May We Introduce
This month's featured member is Howard "Howie" Bloom the President of DSRPC. Howie is a Marine who has been married for 51 years. He began shooting in 1968 and has been on several high level competitive teams including the VFW High Power and Rimfire team. He has also shot with the Illinois State Rifle and Pistol team at Camp Perry. Howie has been a member of DSRPC for nine years, been an Officer of the Board for 5 years and in his words "I am proud to be the President of DSRPC".

Howie is the match director for three matches. 1) Groundhog on the 2nd Sunday. 2) VFS on the 4th Saturday. 3) Hunter Match on the 4th Sunday of the month.
First time participants matches shoot free!!!!

Featured Match for August
Come on out to join Howie in his match. Sunday August 12 for his Groundhog Benchrest match.

No groundhogs will be harmed we are shooting at targets.
7 minutes to fire 5-shots for record at 100/200/300/400 yds. Match will consist of 5-record matches for score with a warm-up match at the direction of the Match Director.

No Charge for first time shooters in this match.
Special Events
Our next Swap Meet is planned for Nov 10. Save the Date
Arlan will be announcing the details soon for reserving a table.
Enhanced Stop The Bleed Course
August 4 7AM to 1PM
In our clubhouse.
The course will be taught by North American Rescue Training and Education. The course will consist of both classroom training and practical applications addressing direct pressure, wound packing, occlusive dressings, and tourniquet techniques.
Sign up in guard shack no later than July 31. Limited to 25 
Free to DSRPC Members
Monthly General Meeting
A General Membership Meeting is held the first Thursday at 6:30PM every month in the DSRPC clubhouse. All members are encouraged to attend and participate as the E-Board and members review and discuss just about every subject related to DSRPC. We encourage your attendance.
Max Speed on all DSRPC property is 10 MPH
No Ground Targets allowed at anytime on DSRPC Property.

Please show your drivers license and DSRPC ID at the guard shack.
Saturday August 4th is Work Party day!!! What's a work party?
The 430 acres of DSRPC are maintained daily by our maintenance team. One morning per month we come together to assist the team in beautifying our various ranges. You could be hanging new targets, picking up litter, rebuilding berms, painting and many other things. Your reward is a reduced annual fee. The Party part starts around 10 AM when the BBQ is fired up for some hot dogs, beverages and gun talk with the men, women and youth who come out on this day.

AUGUST 4, 2018 6:00 AM - Come on out and meet your fellow members.
2nd Amendment Corner
Pigs Do Fly!!
The very anti-gun 9th Circuit Court ruled July 20th the magazine size restrictions in place in California are not legal. The decision supports a lower court that found magazines fall within the scope of the 2nd Amendment. They are protected!!
Are we making headway in the courts? It appears so with this important ruling.

We Would like to that Silverstate Law Enforcement for the generous donation of backing material to DSRPC. Silverstate Law Enforcement
DSRPC is grateful to the Las Vegas Boy Scouts for their generous donation of target for the use of the members and guests at DSRPC. Las Vegas Boy Scouts
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