August 2018 DASNY News & Updates
The Eagle Has Opened at The College of Brockport
The ribbon has been cut, and students have moved into Eagle Hall, a new $24 million residence hall at The College of Brockport. DASNY deployed design-build, an alternative project delivery method that DASNY may utilize on SUNY projects. Using design-build, both design and construction services are provided through a single contract to expedite project delivery and provide savings while maintaining a high level of quality.

The project was financed through DASNY’s SUNY Dormitory Facilities Program, which issues low-cost, tax-exempt bonds supported by student residence hall fees.

“We are extremely pleased with how Eagle Hall progressed,” said Gerrard P. Bushell, Ph.D., DASNY President & CEO. “With design-build, we executed the project within a compressed timeframe, keeping costs down while maintaining a high level of quality. We look forward to delivering similar projects like this one across the state.”

“I was very impressed with the efficiency of the construction process,” said Heidi Macpherson, Ph.D., President of The College at Brockport. “A little over a year ago we broke ground. Now I see a state-of-the-art residence hall filled with students. Utilizing design-build allowed us to provide our students with a high quality, affordable residence hall and continue to make The College at Brockport a great place for our students to live and learn.”

You can read more about the new residence hall on DASNY’s website and view photos on DASNY’s Flickr page.
DASNY Amends its Financing Guidelines
for Independent Institutions
At its July 18 Board Meeting, DASNY amended its Financing Guidelines for Independent Institutions, including higher education, health care, and other eligible not-for-profit institutions. Specifically, DASNY has modified its approach to no longer require prescriptive security features and instead authorizes the use of security features based on market conditions and practices.

“These changes are transformational, providing clarity and certainty for our clients,” said Dr. Bushell. “The revised guidelines are a central element of our ‘One DASNY’ initiative, which has simplified and streamlined our processes. Through One DASNY, we reached out to the financial community, actively engaging borrowers, underwriters, and investors to garner their views regarding how DASNY can best serve our clients and be more competitive, while effectively driving efficiency and managing risk.”

DASNY continues to meet with its business partners including borrowers, underwriters, financial advisors, and outside counsel to discuss DASNY’s process improvements.
Email Phishing Awareness: Don’t take the bait. 
Please be aware: DASNY will NEVER ask for passwords or personally identifiable information (social security numbers, date of birth) via email.
Email is an essential part or our everyday communications. It is also one of the most common methods that hackers use to attempt to gain access to sensitive information. Phishing uses fraudulent email messages designed to impersonate a legitimate person or an organization and trick the recipient into downloading harmful attachments or divulging sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers.

Often phishing emails create a sense of urgency, request sensitive data, and/or contain links that do not appear to match legitimate resources for the organization that is contacting you.

To protect yourself and your company from phishing scams, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Always verify the email address of the sender when you receive emails.

2) During normal course of business, if you receive an email requesting
sensitive information (like Vendor Tax ID), please call and confirm with the
requestor before emailing the information.

3) Do not click on embedded links or open attachments, if you don’t recognize
the sender’s email address.
Opening Doors to New Opportunities
For more than 50 years, The City University Construction Fund and DASNY have established one of New York State’s most productive construction partnerships to provide design and construction management services to serve The City University of New York (CUNY) and its 24 campuses.

That relationship was celebrated on August 8 at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. President & CEO Gerrard P. Bushell addressed those in attendance eager to do business with DASNY, relaying how DASNY is committed to diversity in all of its procurements: “Governor Cuomo has set the benchmark with a 30 percent MWBE participation rate on all state contracts. At DASNY, we are leaders in executing on behalf of the state, finding ways to help MWBEs grow and increase their capacity.”

DASNY’s Managing Director of Construction Stephen Curro, Senior Director of Opportunity Programs Michael Clay and Managing Senior Director of Downstate Construction Michael Stabulas were also on hand to help MWBE firms navigate various procurement opportunities.
DASNY Gives Back
Nearly three dozen DASNY staffers and family members paid a visit to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York in Latham on Saturday, August 18.

They spent their morning helping sort through the Food Bank’s large donations and organizing them so they can be distributed to
charitable agencies that serve the hungry and disadvantaged in 23 counties throughout New York State. In all, the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York provides more than 35 million pounds of food per year to more than 1,000 agencies.

To learn more, donate or volunteer, visit the Food Bank’s website.
Employment Opportunities

Want to be part of the DASNY team? All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. DASNY is currently searching for:

  • Contract Administrator (Professional Services Contracts) Albany. The Contract Administrator facilitates the contract bid and award process and reviews, analyzes, and processes contract requests and amendments in accordance with DASNY procurement guidelines. Learn More.
  • Construction Program Analyst (Project Financial Administration) Albany. The Construction Program Analyst provides analytical and reporting support to the Construction Division to assist in the delivery of project and construction management services to DASNY’s various clients. Learn more.

DASNY is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to excellence and diversity.