Asian Pears of August
Fresh, direct to your doorstep.

The first varieties of our glorious Asian Pears are ripening brilliantly as each hot Summer day passes.  Our crew is scouting the abundant fruit daily; checking to see which rows of trees will have Asian Pears ready for picking first.

Visit our website this Fall to order our fresh, sweet, crisp & juicy Subarashii Asian Pears, shipped right to your door! 

Each of our pears is hand-picked, individually selected for your box.

Fresh Asian Pears Delivered

Discover the wonderful flavors of Fall in each bite!
fresh pick JunoSan
Harvest is about to start.
The long wait is nearly over! Our 2018 harvest will be getting underway within the next two weeks....   This year, the Asian Pear variety we are expecting to harvest first is JunoSan . Vibrant kumquat orange in color; its sweet flesh reminiscent of back-to-school flavors of candy-apple, bubblegum, and jellybeans. The skin of this pear is especially eye-catching with its distinctive polka-dot lenticels. Try peeling it corkscrew-style and use its curly skin as an fancy garnish when grilling meat or pork.  

Wish to be notified when this pear is available for shipping? Email the orchard.

By Dawn's Early Light.
by dawn's early light

Often known as the farm with the sparkly trees, each August we hang strips of red & silver mylar on the boughs of our pear trees. 

To many, these streamers are a festive shout-out that harvest is about to start.  For us, these shiny objects' true purpose is to trick the birds (particularly those pesky crows) into thinking the orchard is on fire!  Lots of sparkle fluttering in the sunshine is alarming to them; end result, more pears for you!

This quiet, foggy image of the orchard at dawn, when the breezes are quieted, offers a glimpse of these bright, red streamers at rest.  Hard to imagine that very soon, the solitude of the orchard rows will be rocked with the excited chatter of our picking crews.