August 2018
Christine Steele
2018-2020 President GFWC Alabama
Save the Dates

8/3-4: AFWC Summer Board Meeting @ HQ

9/15: North District Fall Meeting - Decatur

9/22: St. Jude Walk/Run

9/29: South District Fall Meeting - Fairhope

10/13: Central District Fall Meeting - Birmingham

12/1: AFWC Open House @ HQ
Notes from the President's Desk
What a kick off to the 2018 – 2020 Administration!!!

Wow, the Summer Workshop was one not to miss! Many thanks to Alicia Beam, Leadership Chairman, and her committee of Lyn Stuart, Sherry Stutts, Jennifer Robertson, Gloria Stevens, Cynthia Hopkins, Mary Ann Baltzer, plus a lot of help from the GFWC LEADS Graduates, and many others that just jumped in where help was needed.  What great teamwork! Check out Alicia’s article for more details. 

Also at the Summer Workshop, a new club was chartered: the GFWC Alabama River Region Woman’s Club located in Montgomery. Much fun was had while participating in their first service project. What a way to greet our new Federation sisters! 
Just after the Workshop, 2 nd VP Becky Vansant and I traveled to another new club organizational meeting headed up by Kirsten Means and Jennifer Mize in the Pelham area. If you know of someone in that area that might be interested in becoming a Clubwoman, please let Kirsten and Jennifer know.  

Next up is your AFWC Board of Directors meeting August 3 & 4. Then comes the Fall District meetings. Get those dates down on your calendars! I hope to see you all at one of these meetings soon!

Christine Steele, President
GFWC President Elect Notes
by Randy Matthews
In the spirit of friendly competition, a $50 Cash Prize will be given to one District following both the Fall and the Spring District Meetings. The District who has the greatest percentage of participation based on the number of purse-onalities attending and calculated by the state treasurer to include number of dues paying members in each district. Check the "Resources" tab on the website for more details!
GFWC Alabama Reporting & Awards
by Jan Greer, 1st Vice President
Reporting – The Culmination of a Wonderful Club Year

Planning and implementing club programs and projects is only part of the process to a successful club year. Reporting is the final step to call any project complete. If the club is going to do the hard work implementing a program or project, then why not share that accomplishment with others and be recognized for your efforts?

The goals of your 2018-2020 GFWC Alabama First Vice President are to increase reporting by clubs statewide, to conduct a reporting workshop in each GFWC Alabama District, to conduct a reporting workshop for GFWC Alabama Chairman in February, to conduct a reporting workshop in many clubs and to help make reporting fun and exciting for everyone. It is my desire to help each club achieve much success shining a light on their club’s “purse-nality” this year. I am available to assistance every club completing their reports. Detailed reporting information was provided at the 2018 GFWC Alabama Leadership Workshop in July. It will also be available at GFWC Alabama District meetings, online at or by contacting Jan via email at or by telephone at 205-678-2825.

Reporting Packet Information here
Awards Packet Information here
Workshop Information here

Awards Committee Wants Your Input

The goal of the 2018-2020 GFWC Alabama Awards Committee will be to review the current awards offered by GFWC Alabama and to amend, add, or delete awards in an effort to keep the awards process current to coincide with the interests, programs and projects of GFWC Alabama clubs.

Communicating about the current GFWC and AFWC Alabama awards will be an ongoing process in an attempt to educate clubs and clubwomen, thus gaining more interest and applications for these awards. GFWC Alabama clubs and clubwomen are the foundation of volunteer activity in communities across the state and should be rewarded for their efforts. Information about reporting, awards, contests and scholarships will be in your GFWC Alabama yearbook. The GFWC Alabama publication “Reporting, Awards, Contests and Scholarships for Clubs and Individuals” (RACS) will be available for download on the website by September 1, 2018. This guide provides detailed information about the awards, and forms to be used when applying for any award which requires a special form.

If there is anything you or your club would like to bring to the attention of the Awards Committee for consideration in 2018-2020, please submit your suggestions, preferably in writing. You may also contact any member of the Awards Committee: Jennifer Robertson and Brigiete Carey.
GFWC Alabama Membership
by Becky Vansant, 2nd Vice President

GFWC Alabama
Membership Goals:

1. Challenge every current GFWC Alabama member to invite at least one new potential member in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 club years.

2. Establish a new General and a new Juniorette club in each of the three districts during this administration.
Celebrating Membership with Our Diverse Purse-nalties and Hat-titudes!
Welcome back to the start of a new club year!  I hope you are as excited about serving your community and sharing that opportunity with potential new members as I am. 
It is important that we as your Federation officers know and understand what is important to you – the membership and the driving force behind our Federation.  Please complete this membership survey for this administration and submit to Becky via email.  
Remember each of us has been challenged to invite at least one new potential member to join our club and Federation this year.   So, who are you going to invite?  Use the attached member sponsor form so that your name will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous purse at the AFWC Convention in April.  
GFWC is recognizing clubs in the  GFWC Clubwoman Magazine  that recruit three new members during the quarterly seasons of the “United by Our Diversity” Recruitment Campaign.  Please send me your club’s name and the names and contact information for your three new members during the months of June, July and August – the “Retention” season - no later than August 31 st  in order that I might submit your information to GFWC by September 1 st
Congratulations and welcome to our newest club – GFWC Alabama River Region Woman’s Club – chartered at the AFWC Workshop on July 21 st  in Montgomery.  How exciting to charter a new club in our state’s capital as we celebrate Alabama’s Bicentennial!  Watch for even more exciting membership news in the future.
Becky Vansant, , 256-694-8035
News from your Juniorettes Chairman!
Jennifer Robertson
Juniorette Jamboree 2018
The Juniorette Jamboree was held at the Big Oak Girls' Ranch on June 30, 2018. This event was sponsored by the LEADS Graduates and volunteer club women. Juniorettes attended from GFWC RCHS, Les Belles, Central, Helena, Juniorette Alumni, advisors, and our guests from the Big Oak Ranch. The girls participated in a team building activity, in a project for an animal shelter, in a leadership skills presentation, and in a project sharing discussion. Advisors and volunteers worked to make this day extra special and are greatly appreciated.

The service project 'T-shirt Chew Toys' was a huge success. Juniorettes cut up t-shirts and braided them together to create chew toys for dogs being adopted at the animal shelter. Juniorettes also brought in toiletries as a donation to the Ranch.

The Big Oak Ranch continues to welcome the Juniorette Jamboree to its facility with open arms. A donation will be made to thank the Big Oak Ranch for their hospitality.

St. Jude's Walk/Run
Juniorettes across Alabama are encouraged to participate in the St. Jude's Walk/Run to end childhood cancer on September 22. More details will be communicated via email to advisors, on Facebook and in the September News & Notes for this official GFWC Alabama Juniorette Event.
GFWC Alabama Leadership
by Alicia Beam, Leadership Chairman
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

These are the only words I can think of to describe the workshop we just had at the Judicial Building in Montgomery on Saturday, July 21. Being in the Supreme Court of Alabama surrounded by 95 AFWC sisters from all over our state was absolutely the best experience we could have. Then top it off with Chief Supreme Court Justice Lyn Stuart giving us a history lesson about Alabama’s judicial system since the beginning of Alabama, and our own GFWC Second Vice President Suellen Brazil (Wonder Woman) listing the steps to leadership it could not get any better than that. There were table displays, market place items for sale with Christine’s beautiful new President’s Project scholarship pin included, and so many aprons for sale I hope you got one for yourself but if you didn’t I am sure there is still one just right for you, and a great lunch catered by Chappy’s Deli. Thank you to all who had a part in making this workshop so successful.  
 Below: GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club joined characters from some of Bailey Cove Library’s favorite books for an evening of fun and support by these nine club members.
Above: GFWC du Midi Club Members are photographed in July at SuZu Italian Restaurant in Montgomery, AL. On Saturday, Members attended the 2018 AFWC Workshop and chairmen shared new plans and projects for the new administration. 
The 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual is here! Download your copy today from the GFWC website under
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