The FPC Herald
The Newsletter of
First Presbyterian Church
Roswell, New Mexico
August 2018
The Pastor's Reflections

Our Confessions 
For our weekly Affirmations of Faith in worship we use excerpts from one of the twelve documents which form the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Confessions, which is Part I of our constitution.  
(Part II is our Book of Order.)  Here are the titles and dates for those twelve documents, in the order found in the Book of Confessions.
The Nicene Creed (381)  
The Apostles' Creed (2nd-3rd centuries) 
The Scots Confession (1560) 
The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) 
The Second Helvetic Confession (1561) 
The Westminster Confession of Faith (1649) 
The Shorter (Westminster) Catechism (1649) 
The Larger (Westminster) Catechism (1649) 
The Theological Declaration of Barmen (1934) 
The Confession of 1967
A Brief Statement of Faith (of the PCUSA) (1991) 
The Belhar Confession (1982)
Over the coming months I will highlight one of these documents in The Pastor's Reflections, with likely interruptions for other matters as they arise.
We are among the denominations for which our confessional heritage is a defining attribute.  From its roots, the Presbyterian Church has been a church which writes, adopts, studies, and employs confessions of faith.  Our confessions are subsidiary to Scripture, and in some ways serve as commentary on Scripture.  The wisdom of the ages promotes our growth in Christ and faithfulness to Christ. 
If you would like to download a PDF copy of the Book of Confessions, you can find one HERE. 
Peace and joy, 
Pastor John
Communion Sunday
August 5th

Come celebrate the Feast of the Lord!
If you would like to receive home Communion,
please call the Church Office at 622-4910. 
________ ___________ 
August Calendar 
August 2nd
Deacons - 5:00pm
August 10th
Church Management Committee -
7:00am at Cerritos Restaurant 
August 24th
Community Kitchen Crew - 9:15am at the Roswell Community Kitchen
August 25th
Session Retreat, 8:00am-noon in Library
August 30th
Fifth Thursday Member-Hosted Potluck Dinner - Hitchcock's
Wednesday Breakfast Group - 7:30am
at Martin's Capital Café
Prayer Group, noon in Parlor
August Worship Schedul e
Scripture Readings
August 5th, the 11th Sunday after Pentecost
Celebration of the Lord's Supper 
2 Samuel 11:26-12;13a; Psalm 5:1-12;
Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:24-35 
August 12th, the 12th Sunday after Pentecost
2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33; Psalm 130
Ephesians 4:25-5:2: John 6:35, 41-51
August 19th, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost
1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14; Psalm 111;
Ephesians 5:15-20; John 5:51-58
August 26th, the 14th Sunday after Pentecost
1 Kings 8:(1, 6, 10-11) 22-30, 41-43;
Psalm 84: Ephesians 6:10-20; John 6:56-69
Read the Scripture passages HERE .
_____ ___________
Serving in August
August 5th
Service Elder:  Betty Young
Liturgist:  Margy Barbour
Phone Message Reader:  Margy Barbour
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Connie Wolf
Chancel Guild:  Lynn Karnes, Ann Hultman, Connie Wolf
August 12th
Service Elder:  Doug Lunsford
Liturgist:  Kalith Smith
Phone Message Reader:  Ann Ruback
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Mary Lou Glass
Chancel Guild:  Mary Lou Glass, Rebecca Johnson, Roberta Pess

August 19th
Service Elder:  Bob Kurtz
Liturgist:  __________
Phone Message Reader:  Matt Hinkle
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Betty Young
Chancel Guild:  Wendy Lunsford, Betsy Cunningham, Lucy Tucker

August 26th
Service Elder:  Deb Prince
Liturgist:  __________ 
Phone Message Reader:  Mary Lou Glass
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  __________
Chancel Guild:  Margo Fullinwider, Martha Brown, Brenna Smith

Stewardship Season 2018
"Again, I say, Rejoice!" 
The season of stewardship for First Presbyterian Church will begin on Sunday, September 23 and conclude on Sunday, October 14.  On that concluding Sunday, Celebration Sunday, we will enjoy a catered luncheon in the Fellowship Hall following worship.  Please plan to be there!

We will not be mailing out pledge cards in advance this year; they will be available instead on Celebration Sunday.  In the meantime, please be praying and thinking about your pledge of giving to God, through our church, for 2018.  After Celebration Sunday we will mail cards to any individuals or families we miss on that date. 
The theme for Stewardship 2018 is drawn from Paul's letter to the Philippians (4:4):
"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!"
What has the Lord done in your own life, for which you rejoice?  How has the Holy Spirit touched you, moved you, changed you over the course of your life?  What does it mean to you, to rejoice in the Lord?  As you prepare for our 2018 season, I encourage you to ponder these matters. 
Pastor John  

Blessing of the Backpacks
The FPC Deacons and other generous donors recently provided funds for twenty backpacks plus supplies for students at Berrendo Middle School.   Tracie Edwards made the purchases and assembled the backpacks.  The backpacks and the students who will use them were blessed in worship on July 29th.  Pictured above are Tracie, Natalie, and Carlton Edwards.
__ ___________________
New Email Addresses!
The office staff has new email addresses...  
Church Office:
Pastor John Guthrie:
Admin Assistant Nova Rogers: 
The old addresses will remain active for
a few weeks and will then be decommissioned.
Please update your email address book.  Thank you!  __________________
Joe and Miranda Fuentes
Joe Fuentes, our custodian for the last seventeen years, will be having knee surgery on July 31st.  Joe's granddaughter, Miranda Fuentes, will serve as our custodian while he is recovering.  Please welcome Miranda and keep Joe in your prayers.
New Bible Study for Adults
Pastor John will begin a new Bible study in September: "Disciple Fast Track: Bible Study for Busy Lives."  This study is a 24-week enterprise, with 12 weeks dedicated each to the Old Testament (in the fall of 2018) and the New Testament (in the spring of 2019). The class will meet weekly for an hour and a half, and will be scheduled so that the maximum possible number of participants can join in.
Disciple is a high-commitment, high benefit study.  Participants will covenant to be faithful in preparation (roughly an hour a day), in attendance, and in participation.  It is understood that folks travel and sometimes fall ill, but barring those kinds of events, consistent preparation and participation is expected from all participants.
That's a high commitment.  What's the benefit?  Potentially, a giant leap forward in a participant's faith journey and commitment to Christ.  Potentially, a life-changing experience.  Ask Pastor John: he has had that kind of experience with Disciple.
Intrigued?  See or call the pastor.  In particular, if you would like to participate, John needs to know what days and times are best for you, including Sundays before or after worship.  Call or email or text him to let him know what best works for your schedule in the upcoming fall and spring.
Ready for the Spirit to do something astounding in your life?  Join us for Disciple Fast Track

Pastor John Would Love
to Have Coffee or Lunch with You!
Call or text him to set up an appointment!
Featured PC(USA)
Mission Co-worker
for August
Sharon Bryant, Thailand
"My hope for the church in Thailand and the Presbyterian Church (USA) is that, through this ministry, a new generation of young adults will discover the joy of mission work and the wonder of sharing the good news of God's gift of love and life with those who do not know it," she says.
To read more about Sharon's ministry, click HERE.  

Fifth Thursday Member-Hosted
Potluck Dinners
Fifth Thursday potluck dinners in the homes of FPC members have resumed!  The dinners are scheduled on the fifth Thursday of a month that has one of those, so the next dinner will happen on August 30th at the home of Dietta and Jon Hitchcock.  Please contact Dietta for more details.  Mark your calendar!   Come, and bring a favorite dish!
The Men's Fellowship Luncheon Group

No meetings over the summer.
Look for new events in the fall!
Wednesday Breakfast Group


You are invited to enjoy breakfast at

Martin's Capitol Café every Wednesday at 7:30am. 

See you there!



Prayer Group 
The Prayer Group gathers every Friday at noon in the Parlor.  Participants pray for our church and its members, and for our community, nation, and the world.
Come as you are able; everyone is welcome. Contact Pastor John for more information.
________ __________________ 
Daily Inspirational Phone Message
Start your day with an inspiring message!
(575) 622-4923

Getting Ready For New Landscaping!
 The tall hedges on the northeast corner of the church were removed on July 24th under the auspices of the Kentucky Street Ministry Committee to make room for new landscaping.


August Birthdays!
Stacye Hunter
Ralph Kaler
Bonnie Montgomery
Connie Wolf
John Edwards
8th Gerald (Gerri) Harrington
Roy Allen
Patt Harrington
Joy Kurtz
Anna Maria Matteucci
John Grieves

August Anniversaries!
Jim & Betty Young
Ruling Elder and Deacon Ordinations and Installations

Elders and Deacons were ordained and/or installed in worship
on July 8th and 29th
Deacon Ordinations 
Lorrie Miller          Ann Ruback
  Kalith Smith          Stacye Hunter
Deacon Installations 
Mary Lou Glass          Lorrie Miller
Ann Ruback                Kalith Smith
 Mary Hubbard           Stacye Hunter
                             Connie Wolf
Elder Installations  
James Bloodhart
Robert Kurtz
Mike Hunter
The Play for Fun Strings
The Play for Fun Strings, directed by Dr. Sara Montgomery, and tenor Wayne Bevers provided music on Sunday, July 15th.
Pictured from left to right are:  Sandra Martinez, Raylene Moore, 
Luis Lujan, CeCe Mane, Wayne Bevers, and Dr. Montgomery.   _______________________________
A Message from Jeanette Schaffer, Director 
Presbyterian Outreach
August 2018
Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness!   Psalm 150:1-6 ESV
The ministry is going well, and funds always seem to come in as they are needed, again thanks to the faithfulness of all of you as well as the Emergency Food and Shelter funds.  

Click HERE to read more.
Sean & Carrie Blake
Mission Co-workers in Niger 
Sean and Carrie are mission co-workers serving in the African nation of Niger. The Blake's discussed their many ministries following worship on Sunday, June 10th. Check out their web page at
The Blake's greatly appreciate prayer for them, their children, and their work.  If you would like to provide financial support for their ministry, please contact the church office or click HERE