President's Message
August, 2018 

The Old and the New

On a recent trip to the Napa Valley, my husband and I visited a 13th-century style Tuscan castle and vineyard. It boasted a moat, drawbridge, towers, ramparts, great hall, and armory. Funny thing, last time we were up that way at the vineyard across the street, said castle didn't exist!

So, how did it get there? Imagination, planning, love of architecture, Italian materials and methods, commitment, and time. "You either do it right or people will know it's not authentic."

I can't resist the opportunity to borrow this guiding principle for our writing lives. Don't we try to bring in all the materials we need to create our masterpieces? Language, voice, characters, atmosphere, stunning visuals, meaningful references, and the magic to transport it all to the page? The drive and will to create something that stems from a whole history, but didn't exist before we made it?

Starting this month, branch members will once again have the opportunity to create and submit work to the next volume of our club's Fault Zone Anthology series. You bring the materials, the dreams, the artistry and authenticity, and we will help build it into something that never existed before. And yet it's been in the making for years, germinating in our minds, forming and developing. These things do not spring up from the earth or the cracks in the earth out of nothing. There's all that time and underground activity that creates pressure to bring it to the surface one day.

Don't miss Laurel Anne Hill's interactive presentation at this month's meeting on how to submit your work to Volume 8 of Fault Zone, and how to bring your own earth-shattering voice to the surface as its most authentic and fully-formed self. Make sure your membership is current (instructions below on how to renew) so that you are eligible to submit, as this is one of the many great benefits of membership in our branch.

Lisa Meltzer Penn
President, CWC San Francisco Peninsula Branch
August 2018 Highlights:
  1. President's Message
  2. August 18, 2018 Speaker - Laurel Anne Hill - Fault Zone: Strike Slip
  3. Membership Renewal Season Continues - Tim Flood 
  4. Classified Ads - LitQuake 2018

Speaker: Laurel Anne Hill
Subject: Fault Zone: Strike Slip

Do you want to bring your stories (poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction) to the world? Our branch is gearing up to produce the next volume in our popular anthology series.

Fault Zone Editor Laurel Anne Hill will introduce the theme and submission guidelines for the next issue. Bring your questions to this lively presentation and get the inside scoop on preparing your work for submission. 

Find out what the editors look for--and what they definitely don't want to see--and give yourself the best chance for publication in Fault Zone: Strike Slip, volume 8 in the series

When: Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.
Where: The Sequoia Yacht Club 441 Seaport Ct, Redwood City, CA 94063
CWC SF Peninsula Calendar


Every Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Shut Up & Write
As the name implies, we sit quietly and write. If you'd like to participate, join   Shut Up & Write Silicon Valley on Meetup to RSVP (look for Shut Up & Write/CWC SF Peninsula).

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Open Mic hosted by Jeannine Gerkman and Maurine Killough
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
The first Wednesday of the month, we get together to share our original work in a warm and welcoming environment. Members and non-members are welcome. Too shy to share? 
Come as part of the audience.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Writers Helping Writers hosted by Pratibha Kelapure
Poetry with Pratibha 
The third Wednesday of each month, we meet to learn and teach about writing, publishing, marketing, critique groups and a myriad of other useful writing-related topics. Learn from your fellow writers. Bring pen and paper.

Saturday, August 18, 2018
Sequoia Yacht Club, 441 Seaport Ct, Redwood City, CA 94063 

Membership Renewal Season Continues
Summer is the time for all of us who have been members of CWC to renew our memberships. The renewal deadline is September 30, 2018, but help out the Membership team and take care of it today!  If you miss the deadline and renew later, you will need to pay the new member rate again.
Existing Members : Most of us are members of CWC SF/Peninsula only, but some are Dual members who have membership in another CWC branch in addition to our own SF Peninsula branch. Dual members will pay through our branch and the other branch they have joined.  This is the policy set by the CWC Central Board and as branch members we are required to follow their requirements exactly. 

This year we have two options available to our members. You can choose which plan works best for you:
1) Combined Fee (NEW): Pay a combined fee upfront that covers both your annual membership dues and meeting fees for the whole year. Regular members pay $125.00; Dual members pay $105.00. Overall you will save money (two meetings free) and have the convenience of one payment.
2) Traditional Separate Fees: Pay the annual membership dues now and pay the meeting fees monthly. Regular members pay $45.00 to renew membership; Dual members pay $25.00 to renew. Both groups pay $10.00 for each meeting they attend.
New Members and Late Renewals : If you are a new member or have missed the September renewal deadline, then your cost will include a processing fee. A new member choosing the Combined Fee option pays $145.00. A new member using the Separate Fee option pays $65.00 to join and then $10.00 each meeting.  

Here it is in a chart:


Annual Dues $

New Member
65.00 $145
Existing Member 45.00 $125
Existing Dual
25.00 $105

If you pay by check, make it out to "CWC SF-Peninsula". Either bring your funds to the next meeting or mail them to CWC SF-Peninsula, P.O. Box 853, Belmont, CA 94002. Thank you.
If you have questions, contact Membership Chair,  Tim Flood at .

Tim Flood
Think Tank

After our regular meeting, all those interested meet for an opportunity to discuss a different writing-related issue. The Think Tank is open to all members, guests and newcomers.  

"Writers Helping Writers"
Monthly Member-Led Community Writers Groups

Wednesday, August 18, 2018  7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
The third Wednesday of each month, we meet to learn and teach about writing, publishing, marketing, critique groups and a myriad of other useful writing-related topics. Learn from your fellow writers. Bring an open mind.
This month's topic: "Poetry With Pratibha"

In this workshop, you will participate in small writing exercises that are designed to ignite the creative spark within you. No prior writing experience necessary.

Bring a pen/pencil and a journal for writing!

Pratibha Kelapure
Member News

Jeannine Gerkman
Jeannine Gerkman will be doing a book signing at Pottery Barn Kids, Sunday, August 26, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with her book Spring at the Stanford Shopping Center. Her publisher, Dog Ear Publishing, will be issuing a press release. 

Laurel Anne Hill was in the news once again. She was interviewed and her book,
The Engine Woman's Light , featured in the latest "swimsuit" edition of Hollywood Weekly Magazine. If that wasn't enough, if you look her up on; there's a popup that asks you to read her e-book on Kindle. " Read this title for free and explore over 1 million titles, thousands of audio books, and current magazines with Kindle Unlimited." Wow! 
Way to go, Laurel Anne!


Member Resources

Check out the updated  Writers' Corner  page on the SF Peninsula CWC website, where you'll find a list of resources to help you write and get published. Listings include publications and small presses founded or edited by branch members, literary magazines where members' work is published, local writing conferences and contests, and local writing organizations. 

There is a list of branch members who provide writing-related services for a fee: editing, coaching, and more.  

Classified Ads

Look below for Writer's Conferences, Volunteer Opportunities and Upcoming Events. Let's promote our club and boost your career. 

Check them out!

Critique Groups

SAN MATEO: Meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday each month, 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Peninsula Regent, 1 Baldwin Avenue, San Mateo, rear of the large meeting room opposite the elevator. Bring at least 5 copies of your no-longer-than-6-page manuscript to hand out. For more info, contact Karen Hartley at or (408) 315-0271.

By popular demand, our branch is helping to facilitate the formation of critique groups, along with distributing information about best practices in running a group.

If you are a member looking to join a critique group, add to your current one, or you just want to try something new; click on the link below and fill out the form to get more information about upcoming events.  CWC SF Peninsula Critique Groups
Even if you signed up on an earlier list, please sign up again here, so we have everything together with complete information. Thank you.


2018 California Writers Club Literary Review

Everyone should have received in their physical mailbox a copy of the new 2018 California Writers Club Literary Review magazine. Happy reading!  Kudos to San Francisco Peninsula Branch members Thomas Crockett, Bill Baynes, and Marjorie Johnson who were published in this edition: If you did not receive your copy, please let Lisa Meltzer Penn know at

LITQUAKE 2018 is October 11-20.

Mark your Calendar
Full schedule and tickets September 10.

"One of the West Coast's most beloved annual literary festivals, this smart, eclectic, 76% free ten-day gathering draws book lovers of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy words and ideas, straight from the artists' mouths. Now with 160 venues in its 18th year, the festival's uniquely portable format provides even greater access to literature."

Want more information? Go to their site at:

Executive Board:
President: Lisa Meltzer Penn
Vice President: Audrey Kalman
Secretary: Jean Morrow
Treasurer: Pratibha Kelapure        
Appointed Board Positions:
State Board & NorCal Rep: Carole Bumpus
Membership Co-Chair: Tim Flood
Publicity Chair: Bill Baynes 
Newsletter Editor: Jeannine Gerkman 
SMCF Literary Stage Coordinator: Bardi Rosman Koodrin 
Fault Zone Editor-in-C hief: Laurel Anne Hill  
Non-Voting Positions:
Immediate Past President & Volunteer Coordinator: Carole Bumpus
Web Manager: Mindy Yang
Hospitality Co-Chairs: Geri Spieler and Carol Park 
Think Tank: Geri Spieler  
Parliamentarian: Alisha Willis
Member-at-Large: Bette Houtchens

Guidelines for Submitting Articles to This Newsletter  
  Want to see your article or poem published here?
Please Note: The submission deadline has been changed to the 23rd of each month. 

Keep in Mind:
  • You must be a  current member  of the club.
  • Your article must be  related to writing.
  • Your piece shall not exceed 350 words.
Format Requirements:
  • Use Word, .pdf, or write within the body of the email.
  • One space (not two) at the end of sentences.
  • Edit and proofread carefully before sending. If accepted, your article will be printed as submitted.
       Send your submissions to:  
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