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August 2018


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Life is full of surprises and not all of them are good. Last Friday the reliable loyal engine that has served us so well since the rebuild and certification refused to start. Despite several hours of troubleshooting the time had come to get home safely and arrange a tow. 

Once at our berth here in  Rockland further study revealed that the exhaust pipe had failed in some way to be determined. The engine had hydrolocked, a condition that usually means internal damage, a bent connecting rod or worse. In anticipation of the time to complete the work we have cancelled four cruises and contacted all the guests whose plans have been interrupted.

To summarize the time since then the engine is now at the repair shop with no certain date for having the systems back up and running. Hopes are to be back on the bay by the middle of September.

We still found time to make ice cream at the dock with the last group on board.  The picture above shows the crew that made and ate the ice cream, Troop 97 from New York on their fourth trip aboard the American Eagle.

Crews News

A photo essay taken by Sarah Collins

We got the exhaust system out the afternoon the trip was over. It took another couple days to evaluate the damage and arrange the next steps. Here the engine is about ready to be hoisted out of the vessel

 Three chain falls, four people, one engine , no scratched varnish

I n 1986 Dan Pease had planned the cabin top framing for eventually 
taking out the engine. Just the right size if you are careful and we were.

Christa signals the boom truck operator as "Allison" sees the light of day
 for the first time since 1986. Made by Detroit Diesel Allison.

A rising star

By the end of the day the engine room was ready for paint and 
the drip pan was polished.

And I finally got a diesel engine in my truck. It was delivered to 
 the repair shop in twenty minutes, very carefully.

Cruise News..

One of the bright events of the summer around here is the annual Maine Boat & Home Show. We organized a sail by parade for several years and since have followed that up with complimentary tickets for the show for our guests. From the boats to the art tent to the boatyard dog trials it's a hoot and lots of fun, even if you don't buy anything.

For  2019 the August 5th five night cruise will include the Sweet Chariot Music Festival as well as the boat show when we return on August 10th.

We'll be ready to start taking 2019 reservations in a couple of weeks. 
Think about when you'd like to come sailing but let us finish 2018 before you call!

photo courtesy of Skip Brown

There; some real news this month and better news next!

  John and the crew

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