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Core Principles of Media Literacy Education

The purpose of media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.

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Spotlight on #ICANHELP's upcoming event #Digital4Good. 

As another school year begins #ICANHELP realizes the importance of speaking to students about bullying. #ICANHELP is an organization that helps put an end to cyberbullying. Co-Founder, Matthew Soeth says, "At our core, we empower students to use their voice and lead change at their school. Since students make up a majority of every school campus, change that will impact campus climate and culture needs to come from students. Everything we had come across, up to our own incidents of cyberbullying, was just about keeping students safe. We set out to create opportunities for young people to create and plan events and campaigns that would impact the overall culture of the school." To read more please click here


JMLE 4 1

Book Reviewers Needed for JMLE

2017 was a good year for media literacy books and we are looking for people to review books about media literacy for the Journal of Media Literacy Education. Book reviews help people make good decisions about what to read and use. NAMLE members can add a book to the list, volunteer to write a review, or just take a look at the amazing titlesNAMLE members are encouraged to review the guidelines for reviewing books and media resources. Questions about submitting a book or media resource review can be directed to Michael Robb Grieco at

Literacy and Academic Success for English Learners

EDC's Literacy and Academic Success for English Learners through Science (LASErS) project is applying this content-rich approach in Hartford, Connecticut, a city where 18 percent of students identify as ELs. By using science as a context for language learning, LASErS works to boost the academic success of pre-K through grade 1 ELs in the city.  School policies for young English learners (ELs) have historically prioritized language acquisition as a means to achieve content area success. But new studies are showing that instruction in math, science, and social studies can help ELs develop critical literacy skills, too. Continue to read more about this project and its key activites here

4th Annual Digital Citizenship Summit
Please join Digital Citizenship Institute for their 4th Annual Digital Citizenship Summit , as well as their partnership with METC , a resource of EducationPlus. Come join them for two days of learning, collaborating and networking about Digital Citizenship on September 21 & 22! On Friday, September 21st, METC will host their 3rd annual DigCit Day and on Saturday, Sept 22nd, the Digital Citizenship Institute , will host "from the classroom to the boardroom" at the DigCitSummit. It's going to be a weekend that brings together digital citizenship advocates and experts to their host partner, Webster University . Please register here. 

Digital Media and Teen Culture in Mexico

Media Education Lab 's Pam Steager is delighted to be participating in the Media Literacy Forum in Mexico City on September 27, 2018 in an event sponsored by the radio and television ministry of Mexico. She will be participating in a panel discussion and offering a 3-hour workshop to teen girls, called "Digital Media and Teen Culture." In this session, they will investigate teen uses of media and digital technology and explore what they love and hate about living life online. To learn more about this event please click here .

Youth Voting Research 

  CIRCLE  offers series of research that addresses: youth voting trends, recent Presidential & midterm primaries, caucuses and elections, voting laws, what works in getting out the vote (GOTV), and local political parties and youth. 
Many efforts to increase youth voting focus on getting young people registered. That's a crucial component to driving electoral engagement, but it's only half the battle; we need to ensure that registered youth actually go out and cast a ballot on Election Day. To read more on the lastest reserach on
civic and political engagement of young American click here

Media Smarts just launched a video, tipsheet and web section on finding and verifying information on health and science topics. Two of the most important kinds of information we look for online are about health and science. These can have a big effect on decisions we make about our own lives and our opinions on controversial issues. Using this resource, students will be able to understand the importance of verifying online sources. Please check out Media Smart's  web section  and video and tip sheet.

     Youth Media Literacy Education

Media Power Youth   provides youth media literacy education programs. Bring a media literacy workshop to your school or community and empower kids to make safe, healthy choices through smart use of media. They can customize a workshop based on your needs and audience. Youth learn the basics of media literacy and apply their skills to a specific health topic (i.e. violence, bullying, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, healthy eating, body image, self esteem, depression). Students will also delve into critical health-focused media literacy skills and then apply their learning to create their own productions, often a Public Service Announcement (PSA). All aspects of pre-production, production and post production are included, empowering participants to be both critical media consumers and positive message makers. To arrange a youth media program for your school, please contact them here.

Contemporary Arab Cinema 2018

The Jacob Burns Film Center will be showing Contemporary Arba Cinema from September 20-27, 2018.  This year's selections once again reflect the diversity of the situation and feelings Arab directors have within their cultural and political environments, including views of a complex world-filled with challenges but also music, joy, and family drama-we don't often hear about. To get more information about showtimes and location please click here

6 Week Online Course: Confidently Facilitate Challenging Topics in the Classroom

Sox Sperry, Project Look Sharp's Curriculum Developer, drew upon his expertise (as a a sustainability educator, as well as his experience working with men who had been convicted of domestic abuse) to identify key structures and approaches for creating safe and respectful dialog about "hot button" topics in the classroom. The course begins October 16, 2018. Enrollment is open now so educators can secure PD funding and credit. Due to the highly interactive nature of the course, registration is capped at 25 participants. For more details visit
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