A young lady called up the other day and wanted to know if she could rent a room for four hours on a certain afternoon. I was taken quite aback by her directness till she went on to explain that she and her fiance we going to elope up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and they needed a room for her to get ready. She also told me there would be a make-up person, a hairdresser, a photographer and probably a mother in the room during this time.
Well I was still a little confused. I grew up with the understanding that elope meant " run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consen t". That was definitely not what she was describing here. But she seemed legitimate so I rented her a room (at the full night's rate). Then I sought out Abbey for a millennial's view on this new custom. She told me that elaborate "elopements" are all the rage now. You can choose mountain tops, waterfalls, vineyards, the French Broad River - even breweries. There is a number of companies that take care of everything you need from permits to photography. Asheville is one of the premier destinations for elopements.