August Newsletter 2018
On Sunday June 3, 2018, the Fuego Volcano erupted, generating columns of ash as high as 6.2 miles above sea level. The Fuego Volcano is located 27 miles southeast of Guatemala City.
Those who live in the area were exposed to lava mixed with mud which ran down the volcano, as well as explosive columns of volcanic dust which covered the area and gave the impression of a toxic crust. This eruption caused death, buried homes, ruined highways and bridges, and destroyed harvests of coffee, corn and beans. Emotional effects included uncertainty, deep sadness because of these losses, feelings of helplessness, and recurring memories about the event.  
According to the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh), this eruption is the largest since 1974, and there are no previous records of these fast-moving pyroclastic flows of lava and mud. Guatemala's national disaster organization, CONRED, reported that 1,714,387 people were affected, 12,823 evacuated, 3,587 in shelters, 113 dead, and 329 disappeared. Other organizations estimate that the number of dead and disappeared may be as high as 2,900.
Below, read a story of hope and CEDEPCA's efforts to help those affected and how you can further our efforts.
Because of you, we reached our project goal to help those affected by the volcano.  However, our general fund for the year is lacking by almost half. Please consider supporting all of our programs by donating now .
Thank you for allowing us to provide places of learning where the people of Guatemala can work for changes in themselves and others.   
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Doris Amanda Sarmoles is a survivor of the eruption of the Fuego Volcano. She was a worker at the La Reunion Hotel. Photo by Bianka Paz on June 7, 2018
~ ~ ~ Hope after the Eruption of the Fuego Volcano ~ ~ ~ 
Disaster Ministry stacked 
Doris Amanda Sarmoles López tells us her story. She is 22 years old and worked in the La Reunion Hotel for four years.
"It was a normal Sunday like any other. My sister and I worked on weekends in the La Reunion Hotel.

  As my workday ended, I went to bathe. It was almost noon and I was ready to return home when I received a call from my boyfriend. He asked me if I had seen the volcano, and I said no. I looked outside and saw that people were running like crazy. Then I saw my supervisor who asked me, "Why are you still here!?" I started to leave and it was a horrible sight as we saw a grey cloud come over us. We got on a small bus to take us out of the hotel which is situated far from the main highway. I heard women screaming, and I saw a pickup drive by with ponchos covering the people in it. I just prayed and asked God to save us...


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 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Your Response, Our Response ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The town of San Miguel Los Lotes was devastated as were three other towns (Photo credit: Prensa Libre: Érick Ávila, June 4, 2018).
Because of you, we have raised sufficient donations to work as a member of ACT Alliance to respond to the eruption.   
This emergency response will last for 10 months from June 2018 to April 2019.  
The intervention will include:
  • Community-Based Psychosocial Care
  • Distribution of personal hygiene kits
  • Promotion of hygiene and solid waste disposal
  • Courses on empowerment and resiliency for women
  • Cash transfers 

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