A nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, which provides affordable homes and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Everyone deserves a safe home.
August 2018 Newsletter
Messaging is Important – Names Do Hurt Us!
What one says, especially to a survivor of domestic violence, does have an impact on how one feels about herself.

At Dina’s Dwellings’ arts & crafts day, we encourage the children and adult participants to create uplifting signs for themselves.

Here is an example of the salt artwork project done this month.

Sharing the Mission of Town Clock Community Development Corp.

This past month Dr. Penelope Lattimer hosted a luncheon for friends, who were introduced to the mission of Town Clock CDC.

Our executive director presented a power point presentation centered on Homelessness and Domestic Violence and the desperate need for more affordable, long-term housing such as Dina’s Dwellings.

Moreover, the shocking fact that there are so little housing opportunities across the USA such as what we are offering. Many of the attendees were moved.

The depth and level of sharing and caring was overwhelming. Thank you so much, Dr. Lattimer, for this lovely opportunity!

Further Education about Domestic Violence

You might think that our Board and Advisory Board members know all about domestic violence. Well, that’s not exactly the case. However, they are INTERESTED in knowing more. So recently Board member, Sandy Soriano, invited us to her house to view a documentary called Private Violence. It follows one particular story of Deanna who was kidnapped by her estranged husband and beaten for four days.

The documentary has a happy end, thank goodness!

What was really eye-opening, though, is how public safety officials and the law view and prosecute violence done to domestic partners.
The fact that Deanna’s abuser received more of a sentence because of kidnapping her and not because of his brutal physical abuse of her, well, this is downright exasperating.
T his documentary reinforced our conviction for the mission of our agency: that more long-term, supportive housing is absolutely key to changing lives and ending the cycle of violence.
Behind the Scenes: Grant Writing
The whole staff gets involved as we work on grants and reports. Pictured sitting at the executive director’s desk is Christine Edwards, our case manager, and standing is our MSW intern, Dominique Paz.

We jump around to each other’s computers and discuss with all our hearts new visions for our programming and work at Dina’s Dwellings.
Wish List
We are always in need of these pantry items.
Please consider donating:
  • Nonperishable canned and boxed food items
  • Supermarket cards
  • Gas cards
  • Laundry detergent for HE machines ONLY, please!
  • Dryer sheets
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Toiletries
  • Dish soap
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Swiffer wet mop refills
  • Coffee
  • Tea
Back to School Assistance
Please think about donating towards our Scholarship fund.
We help support our residents achieve their goals through access to further training and higher education.

Donations will help towards tuition,
textbooks, supplies and expenses.
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