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This year 2018 is a very special time for the Philadelphia Chapter. Ten years ago, there were no TTN Mingles, Community involvement, Special Interest Groups, Transition Peer Groups or any of the wonderful events that bring us together to enjoy culture, art, food and, above all, each other.   We now have over 390 members in The TTN Philadelphia Chapter and growing. 

The Philadelphia   Chapter  is a volunteer-run and managed organization. We manage every aspect of our chapter: planning, organizing, and coordinating all that is involved in delivering the activities we all enjoy. 

Become a Chapter Volunteer!  As a volunteer, you will meet and work with so many terrific women while becoming an integral part of our chapter's growth.

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Giving Circle News
On July 6th several members of the TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle met at the Philadelphia Foundation to present a $20,000 check, representing our 2018 grant, to Turning Points for Children's YVLifeSet program. 

Our grant will go towards hiring additional specialists to provide intensive, evidence based support to some of the 250 youths aging out of foster care this year in Philadelphia. 

After the formalities were over we had the chance to chat with some of the Turning Points team. They shared some of their successes, such as giving a client the keys to her first apartment, as well as the many frustrations that go along with their jobs. We could not have been more impressed with this group of competent, dedicated professionals. 

Don't miss the chance to meet this exceptional group at our Kickoff Event on October 11th.  

Register here for this event to l earn more about our 2018 grantee, Turning Points for Children and how you can become a Giving Circle member.
Summer is when we go through books like potato chips. We cruise through summer reads and find ourselves still hungry and looking for more. 

If you're a mystery lover, Murder Ink., which meets on the third Wednesday of the month from 10:30am-12:30pm, has openings and would love for you to join them. If interested, please contact SIG Lead Lynn Israel at .
And don't forget about other SIGS that may be At Capacity!

Two At Capacity SIGS admitted new members in July, so if you're got your eye on such a SIG but have been hesitant to reach out, please contact SIG Chairperson Joanne Bowes at to be placed on the Wait List.

Contact Joanne Bowes if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.
The Programs Committee is offering several programs this Fall focused on personal growth, safety and healthy aging

The mission of the Programs Committee is to offer informative, educational programs relevant to our members that provide opportunities to learn, discover, rethink and engage. 

Program topics may include personal growth, transitions, health and wellness, encore careers, finances, housing, technology, living your legacy and other issues impacting our lives and community. 

Programs will emphasize interactive learning and bring TTN members together to dig deeper on a topic.

Marsha Yankelev chairs this new Committee and is looking for fellow seekers to recommend interesting topics and speakers, and volunteer to assist putting together these activities. 

E mail Marsha at with any questions, suggestions and helpful comments about what you would like to see the Programs Committee provide.

Check out the line-up for the Fall and don't be shy about signing up now!

Protecting Yourself from Senior Scams and Fraud - September 27, 2018, 3:00 pm


Even the most savvy TTN members can use a refresher course on the latest scams and frauds targeting women 50+.   Come hear the PA Office of the Attorney General present current information on identity theft, financial fraud, IRS scams, Medicare/Healthcare scams, Power of Attorney scams and others. This session is designed to increase your awareness of common scams and frauds, how to be more alert of your surroundings and avoid being the next victim.  More Info...

Healthy Brain Aging: Preventing Cognitive Decline  - October 16, 2018, 3:00 pm 

We're teaming up with experts from the Penn Memory Center who are doing breakthrough research in this area. How can we maximize our cognitive health as we age? How do we know what's "normal" memory loss and what symptoms indicate a more serious decline in brain function.  We will review the changes expected with typical aging and how we can use compensatory strategies and changes in behavior to maintain and improve cognitive health.  More info...

TTN Signature Program: Women In Transition Workshop - October 17, 2018, 3:30 pm

If you've recently been exploring new possibilities in your life, rethinking work and career options, contemplating changes in your lifestyle or dealing with unexpected life changes, this half-day interactive workshop may be just the inspiration you need right now. This workshop is for women who wish to understand the transition process, enhance skills for successfully navigating change, connect with like-minded women and create a personal next steps action plan.  More info...

Preventing Falls/Better Balance: Assessment, Safety and Management  - December 12, 2018, 2:00 pm 

  1. I asked my brother-in-law, the endocrinologist, what to do about my recent osteoporosis diagnosis. His reply: Don't Fall!   Let's learn from an experienced physical therapist and Chair of the PT Department at University of the Sciences about risk factors for falling, preventing falls and improving balance, home modifications and exercise. Catch this session before the sidewalks start icing up!  More info...