We reached our goal...
We reached our goal of providing 1,500 back-to-school backpacks filled with all the essentials supplies students need for a successful start to the year.

That’s 18,000 pencils, 750,000 sheets of paper and 1,200 families getting the support they need. Thanks to our community of 4,400 donors. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Join the GEM Society!

Open doors for DCSD students by joining the Foundation for Douglas County Schools Monthly Giving Program. Give as little as $5 each month. It’s easy, its automatic and it can be cancelled at any time. You choose where your dollars go: Opportunity Grants, Scholarships or areas of greatest need!
Westerra’s School Grant Program
Just one more way we serve our members, communities and schools!  

With the beginning of each new school year, Foundation supporter Westerra Credit Union offers grants of up to $500 to assist schools with their specific needs, such as art supplies, sports equipment, classroom materials, after school programs, or other purposes their school determines most beneficial to positively impact students.
Schools can complete an application for grants on the Westerra website. The fully automated application is under the  Community/Serving Our Schools/Grants  tab. The application deadline is Friday, September 14, 2018 .
Please contact Dana Russell,  drussell@westerracu.com  or 303-329-4518 with any questions.
Engaging Students through Conversation & Demonstration

Each fall, the Douglas County and Metro Denver business community in collaboration with the Foundation hosts the Career Connect 8th Grade Expo at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Eighth grade students from across the district will meet industry professionals to develop an understanding of the cross-section of high demand jobs available to them in the future.
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Find specific information and links to purchase discounted tickets to a variety of exciting and family-friendly opportunities AND raise money for DC Schools!
We are fiercely committed to our students and ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed!
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Did You Know? Your normal Amazon shopping can raise funds for DC Schools!
AmazonSmile is an easy way to support projects and programs just for our District, and could result in tens of thousands of dollars each year for our students!
Beginner Skate Classes Start Sept. 8
2018 Back to School Chapter Meeting
Calling all Chapter Officers!   Join us for our annual Back-to-School Chapter Meeting. At least one officer from each chapter needs to attend this meeting on September 6th that includes a vendor fair, general meeting and break-out sessions focused on best practices and training.