recruitment is a week-long event that uses a formalized process to select new members every Fall. At FAU, six Panhellenic organizations participate in Formal Recruitment. This event is hosted by the College Panhellenic Association on the Boca Raton campus.
U n i v e r s i t y   A d v i s i n g   O w l s o m e   C o r n e r
University Advising Services (UAS) helps your student develop and implement an academic plan for success at FAU.  Our advising program is based on the Appreciative Advising model, which is the intentional practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experience and achieve their DREAMS, DESIGN a plan to achieve those dreams, and make necessary changes to ACHIEVE their goals. The advisee and advisor are partners, and below are a few tips on how you can be an APPRECIATIVE PARTNER with your FAU student.

Suggestions for Being a Parent/Family Partner In August
  • Disarm Spark the excitement for beginning the FAU experience! Talk with your student about how they think college will be different from high school, and what they're looking forward to experiencing the most at FAU
Success Network Resources
I m p o r t a n t   D a t e s 
Aug. 16- Move-In Day for Learning Communities
Aug. 17- Move-In Day
Aug. 17- How2FAU Begins
Aug. 18- Move-In Day Upperclassman 
Aug. 19- Classes Begin
Aug. 25- Last Day to Drop/Add
Aug. 28- Last Day to Pay Tuition
Sept. 4- Encourage your student to make their Advising Appointment (via. Starfish/Success Network-1st and 2nd year students, or through their college- 3rd and 4th year students)
K n o w i n g   Y o u r   S t u d e n t
First-Year Student
  • Keep in mind, that your student is getting used to a new place- it is appropriate that social adjustment is consuming a deal of their time. Stay in touch by sending a Note from Home provided by the Office of Parent and Family Programs. 
  • Your student may experience roommate conflict. Ask your student if they are comfortable negotiating solutions. If not, suggest your student seek the assistance of their Resident Assistant. 
Second-Year Student
  • Many students find the competition and quantity of work required in college courses a surprise. It takes time to adjust to increased academic demands and students may feel overwhelmed. Encourage your student to seek the resources of the Center for Teaching and Learning at FAU. 
Third-Year Student
  • You've committed significant resources to your students education and as your student approaches graduation, both you and your student may be hesitant about prospects for the future. Encourage your student to seek the resources of the FAU Career Center in order to consult their skills and interests, as well as opportunities for practical experience before your student's final academic year. 
Fourth-Year Student
  • Your student will begin to job hunt this academic year and the process can become overwhelming for your student, regardless of the help from on campus resources. As a parent or family member, it is encouraged to be a positive reassurance and support system for your student. 
  • As your student begins their final semesters, talk with your student about their post graduation plans. Reassure your student that they have built an extensive network since having begun their freshman year. 
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