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Pedal Patter August 2017

Hello Pedalers! Read on for important Club event news...

  • LAST CHANCE to sign up for the Carlisle Weekend! You MUST register by MONDAY! 
  • Saturday events are shaping up for the Back Roads Century! Register for Sunday and plan on Saturday fun, too! It's like getting a two-for one!
  • Have you heard about our new Howard County Farm & Art Tour? Save Oct. 22nd now!

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Sign up ends Monday 8/7!!
Carlisle Weekend
August 11-13
Carlisle, PA
The rides will remain in the same idyllic location of rolling farms, where you will have choices of a number of mileage options, with big climbs or just the lovely rolling country-side. We will also be riding through Boiling Springs! Lots to do for non-cycling partners as well. 

Saturday Fun Planned for the Back Roads Century Weekend!
We're putting the final touches on a full weekend of Back Roads Century events. register now, and don't miss out! 
Working with our friends at the Panhandle Pedalers, we'll offer Saturday rides - a shorter ride around 20 miles and a longer one around 35 miles. Both will be in Maryland and feature quiet country roads, historic sites and,the opportunity to tour the historic Antietam Battlefield. Plan to come out and loosen up your legs before Sunday.
To help get you psyched for Sunday, we have party Saturday night at the Town Run Tap House and Community Pub in Shepherdstown, featuring live music and a BBQ dinner. No cover charge for music, but there will be a charge for dinner. Reservations for dinner will be required  so stay tuned for on-line registration details. 
Howard County Farm & Art Tour
Sunday, October 22

Come to the Howard County Farm & Art Tour this Fall! Mark your calendars for October 22nd and come explore the bounty of Howard County, MD. You'll ride picturesque roads past and to area farms and even have an art gallery stop! With routes between 27 to 100 miles, there's something for everyone! 

“Be the Change You Want to See”

When vehicles and bikes share the road, we all win. The challenge is when cars and bikes are involved in either negligent or dangerous behavior. Drivers pass within inches of cyclists. Cyclists ride side by side impeding traffic. Drivers gesture and shout “Get off my road!” Cyclists ignore traffic signals and speed through stop signs and red lights. How do we change this?

Read Mary Ann Breunig's Member-at-Large column...

Women's Corner Column 

by Deborah Turton

I like to bike alone. Yes, I realize that Potomac Pedalers’ motto is “Why bike alone?” But I like to bike alone. Don’t get me wrong, I like to bike in groups, too. In reality, I simply like to bike. I know it makes a certain number of people uncomfortable when I say I like to bike alone. Their big worry is the safety factor...