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Happy Summer,

Five years ago we were feverishly putting the finishing touches on our new adventure - Northshire Saratoga. There was so much to do and we were all exhausted from the months of build out and stocking, but our dream kept us going. And here we are five years later. Thank you to the Saratoga Springs community for supporting us and partnering with us on the manifestation of the bookstore.

As some of you know, Northshire Saratoga won the 2018 Pannell Award for Excellence in Children's Bookselling. This national award is a fitting tribute to the excellence of our kids' booksellers and buyer, really our whole staff, and is a good reminder to celebrate our everyday efforts. On August 5th, we will be celebrating our birthday with a tote bag giveaway, a raffle, and a cake and Champagne toast at 4PM. Please stop by to say hi. Thank you for your support!
Chris Morrow

Featured Review

Cherry is an explosive gut punch of a story that never lets up! The characters, their warped relationships with one another and their conversations were so vivid and realistic, it was unsettling. I was hooked from the very first page. It's a perfect portrayal of the endless cycle of addiction, PTSD and a failed support system. The desperation these characters clung to each other with, the constant planning around the next "fix" to the point where nothing else matters was intense and arresting. Nico Walker you really did send it home!
 -Reviewed by Liz Barnum
New Releases

The only book to fully chart the devastating opioid crisis in America: an unforgettable portrait of the families and first responders on the front lines, from a  New York Times bestselling author and journalist who has lived through it.
In this masterful work, Beth Macy takes us into the epicenter of America's twenty-plus year struggle with opioid addiction. From distressed small communities in Central Appalachia to wealthy suburbs; from disparate cities to once-idyllic farm towns; it's a heartbreaking trajectory that illustrates how this national crisis has persisted for so long and become so firmly entrenched. 

What a debut novel! I could not put this story down. The vivid, yet delicate depictions of the marsh were so detailed, I felt like I was there. The character development of Kya and her supporting cast was excellent, almost, but not quite overshadowing the plot of the story. Eagerly anticipating more from this author. 

- Reviewed by Shirley Cagle

The Late Bloomer's Club

by Louise Miller
A delightful novel about two headstrong sisters, a small town's efforts to do right by the community, and the power of a lost dog to summon true love.  Nora, the owner of the Miss Guthrie Diner, is perfectly happy serving up apple cider donuts, coffee, and eggs-any-way-you-like-em to her regulars, and she takes great pleasure in knowing exactly what's "the usual." But her life is soon shaken when she discovers she and her free-spirited, younger sister Kit stand to inherit the home and land of the town's beloved cake lady, Peggy Johnson.  Kit, an aspiring--and broke--filmmaker thinks her problems are solved when she and Nora find out Peggy was in the process of selling the land to a big-box developer before her death. The people of Guthrie are divided--some want the opportunities the development will bring, while others are staunchly against any change--and they aren't afraid to leave their opinions with their tips.


Barons of the Sea tells the story of a handful of cutthroat competitors who raced to build the fastest, finest, most profitable clipper ships to carry their precious cargo to American shores. They were visionary, eccentric shipbuilders, debonair captains, and socially-ambitious merchants with names like Forbes and Delano--men whose business interests took them from the cloistered confines of China's expatriate communities to the sin city decadence of Gold Rush-era San Francisco, and from the teeming hubbub of East Boston's shipyards and to the lavish sitting rooms of New York's Hudson Valley estates.

Elegantly written and meticulously researched, Barons of the Sea is a riveting tale of innovation and ingenuity that draws back the curtain on the making of some of the nation's greatest fortunes, and the rise and fall of an all-American industry as sordid as it was genteel.


A new moving novel of three men, each searching for something they have lost, from the award-winning and Man Booker-nominated author Donal Ryan.

For Farouk, family is all. He has protected his wife and daughter as best he can from the war and hatred that has torn Syria apart. Lampy is distracted; he has too much going on in his small town life in Ireland. The game was always the lifeblood coursing through John's veins: manipulating people for his enjoyment, or his enrichment, or his spite. But it was never enough. Three men, searching for some version of home, their lives moving inexorably towards a reckoning that will draw them all together.

Read more... 
Independently Published 
at Northshire Bookstore  by ShiresPress. 

by Daniel Dellaporta

Rather it be an owl in a tree, or a tree frog symphony this night time children's poem is sure to delight. With its gentle rustic illustrations and sleepy rhymes, this book is sure to put your child on the threshold of sleepy time dreams.

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Used Books

 We have hundreds of great books in stock in our Manchester store and not enough room to display them all. Please ask a bookseller if there is one you are looking for or browse the section for one you did not know you wanted!     

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Saratoga Springs
Wednesday, August 1st

Co-presented with the  Saratoga Immigration Coalition, who will host a reception with light refreshments, t he author of the widely praised Lunch with a Bigot now gives us a remarkable novel--reminiscent of Teju Cole, W. G. Sebald, John Berger--about a young new immigrant to the United States in search of love: across dividing lines between cultures, between sexes, and between the particular desires of one man and the women he comes to love.

Sunday, August 5th

Happy Birthday to us! Our Saratoga Springs store opened on August 5, 2013. On Sunday, August 5, 2018 we're celebrating our fifth birthday!
  • While supplies last: tote bag give-away! Ask our booksellers for a free tote bag.
  • All day: Pick-a-prize raffle! If you buy something from the store on our birthday, you'll receive an entry form. Fill out the form and enter to win one of our great raffle baskets.
  • 4 pm: Join us for cake and a celebratory toast in honor of the occasion.
We are so grateful to everyone in this community who has welcomed us, and helped us to thrive over these five years. 

David D. Kirkpatrick

Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt & the Middle East

Manchester Center

The  New York Times correspondent who covered the Arab Spring will be in our store to discuss his new book--a candid narrative of how and why the Arab Spring sparked, then failed, and the truth about America's role in that failure and the subsequent military coup that put Sisi in power.


Manchester Center

Between the world wars, no sport was more popular, or more dangerous, than airplane racing. Thousands of fans flocked to multi-day events, and cities vied with one another to host them. The pilots themselves were hailed as dashing heroes who cheerfully stared death in the face. Well, the men were hailed. Female pilots were more often ridiculed than praised for what the press portrayed as silly efforts to horn in on a manly, and deadly, pursuit. Fly Girls recounts how a cadre of women banded together to break the original glass ceiling: the entrenched prejudice that conspired to keep them out of the sky. 

Manchester Center

Juxtapositions are, for Julia, the soul of the South. In her warmhearted and funny new book, South Toward Home, she chronicles her adventures through the highs and the lows of Southern life--the Delta hot tamale festival, a masked ball, a rollicking party in a boat on a sand bar, scary Christian billboards, and the southern affection for the lowly possum. She writes about the southern penchant for making their own fun in every venue from a high-toned New Orleans dinner party to cocktail crawls on the streets of the French Quarter where to-go cups are de rigeur. And with as much hilarity as possible, Julia shines her light on the South's more embarrassing tendencies like dry counties and the politics of lust.


Welcome to the irresistible world of Greenglass House,  where thirteen-year-old Milo is spending the winter holidays stuck in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem. There are fresh clues to uncover as friends old and new join in his search for a mysterious map and a famous smuggler's lost haul.

Sure to thrill both fans and newcomers, this smart, suspenseful tale offers ghosts, friendships, and a cast of unforgettable characters, all wrapped up in a cozy mystery

I n this playfully subversive fairytale, perfect for fans of Jon Klassen, the ever-skeptical Cat learns that wishes can come true--just not always in the ways we expect. At turns sly and sweet, this clever story about friendship will leave no doubt that true magic lies in our connections with others, not just the wishes we make.


Moss has grown up on the strangest and most magical of islands. Her father has a plan to control the tempestuous weather that wracks the shores. But the island seems to have a plan of its own once Callan -- a wild boy her age -- appears on its beaches. Her complex feelings for Callan shift with every tide, while her love for the island, and her father, are thrown into doubt...

And when one fateful day, a young man from the outside world washes up on the beach, speaking of the Old World, nothing will ever be the same. 

A dark reflection of Shakespeare's  The Tempest Storm-wake  is one girl's voyage of discovery -- a mesmerizing tale of magic, faith, and love.

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